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Its lighter relative the notebook are gradually being eliminated as more and more customers and the private computers appear towards quicker and lighter Computer products within the heavier and older types. The tablet computers can do exactly what an over-all Computer can do and the previous does it even more quickly. Lightness and its small body has put into its recognition because it is extremely relaxed and is just a benefit for tourists. Actually exactly the same benefit hasbeen its most noticeable disadvantage. Business travelers or people constantly on the move depend a great deal on pills however the products are known due to their superior battery usage hence resulting in discontent among customers.

You don’t and Product PC Battery Charger need certainly to fear for that battery life of Macbook one's valuable iPad, and also of cell phones and one's Smartphone after examining purchase a top quality and continue. Therefore buy quality Product Laptop battery charger today and create your tablet knowledge even more better.

A tablet Computer battery charger provided by well-known tablet item provider SINEOLE is just a secondary battery used as a copy today and it supports just about all the types of pills obtainable in the markets. Additionally, it works being an additional battery for Smartphone and cellular devices. The discharge of battery life after checking or doing offers around the tablet is just a frequent event that's resulted in popular discontent and stops the chance of the genuinely ideal tablet Computer. Consequently the marketplace has been flooded by several item suppliers with backup batteries but usefulness and their qualifications hasbeen under question usually. Where to find legitimate websites with top quality Product PC best iphone external battery  may be the web. Although there are several discredit desk websites but to create your research easier check out SINEOLE an extremely well-known item that offers several amenities to clients like critiques page and the website also offers excellent savings in frequent periods.

Fee on the run with the Kinkoo Mobile strength lender

I’m likely to acknowledge external battery packs – about asking my phone I’m ACTUALLY NEGATIVE. I’ll usually make sure to put it on charge for a few hours before I go out but seldom do I have it fully-charged. Now, typically you wouldn’t think this is that big of a deal. Nevertheless, it may be. Consider last weekend as an example. Not an ideal solution right? Well, today I’ve been rescued (basically) having an amazing solution that enables me charge on-the-go – the Kinkoo cellular electricity lender!

Now, what is it that I enjoy so much concerning this portable power bank. Well, there are tons of things but allow me to provide you with just a couple. First, it works together many mobile devices! This assures that no matter where I am I can charge my units, making sure that I’m never caught with an useless phone or iPad!

Honestly, for busy moms like me who depend on their cellular devices to get wherever they need to move, it is a lifesaver. I no longer get that sick feeling when I visit grab my iPhone since I’m worried that it may be heading useless. Alternatively, I have the confidence of knowing that my products can be prepared when I need them!

I suggest testing out the Kinkoo! You too might find that it's a lifesaver onthego!

The energy bank is really small and easy! It fits perfectly into my wallet and on occasion even my pocket, making certain I can get it everywhere. I typically carry it in another of the side pockets of my handbag. Then I can simply plug it-up to the product of my choice, keep going and when I need my phone, it’s fully-charged and ready to go!

It’s charge indicator lights let me know just how much charge my backup battery for iphone 5S has, permitting me to be prepared for just about any scenario. If I’m traveling, I ensure the Kinkoo is fully-charged and it'll power my gadgets all day long with no problem! Then I will simply plug it in again at night in order to make sure that I’m all set again the next day!

We obtained more than one of the items shown above to be able to accomplish this review. Regardless, all ideas are 100% our own.

how much do you know about the history of Batteries?

Nobody thinks about external cell phone battery charger —until they’ve run out of juice,or when you are frustrated with your power-hungry mobile phones, of course. But this humble and surprisingly ancient technology has done far more for human civilization than most people realize.

In fact, the modern world as we know it wouldn’t exist were it not for batteries and the unique, utterly essential ability to store electrical energy that they provide. Without batteries, there is no such thing as mobile. Phones, computers, bio-medical devices, even the lowly flashlight: every single electronic device on Earth would have to compete for open an wall socket just to turn on.

The third form of Li-Ion battery uses lithium manganese oxide for its cathode. Developed in 1996, this chemistry has an inherently high thermal stability—able to discharge at 20-30 amps without getting hot—and low internal resistance, which not only makes it the safest and most stable Lithium-ion chemistry, it is also ideal for fast recharging, high-current discharging applications—Power tools, e-bikes, electric vehicles, and medical medical devices—and eliminates much of the safety needed by cobalt-based cells. The main drawback of lithium manganese oxide is its paltry energy capacity compared to LCOs. A 18650 size manganese battery typically packs about 1200mAh of power—that’s barely half of what a similarly sized LCO can hold.

The new backup battery for iphone and ipad like kinkoo infinite one is the rechargeable A+ class lithium polymer battery,it’s more durable more recharge times than 18650, and the most important is the lithium polymer battery often have more slim and compact design.

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How To Pack For A Wonderful Trip In Minutes

Maybe you like an impromptu getaway after busy Friday. Don’t hurry. Let’s learn to pack quickly and efficiently, so you can get out the door and on the plane or in the car faster and calmer. Guy or girl, here’s how to simplify packing and avoid the panic: Follow these five tips and you’ll be able to pack for a wonderful trip in twenty minutes or less.



Know When to Roll ‘Em Some stuff, like tees, workout gears, boxers and socks can be rolled and organized inside packing cubes. Suits and sweaters, however, should be folded and put in a bag to keep them from bunching, wrinkling or getting stretched out of shape.


Invest in a Portable Charger

Fit the unnoticed into your pocket, purse or bag. Kinkoo Infinite One is the lightest, slimmest portable charger, which has awesome power for emergencies – 8000 mAh – 3 times the battery capacity of a typical cell phone! Kinkoo embodies the latest in ultra-thin lithium polymer technology, matching with advanced charge control circuits. It recognizes the power needs of your device, and protects against over- and under-charging, temperature, etc. The perfect charger for people who dislike carrying bulky electronics, but nevertheless want access to real emergency power away from home.


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There are No Better Gifts than Technology to Touch a Man’s Heart

It’s that time of year again! With the holidays, just around the corner, now it’s a great time to start thinking of gift ideas for the dad, boyfriend, husband, son or other males in your life. You will found that shopping gifts for men is not an easy task. Here recommend some Cool Materials for men, there are no better gifts than technology to touch a man’s heart.


Portable Charger

Portable charger can be challenge for tech-loving travelers. Fortunately, the infinite one of Kinkoo is up to the task. It uses breakthrough rechargeable A+ class lithium polymer battery with real 8,000mAh capacity, — enough to fully charge an iPad once or charge the typical smartphone more than three times. Of the other similar products we’ve tried, the Infinite One of Kinkoo is by far the best built.


Bluetooth Headphone

Bluetooth headphone knocks out 98% of background noise and connects through Bluetooth to your phone or other device. The sound quality is enhanced by the addition of a coat of titanium to the 40mm driver unit and they are ideal for all genres of music. Next time you’re catching a flight, make sure these guys are in your carry-on.


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Kinkoo: Portable Charger Capacity Is Not the Higher the Better

Smart phones and tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular, everyone enjoys mobile internet funs, but the battery life is an obstacle to it. Therefore, portable power bank emerged and quickly accepted by people all of ages.

People have the common view that portable charger capacity is the higher the better, actually, it’s not.

The portable charger is not as high as possible, often the higher the capacity, the heavier to carry, the longer to restore itself, and much higher risky for control its internal stability due to poor quality and technics of the battery.

That’s why Kinkoo Infinite One portable charger uses the best A+ Quality Lithium Polymer battery inside and  contains real 8000 mAh capacity, but has the faster charging speed, 15 months warranty and over 500 cycles of charging and discharging.


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Why Women Love the Infinite One?

Fashion & Elegant

No matter what kind of the occasion, women want to keep everything perfect all the time, clothes, skirt, hairstyle, purse, mobile phone & battery chargerThe Infinite One. Everything expresses Fashion&Elegant in every detail.

Sharing Makes Me Happy

Women enjoy sharing with family and friends and easy to get homesick. So I always bring my iPhone portable charger to keep iPhone full power to ensure anybody can contact me. It’s wonderful to share with others, George Bernard Shaw said:” If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apple, then you and I will still have one apple. But if you have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.


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Why men love the Infinite One?

Men love embracing the Outdoor

Outdoors often holds a special allure for men. They would like to disappear for a time and embracing the outdoor even just with full “Candy Crush Saga” functionality. The Infinite One can easily make a thoroughly enjoy in overnight camping trip or vacations.


One for All

Men love useful but not complicated things, like to achieve a goal directly without any hesitation. Men love iPhone, but not include the situation of low power. Men have to find a suitable portable charger for iPhone, in order to avoid that situation happens when they are doing their own business. The Infinite One has a massive 8,000 mAh capacity and intelligent output control system, it is not only an iPhone portable charger, but also is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, Tablets, GoPro Cameras, MP3 Players, Mobile Gaming Devices, Bluetooth Devices, and other USB charged devices.


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World Release of KINKOO in the 114th Canton Fair

KINKOO enters world advertising market with its first premium portable charger. KINKOO is a portable charger for iPhone, Android Smartphone, tablets and other USB devices. The Infinite One is the new generation portable accessory which keeps moving with your always-on smart devices.

At the 114th Canton Fair, the third largest trade fair in the world, the product named Infinite One is introduced to 24,517 enterprises and 189,646 international buyers from 212 countries and regions across the globe.

Canton Fair, where KINKOO presented its first product Infinite One, is a state level and comprehensive international trade event held for over half of a century. It brings together the best enterprises and the most famous, latest high quality products from all over China, and visited by about 200,000 international buyers each session, which come from over 210 countries and regions.


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Portable Charger for iPhonecharge for a better business life

I am a busy businessman and travel lover, the useful portable charger is important for me to keep my phone powered. Powered phone can prevent me from missing important business call and keep a good mood to relax myself by listening to the music. In other words, portable charger not only charges for phone, but also charge for a better business life.

The portable charger I have chosen is KINKOO INFINITE ONE.


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Japanese media: in this winter, the sales of air purifiers will exceed last year

Japan’s PM2.5 pollutants will increase dramatically in this winter, which will lead to hot sales of air purifier in Japan, the air purifier price will also continue to rise. On November 4, the high concentrations PM2.5 observatory which is located in Chiba prefecture, Japan, issued warning information. As a result, Japan's high-end air purifier market will be booming.

According to a Japanese electrical home appliances store's sales staff, "the air purifier with humidifying function has been selling well. In the first season of this year, there are reports that a lot of PM2.5 pollutants had floated away from China to Japan, which directly promote the air purifier market. Compared to last year, air purifier sales increased by 110% - 120%. For now, the sales of this year will exceed last year. In addition, there are reports that PM2.5 has high carcinogenic, which will further make air purifier market hot."

In fact, on October 17, the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer has said in a news release, "the risk of PM2.5 cause cancer is at the highest level." Sharp and Daikin’s air purifier products are particularly popular with consumers. Home appliance store’s sales staff said, "Consumers generally can be divided into two kinds, one is willing to choose Sharp for the affordable price, another is to choose Daikin for higher product performance. Women who have children, seems to prefer Daikin brand."

It is reported, the Sharp air purifier has the function of releasing plasma beam. Sharp’s staff said," the dust and small particles floating in the air will attached on the wall because of static electricity. Sharp air purifier can release plasma beam to remove them by positive and negative electrostatic, and achieve the effect of purify air."

It is known that air purifier products at a price about 70000 to 80000 yen are selling well in Japan. But Daikin’s air purifiers are generally higher than that price. Daikin industry said:” Our products have the functions of dehumidification and humidification, they can absorb harmful substances and decompose, and release a large amount of reactive plasma at the same time. Only our products can provide these two functions at the same time, that’s the reason why our air purifiers are so popular.” Now, people have entered into an era that spends money on clean air.

Air Solution International Limited is a high-tech company in manufacturer the humidifier, air purifier, best air cooling fan, and health care business. We are the best fan heater manufacturers and air purifiers supplier. Our products have obtained appearance patent. Many products exported to the USA, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and Europe market.  

Dyson invented new bladeless fan heater

Dyson Corporation has developed a bladeless fan heater, which is one of the most remarkable inventions of Dyson. This kind of heater is called "Dyson Hot", it can quickly heating the entire room without any visible active components.

Dyson Corporation is one of the best fan heater manufacturers in the world. With the advanced technology, Dyson Hot has made the noisy traditional fan heater far left behind; the traditional fan heater basically had no change in the past 30 years. Before reinvent the fan heater, Dyson also invented a new vacuum cleaner. Dyson Hot have made great leap forward in technology and the appearance. The gap between traditional fan heater and Dyson Hot is like Hillman and Porsche.

In Malmesbury, the scientists of Dyson Corporation combined jet engine technology with thermoplastic plastic that used to manufacture riot shields, car bumper and crash helmet. Sir James says: "we created hundreds of prototype to develop a new type of heater that heating faster than any others. Traditional heater only can heating some areas of the room, and has a burning smell that worrying people. By contrast, Dyson hot fan heater can heat the whole room without any smell."

In 2009, Dyson launched bladeless fan and had a great success. Dyson Hot is another big step forward that Dyson Corporation has made after bladeless fan. Dyson Hot is designed as annulus shape, like a bubble stick, but it blows out a lot of warm air instead of bubble. Dyson Hot is adopted air multiplier technology, the generated heat can be greatly amplified five times.

This kind of heater is equipped with thermostat, in order to keep the temperature in the room maintaining at 1 to 37 degrees Celsius. When the interior temperature is below the set temperature, thermostat will automatically start. Dyson Hot is made from ABS resin materials, its body feels cool and refreshing, shut down automatically after knocked.

Dyson is the model of British successful enterprises, its products sale to all over the world, 80% of Dyson’s products sale to overseas; such as fan, washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Japan is considered as the source of technological progress by many people, but now Japan has become one of Dyson’s huge markets.

Air Solution International Limited was founded is a High-tech company in R&D and manufacturer the cool air humidifiers, air purifier, air cooler, fan and health care business. Many products have passed GS, cETLus, INMETRO, PSE, JET, KC, CCC, CQC and CE approval.Moreover, our products have obtained appearance patent. Our air cooling fan price is reasonable and quality won’t let you down.

How to select suitable air purifier?

Air purifier is just like a security guards who protects our family’s health, so we should consider the specific situation while selecting air purifier, for the sake of your family's health and create a clean indoor atmosphere. You need to consider about these three aspects, remember to be careful.

First, whether is absolutely safe

To choose and buy air purifier, is aim to create healthy and fresh air. So, it’s important to care about whether the air purifier is safe before buying. The shell, movement and purification technology of air purifier will directly affect its safety. With ion purification technology, air purifier can create positive and negative ions the same as nature.

Second, whether have scientific purification principle, achieve efficient air purification effect

There are five internationally accepted principle of air purification, includes physical, electrostatic, chemical, anion and composite. In general,simultaneous use of different purification modes of the air purifier, the purify effect will be better. For example, you can filter dust, odor, pollen and other large particulate matter by physical purification; and use chemical purification to purify harmful substances, such as allergenic substances, viruses and formaldehyde. These mixed purification modes can make the surrounding atmosphere become better.

Third, whether can meet the specific purification needs

In terms of air purifier, the purification function is the most concern. If your requirement of indoor air purifier is just based on improving indoor air quality, then you can choose the type of clean air and high cost performance.

However, with people’s requirements to the quality of life is increasing day by day, the demand for air purifier is no longer simply purify indoor air. For those people who work in an airtight air conditioning room, the air condition makes interior air and skin being dry, so when choosing air purifier, they will choose those have the function of humidifying. And for the crowd who work in serious indoor polluted places, they need to breathe the fresh air in a short distance; when they buy air purifier, they would prefer a small one so that can put it on desktop.

Air Solution International Limited is founded in 2007 and located in South China.We are professional in developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. Our products are mainly export to Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East, etc.We are the best air purifier supplier, and we specialized in air humidifiers, dehumidifier, aroma diffuser, fan heater and best air cooling fan. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients.Please feel free to contact us to meet your needs.

Sharp releases mini air purifier

In summer, because of the high temperature, everyone would stay at home or the office rather than go outside. But, staying for a long time in air conditioning room is easy to be dry skin, and the air is full of all kinds of bacteria in less ventilated place. Such an environment is the best working environment for plasma air purifier to function better. Then, Sharp’s "Plasma Air Purifier IB-CH12" was born.

This kind of mini plasma air purifier has a small clip on the back, so the user can directly caught it in a suit or shirt pocket. Its body measurement is 38 x 11.5 x 60 mm, about 30g weight. You can choose black or silver color, appearance design is very suitable for office.

Sharp’s IB - CH12 small plasma air purifier carries the cell that can produce "25000 high concentrations of plasma, its blowing field covers over 30 cm. There are two optional modes: standard and weak. It is worth mentioning that you can hear buzzing noise in the standard mode when you put your ear close to the air purifier. When using the air purifier, you can feel the breezes blow out from outlet, though the wind is not as strong as USB fan, it still has a certain air volume. It is not very cool, but still can drop a little bit of temperature around the face.

Testers said, some colleagues often have lunch in the office and make the office has a strange smell. But as long as you open this mini air purifier, then the surrounding smell will be better, and the skin will no longer dry like before. It is also very convenient while taking the high-speed rail or subway, the electric power can maintain for two and a half hours. But there are two things make people feel distress: one is the blue and red lights keep flashing when it is charging, and this makes office life more anxious. The other is the mini air purifier is a little heavy, and it is not appropriate to carry if you wear a thin clothes. Now, Sharp’s IB - CH12 plasma air purifier has started selling in Japan, priced at 8980 yen.

Air Solution International Limited is professional in developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. We are specialized in air humidifier, dehumidifier, electric aroma diffuser, heating, air purifiers and best air cooling fan. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients.  We care of your air quality, so if you have any needs, please contact us. 

The sales volume of air purifiers will continue to grow in the future

Since the government formally put haze governance on the agenda, and consumer’s awareness of respiratory health promoted, the seriousness of air pollution has caused the comprehensive attention from government to private. Corresponding is the continued hot air purifier market, there is a monitoring data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd. shows that the domestic air purifier market retail volume rose 70.9% year-on-year, retail sales rose 86.9% in the previous eight months of 2013.

It is understood that the air purifier is mainly use to solve all sorts of indoor pollution, air purifiers with different filtration systems can have different purify effect. For example, the adsorption ability of activated carbon is very strong, it can effectively adsorb the harmful material in indoor air (such as dust, particles, free molecules, bacteria, etc.); Negative oxygen ion purifier can create a remarkable effect on second-hand smoke pollution, effectively remove dust and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood about 20%, it also can have an obvious effect on the interior odor elimination.

The growth of the whole air purifier industry also makes air purifiers that equipped with different filtration system achieve substantial growth. According to the monitoring data from China Market Monitor Co., Ltd., in the previous eight months, the sales of air purifier that equipped with ion filter system rose 94.6% year-on-year, activated carbon air purifier rose 68.7%, and the kind of catalyst filtration system rose 58.9%.

In the aspect of brand, at present, the foreign brands with technology leading advantage have occupied more than 80% of China’s market share, but domestic brands only occupy less than 20%. According to the analysis of experts, the reason why domestic brands only get a small market share is closely related to the shorter development time. It is said that the penetration rate of air purifier in American families is 27%, 17% in Japan, 71% in South Korea, and less than 0.1% in China. In 2013, the sales of air purifier are expected to reach 90% year-on-year.

Air Solution International Limited was founded in 2007 and located in South China. We are professional in developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. The annual sales figures of our corporation exceed ten million. 90 percent of which comes from exporting to Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East, etc.  We are the air purifiers supplier and fan heater manufacturers. In addition, we are specialized in humidifier, dehumidifier, aroma diffuser, heating and best air cooling fan. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients.  We care of your air quality, so if you have any needs, please contact us. 

Samsung releases a variety of high-end air purification products

On November 4, 2013, the electrical appliances exhibition was held in Beijing. Samsung electronics showed new appliances to many reporter and consumer at the exhibition, such as washing machines, air purifier and cleaner. On this Samsung’s electrical appliances show, the deputy general manager of Greater China white goods marketing, Xie Hui said that Samsung electronics will speed up the layout of home appliances in China’s home appliance market, further to draw a perfect blueprint.

According to the layout that Samsung electronics described for home appliance market, high-end air purifier becomes one important piece. Since last year, China's serious haze weather makes the demand of air purifier products continues increasing. According to GfK’s data, from the first quarter of 2013, domestic air purifier offline market retail sales rose more than 95%, the online market rose 133%. In contrast, the penetration rate of air purifier in American families is 27%, 71% in South Korea, and less than 0.1% in China. Though China's air purifier market just started, but the potential is huge.

In order to satisfy the huge market demand, Samsung electronics launched several kinds of air purifiers timely. At this exhibition, Samsung showed a series of products, includes PAPER plasma air humidifying purifier, Plasma air sterilization devices, etc. According to the relevant person who in charge of Samsung white goods, Samsung plasma air purifier has reached a high level in aseptic rate and purification rate; the product is equipped with Samsung’s unique S-PLasmaion sterilization technology. The design of triple high efficiency filter, filtering effect can reach 99%. PAPER products also have water molecules humidifying function that can release 0.1 nm water molecules, maintaining 40% ~ 60% of the health humidity.

The air purifiers inherited Samsung’s product philosophy well, and they are remarkable in product performance, space efficiency, energy saving and designs. For example, its unique “paper” exterior not only displays the beauty of technological design, but also forms ventilation naturally. It is reported that you are available to buy Samsung's air purifiers in hypermarket, shopping center and online stores.

Founded in 2007, Air Solution International Limited. is located in South China. We are the comprehensive and professional industrial corporation of developing, manufacturing and marketing air solution products. The annual sales figures exceed ten million. 90 percent of which comes from exporting to Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and the Middle East etc.  We are specialized in air humidifiers, Dehumidifier, electric aroma diffusers, heating and all kinds of the air cooling products, etc. Our experience and superior products have won us a good reputation with overseas clients.  Your air quality, we care! Warmly welcome! 

The huge development potential of packaging machinery market

Throughout China's packaging market, packaging machinery industry is still maintaining a very big development space. Each enterprise continuously looking for gap, study the new technology, update the technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, combine soft power and hard power further to ensure the development of social facilities. Among them, the concept of flexible production has met the requirement of development. For one packing machine, the production rate of each machine is increasing indeed, but if there are many changes of packing way, the machine will be sluggish, it cannot commission specifications and production scheduling as soon as possible. But if change template, it will not only cost time and increase the wear and tear, but also improves the manufacturing cost, and then unable to realize the personalized quality requirement.

Analyzing from enterprise's market competition, the product’s upgrading cycle is getting shorter, it is putting forward a higher request for packaging machinery’s flexibility, the life of packaging machinery should far greater than a product's life cycle. Because only in this way can meet the requirements of the product's production economy. This makes us start overall examine the connotation of the concept of flexible, namely the flexible quantity, flexible construction and flexible supply. And flexible supply also involves to packaging machinery’s operation control system.

In particular, to make the packaging machinery has good flexibility and improves the degree of automation, you need to use microcomputer technology, function module technology to monitor multiple robots’ work at the same time, and you only need to mobilization program.

The experts said that flexible production not only changes our production mode, makes the product packaging more flexible and expand our development idea, but also makes the packaging machinery market emerge several rounds of change, accelerates the innovation thinking get into commercialization better. To make packaging machinery play out the potential better.

GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. We mainly produce and sell full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant which includes stalk pelletingwood sawdust pelletingstalk briguette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelleting etc. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet millring-die pellet milland roller pellets press, shredinggrinding two series, air flow drierrotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well. 

EU shelve biofuel restriction plan

According to Reuters, the EU lawmakers recently have shelved the biofuel restriction plan, and this action maybe will leave a development space for biological energy industry, but also is likely to result in higher food prices in the future.

The relevant person in charge of the European commission has said that the first generation of biofuel must be prohibited, but the current decision has denied the claim. However, European parliament's environment committee has not approved the EU negotiators to negotiate about the legal text, and it means the plan will not be approved before 2015. The groups who support the first generation of biofuel think that relevant departments need to prepare sufficient evidence and discuss many times before changing the policy. Besides, the EU biodiesel board and the ethanol lobby have ever said: "any changes in the current legislative framework are required to have solid and scientific evidence to support."

However, environmentalists and the researchers who engaged in extracting biodiesel and alcohol from algae or wasted material called for a decision as soon as possible. Kare Riis Nielsen who represents EU to manage the Danish Novozymes Group said: "it's not fair for certain industries and investors, continuous regulation of uncertain will threat to EU’s efforts to attract innovational and renewable energy technology investment, such as advanced biofuel technology." Novozymes use enzyme to produce advanced biofuel, this kind of fuel is advanced than the first generation of, but have so far failed to attract enough money.

In 2009, the European Union transport departments are required to complete 10% renewable energy target, and most of the energy comes from the first generation of biomass energy technologies. But at present, the first generation of bio-energy technology has completed a rough target of 5%, and has enough production ability to realize the target of 10%. But the restriction plan is possibly make the goal become a bubble.

The use of biofuel can help to reduce traffical carbon emissions and reduce Europe's dependence on foreign oil. For example, biodiesel blended that made from sugar or rapeseed oil, can be use as vehicle fuel after mixing with conventional fuels. But EU’s thirst for biofuel would drive the world food prices up, as a result, some kinds of biofuel do harm to the climate worse than fossil fuel. Malaysia, such as rapeseed oil and palm oil or soybean oil can replace food production in the new fields, but this can lead to deforestation and peatland drainage, and bring the world food prices rising.

GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. Its main products are pellet mill, pellet plant and pellet fuel. 

How can Chinese engineering machinery companies stand on International stage?

Now the Chinese engineering machinery companies are suffering the problem that excess production capacity, high accounts receivable, declined sales, less profits. Can such a problem make Chinese engineering machinery companies have no chance to make the world surprise again? I think the answer is no. By analyzing the current situation, and then find a cure, the companies could recover and be strong. This article will introduce some solutions to solve the problem.

First, if an engineering machinery enterprise wants to have a great development, they should focus on the “winter” of engineering machinery. But this so-called "winter" is relative to the gold decade that is in rapid development stage. The industry has gotten used to the extraordinary development of engineering machinery, and now it is back to a rational model, now the industry is not adapted to the current development speed, they have to jump out of the cold winter!"

In other words, the current "cold winter" is the normal development of the industry. During the time that industry gets into the process of rational and normal, excess capacity and a variety of bubble will be gradually consumed at last.

Further, the enterprise cannot ignore the national economy if it wants to obtain long-term development. At present, China's new leaders put forward a series of economic reform agenda, and many reform measures are being implemented. The director Institute of Finance of State Council Development Research Center, Zhang Chenghui pointed out that:" China is in an important period of economic transition, it will inevitably appear some friction and conflict, and at some point or time the friction and conflict will be more intense." The Chinese engineering machinery enterprises is going ahead between the cold "winter" and furious reform.

The company should have a clear position to get healthy development, not only consider the industry’s location, but also think about how to jump out the industry with a long term vision.  Find out the company’s role and the development direction of customer’s demand.

If a company wants to make an impact on the trend of industry adjustment, then it must conform to the trend. Turn the price of competition into the quality and product technology content of competition. But the enterprise still needs to make an objective investigation, and rationally evaluate itself. Enterprise should be gave a manageable position to examine their development and progress.

Engineering machinery enterprises adapt to the rapid growth in the past, but if the enterprises make a good grasp of the opportunity in crisis, can board the international stage with a new attitude, and let the world feel amazing for Chinese manufacturing.

GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. Our products include pellet mill, pellet fuel, mixers, hammermill, wood chipper, pellet plant, etc.

Energy saving drying equipment is the key to achieve industry’s high economic benefits

In the face of severe challenges in energy and environmental protection, especially in the situation of current market demand is not prosperous and traditional users have increased demand for energy conservation and emissions reduction drying devices, drying equipment manufacturing enterprises should promote energy-saving drying technology to get better development. As people put emphasize on environmental protection, how to improve drying machine’s technology to reduce dust and exhaust gas leaks, etc., will be a direction that need to be further researched.

Currently, many drying equipment manufacturing enterprises begin to pay more attention to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, such as using the combine of heating forms, transfer heat pump and heat pipe technology to develop solar drier, etc.; there are some companies begin to develop drying machine’s automatic control technology, so as to create optimal operating conditions. Due to it still need a further improvement on equipment’s quality, kits and basic research, the conventional drying is still the main form of current dried forms. Because each kind of dry form has its own advantages and scope, so the combined drying will be the trend of future development.

Boiling and granulating drier, it is called one-step pellet mill in China, it was redesigned and reproduced based on the same kind of product that introduced from abroad in 1980s. Because of the simple operation, superior performance and sophisticated manufacture, especially that it can satisfy the pharmaceutical and food industry’s requirement of GMP, it is popular in the fields of pharmaceutical and food. The equipment is especially suitable for Chinese and western medicine and food to dried and pelletize. The disintegration of granules is strong, and has a good liquidity and instant soluble, these granules can be directly used for tabletting, capsule, granule, solid drink and so on.

The centrifugal spray drier has achieved ideal effect in the fields of dyes, dairy products, and so on. The equipment is widely used in different fields for many years, and researchers have made great progress in technology level and manufacturing quality. In recent years, the large centrifugal spray drier also draws people’s attention to its use in FGD applications.

GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet mill, ring-die pellet mill, and roller pellets press, shredding, packing machine, grinding two series, air flow drier, rotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well. 

Global biomass energy production will be double over the next decade

Nowadays, the relationship between agriculture and energy has become closer, a report predicts that over the next 10 years, the production of biodiesel and ethanol fuel will be increased dramatically. At the same time, the price of biomass fuel will be risen much more than other primary agricultural products.

For a long time, biomass fuel has always being an important part of agricultural raw materials, makes it keeping at a high price. The material requirement of biomass energy also makes a variety of crops that originally used to feed consumption, have other use. Such as corns, wheats and oilseeds.

The director of International food policy research institute pointed out that biomass energy production is expected to become double in the next decade. By 2022, the EU is still the world's main biodiesel production and consuming countries, the proportion of biodiesel will account for 45% of the EU’s whole consumption. Besides, in 2022, the proportion of ethanol fuel will account for 48% in America. The production and use of Biomass fuel in America and the European Union is mainly driven by current policies. In America, the biological energy policy will continue to be implemented over the next ten years, 40% of corns will be used to produce ethanol fuel.

According to a report’s prediction, in 2022, the world’s total output of ethanol will be reached to 168 billion litres. In addition, three main biomass fuel producers and area will be the United States, Brazil and the European Union.

In addition, in 2022, developing countries’ biomass ethanol production will increase two-thirds. 80% of the growth comes from Brazil, and a significant portion of the remaining 20% comes from India and China. Besides, the global biodiesel production will up to 41 billion litres in 2022. Last but not the least, the price of biomass energy will be higher than other agricultural products.

GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. We mainly produce and sell full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant which includes stalk pelletingwood sawdust pelletingstalk briguette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelleting etc. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet millring-die pellet milland roller pellets press, mixers, shredinggrinding two series, air flow drierrotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well. 

The huge development potential of biomass energy

Biomass energy is the energy that solar energy in the form of chemical energy stored in biomass, namely to biomass as a carrier of energy. It comes directly or indirectly from the photosynthesis of green plants, can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gas fuels. It is a kind of renewable and inexhaustible energy, and the only renewable carbon source, too.

Biomass energy has always being important resource to human’s survival, it ranks fourth in the world’s total energy consumption, occupies an important position in the whole energy system, second only to coal, oil and gas. Experts estimate that biomass energy is most likely to be a part of the future sustainable energy system, to next century, all kinds of biomass alternative fuels that produced by new technology will account for more than 40% of total global energy consumption.

Renewable energy will be a leading energy in 2050, now there are three major energy supply systems has formed all over the world, electric power system, the oil supply system and gas supply network. The three major energy systems are difficult to change in short term, but the world's major economies have made renewable energy strategy. For example, in 2020 and 2050, the use of renewable energy will be respectively reached 20% and 50% of European Union’s energy consumption proportion; In 2030, the proportion of United States’ wind power generation will be reached 20% of its whole electricity generation, and biological liquid fuel will replace 30% of oil products; For Japan, by 2050, alternative energy, such as renewable energy will be reached more than 50% of Japan’s energy supplies. China's future strategic about renewable energy is: around 2010, the proportion of renewable energy will be reached about 10% of energy consumption, its strategic positioning is supplement energy; Around 2020, the proportion will be increased to 15%, and the strategic positioning is alternative energy at this time; Around 2030, renewable energy accounted for about 25% of the energy consumption, strategic positioning is the mainstream energy; Around 2050, the proportion will be risen to 40%, strategic positioning is the dominant energy.

GUANGZHOU PENGFA BIOMASS ENERGY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a hi-tech enterprise which integrates scientific research, manufacturing and training, international business. We mainly produce and sell full -automatic & semi-automatic biomass pellet plant which includes stalk pelletingwood sawdust pelletingstalk briguette pressing and rice husk/peanut shell/sunflower husk pelleting etc. Our products range from pellets & briquettes pressing machines including flat-die pellet millring-die pellet milland roller pellets press, shredinggrinding two series, air flow drierrotary drier two series and their accessories like screeners and conveyors as well. 

The production of Biomass Molding Fuel will be amounted to 50 million tons in 2020

Each year, there are about 340 million tons of straw and agricultural residues, 840 million tons of animal manure and nearly 75 million tons of urban living garbage in China, and these resources can be used as energy utilization. Total biomass resources is equivalent to about 460 million tons of standard coal each year. In accordance with the relevant national planning, by 2015, biomass energy industry will have a large-scale of utilization, realize commercialization and have large-scale use in the electric power, heat supply, and rural life.

"China's rural energy construction mainly rely on state funding to support, we call it transfusion industry, now it needs to become a hematopoietic industry." The professor of energy research institute of National energy bureau, Qin Shiping said that the rural biomass energy use target is marketization, to build the integration of urban and rural energy service system, and achieve sustainable development.

There is an engineer who engaged in biomass energy equipment manufacturing said:" To build such an energy services system is very difficult, such as our biomass energy standards has a problem. For example, in biomass molding fuel industry those have higher degree of industrialization, a nominal yield of 900 kg/h mechanical, its actual output of pellet fuel may be less than 700 kilograms, or even only 400 ~ 500 kg, and nobody would care about it, they just write down the fake data whatever they like. And the enterprise can mark mold life indicators freely." So there is still a long distance to build such an energy services system and combine it into a big energy network market-oriented operation.

It is important to note that in this exhibition, Jiangsu MuYang Biomass Company exhibited two core host machines, MUZL1610M wood pellet mill and mixers. The single output of MuYang MUZL1610M pellet mill can achieve 3 to 5 tons. According to the manager’s introduction, among MuYang’s total biomass energy market, there are about 60% comes from overseas market, it is expected to obtain a bigger development in the fields of Biomass Molding Fuel and pretreatment of raw materials in the future.

At present, the National Energy Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture are working to build Biomass Molding Fuel industry standard, including the classification standard of solid molding fuel, burner technology and the specification about key components of molding equipment. The insiders analyze that the standard will improve industry’s entry barriers and overall competitiveness, and then improve the economic benefit of biomass energy. 

How to select unique lamps to decorate house

 Household lamps are the main indoor lighting facilities that provide decorative effect and lighting function for interior space. It can not only add new contents to ceiling’s simple color and modeling, at the same time, these lamps can also achieve the action that change the feeling about structure and foil the indoor atmosphere, through changing interior lamp’s modeling and adjusting light intensity. Lamps basically can be classified into droplight and absorb dome light, according to the styles, it can be divided into fabric lamps, glass lamps and crystal lamps, etc. Basically, many families will consider the indoor style when chooses interior lamps. This article will mainly introduce some kinds of unique household lamps.

European lamps

Simple style is one of the European decorating style. European style mostly used white color, its overall atmosphere is simple, the matching lamps can release pure and fresh feeling, also conforms to people’s aesthetic standard. Simple European style is closer to the nature, also accord with Chinese aesthetics, so in recent years, it has a rapid development in China. European lamps mainly are multi-bull droplight, it usually uses the glass surface or floral cover face material to reflect European feelings.

Chinese lamps

The Chinese lamp has classical characteristics, there are also various of traditional Chinese elements inserted into Chinese lamps, even classical novels and mythologies have been combined into Chinese lamps. Such as LED flood lights, LED wall washer, etc. Different styles of lamps make people refreshing and memorable. Secondly, Chinese lamps not only emphasize symmetry and delicate, but also pay attention to colorific contrast to create the charming feeling of classical and traditional cultural.

Contemporary and contracted style lamps

Contemporary and contracted style is now one of the most popular decorating styles, a lot of families will choose contemporary and contracted style when they decide to decorate house. With its compact model, perfect details and fashionable design, countless of people like contemporary and contracted style. The material of contracted form light usually is glass or steel structure; people would like to pay attention to a contracted style and strong sense of line.

Different styles need to match with different lamps, how to select a perfect collocation is getting more and more important.

Canton Fair Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. has registered the trademark “SOLID RISE” both at home and abroad. Our main business includes merchandise trade, service trade, and home trade. The main exporting products of our company include LED Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, LED Industrial Lighting, LED Decorative Lighting.

China's LED lighting market ushered in rapid development period

China has promoted the use of LED energy saving lamp for a long time, however, due to its high manufacturing cost, the price is more expensive. Though it has a very good energy saving effect, it hasn’t been accepted and used by general consumers. Since this year, the prices of International LED are falling while the luminous efficiency is improving. Customers will improve the acceptance of LED gradually, and the market penetration will also increase, China’s LED lighting market will have a big development period.

The wide use of led lamps is an inevitable trend, nowadays, influenced by the prices of International LED lamps and rare earth fluorescent lamps, China’s LED industry ushered in a development opportunity. However, how to improve consumers’ cognition about LED and establishing reasonable industry standard is still the key issue for whole LED industry to consider.

Data analysis shows that in July this year, the retail price of global LED bulbs that used to replace 40 w incandescent bulbs has a slight drop about 0. 6%, dropped to $15.5. And the 60 w LED bulbs drop to $22. 6. The falling prices make consumers more willing to replace incandescent lamps with led lamps. Because of the rising price of rare earth, rare earth fluorescent lamps are being more expensive. Though the current market share of rare earth fluorescent lighting accounted for 70% in big cities, it is believe that the pattern will be changed. In 2012, LED energy-saving lamps sales rose nearly 34% while rare earth fluorescent sales declined. In the first half of 2013, led civilian market sales rose more than 150%. LED light suppliers and manufacturers’ operation revenue have increased for years.

In the commercial lighting market, although led’s price is expensive, it has better energy saving effect and can bring more energy-saving benefit. So the lighting application demand of commercial, industrial, outdoor is relatively strong, especially LED indoor lighting. But at present, Chinese consumers do not have fully understanding about LED products, nor have particularly strong demand of energy saving, and sensitive to the price, so the permeability of LED lighting is low. In addition, there is no regulation rule to standard product’s quality. So, the government needs to take some measures to standardize the products.

With the promoting luminous efficiency and falling prices, LED lighting’s market share will be risen in household lighting, commercial lighting, automotive lighting and backlighting, it can be predicted that LED will enter into a golden development period. 

The business opportunities of LED lights will increase after 2014

At present, LED indoor lighting mainly used in decorative lighting, such as underground parking lot and star hotel, has not really enter into the huge market of ordinary household lighting. The main indoor lighting products include commercial fluorescent lamps, LED down lights, LED spot lights, LED bulb, freezer lights. Someone pointed out that according to some foreign countries’ development plan about LED indoor lighting, they mainly push commercial lighting from 2010 to 2012, and will mainly push ordinary household lighting from 2012-2015. From a technical point of view, the current quality of light is not so good, and home lighting has a high requirement for light, so it is not available to promote residential lighting in recent years.

As the development trend of future lighting, how will LED massively enter into the field of indoor lighting? According to the global lighting market research that incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED bulbs will dominate the market together till 2017. LED bulbs still need some time to replace traditional lighting and mainstream energy source. Now LED bulbs are still in the market introduction phase. The business opportunities of LED bulbs will have a quite strong explosion after 2014, and its demand will substantially ahead fluorescent lamps or other light sources in 2018.

The growth of LED bulbs in lighting market can be broadly divided into three stages: before 2012, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps will be the main source of bulb lighting. And the price of LED is high, it’s mainly aim to replace incandescent lamps. During 2012-2014, as the global countries publish policy to ban the use and production of incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps will gradually disappear in the market after 2012. In this phase, energy saving lamp begins to enter the peak of growth and occupy a major share of the lighting market. But in 2014, LED bulbs will substantially replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and enter into a mature period. At the same time, the cost of LED bulb is declining, with the recent investment of LED manufacturers continue to increase, the decline speed will be faster, the outbreak of LED market may be ahead 1 to 2 years.

The outlook of LED indoor lighting market is absolutely good, what companies can do to conquer the future market? Maybe they should strengthen technology research and hold certain campaigns to raise consumer’s awareness of the LED. Besides, manufacturers should standardize the products and enable consumers to choose from 20 to 50 standard products, rather than thousands. Otherwise consumers will not able to find a replaceable product. Lighting companies should strengthen their research and development ability to acquire more technology with core competitiveness. 

China LED lighting trading network accelerates the development of lighting industry

As the concept of energy-saving gradually improves, the topic of green lighting has been referred by various countries, and become the theme of every big energy environmental congress. Energy-saving and emission reduction become the target of every city. Such as, implement LED lighting lamps renovation project on Beijing subway line 1, the cars configurate LED lamps, iphone 5s with double LED lights. The applications of LED lighting are starting to penetrate in each part of our lives. Now, LED lighting products have been widely used in many fields and in a rapid development. (Such as LED decorative lighting and LED indoor lighting)

Complying with the requirements of LED lighting industry, with the support of Chongqing safety bureau, China Network Library formally established China LED lighting trading network in June 2012. Internet changing people's life style and production mode constantly, as well as changing the traditional production and service mode of lighting industry. Only comply with the requirements of times, can LED lighting enterprise avoid being eliminated. China LED lighting trading network is one of China Network Library’s website, and it is a professional online trading platform for LED light suppliers and manufacturers.

There are so many manufacturers in LED lighting industry, and the competition in the industry is fierce. How to stand out from the lighting industry and become a dominant leader? Maybe you can find the answer if you open the China LED lighting trading network. China LED lighting trading network especially develops E-Commerce platform for LED lamps to guide LED companies to carry out online sales, extend the traditional single offline channels and quickly build a brand. China LED lighting trading network is mainly provide a B2B online trading platform for the vast number of LED lighting companies to achieve the transform from traditional offline store marketing to online marketing, open the online market of LED lamps and gradually achieve the LED industry e-commerce mode. As a professional item website, it is expected to become China's largest LED lighting online trading platform.

Since China LED lighting trading network officially launched, it has gotten each big manufacturer, distributor and consumer’s consistent high praise. It both helps related LED companies expand the dealer channel, and provides consumers with convenience; a new item trading website is growing up. With the strategy of "merger single product, quotation is the king", China LED lighting trading network has broken the traditional entity company’s marketing mode. 

How to choose ideal household LED lamps

LED lamps have gradually become the family’s first choice to choose and buy, but there are too many bad quality LED lamps in the market. How can we choose and buy the ideal LED lamps is becoming many consumers’ problem. This article is written to introduce how to choose and buy the ideal LED lamps.

The first thing we should do is to consider the principle of simple. Lamp acts the role of making the room extraordinary. Too complex modeling, multifarious design and color, are not suitable to design a simple room. The next is to choose and buy convenient pre-loaded LED lamps, most of people have experienced the awkwardness when they change LED panel lights. We must considerate whether it is easy to change while we choosing lamps.

Of course that Energy saving is also very important, LED lamps are basically designed with the concept of energy saving. Energy saving lamp can save electricity, and its lighting effect is good. It does not send out heat, either. Energy-saving lamps are mostly equipped with standard screw, and droplight has two kinds of caliber, one kind is standard which can use energy-saving bulb; the other kind is non-standard, and it cannot be equipped with energy-saving bulb.

Furthermore, we should consider the product’s safety problem, and must choose the LED lamps that produced by formal manufacturer. Only the led light supplier and manufacturer’s products can have security assurance. Formal products are marked with total load, according to the total load, we can determine how many wattage the bulbs are used, especially important for bull droplight. Besides, we should choose waterproof lamps if the place is drippy.

The last consideration is the coordination problem; the LED lamps we have chosen should coordinate with the overall styles of room. And the lamps in the same room should keep the color and style with same coordination, wooden cabinet, wooden rectangular balcony is suitable for loading a rectangular wooden lamps. Learn to coordinate lamps and lanterns collocation cleverly, and make the family more sweet. 

Lighting Science Group published the world’s first LED bulb which can help sleep

The global leader in innovative energy-efficient lighting corporations, Lighting Science Group published Definity Digital series of LED bulbs three days ago, and it is the world's first lighting product that meets law of biology. The product is designed to improve sleep quality, support natural melatonin secretion, alert, promote plant’s growth and protect wild animals. Based on LED digital technology, Lighting Science successfully designed this product for International Space Station and U.S. South Pole Station, it has made a breakthrough in science and technology. This LED bulb can be inserted into the traditional socket, provides consumers with bright white light and benefit their health.

We all know that Lighting Science is a famous LED light supplier and manufacturer, their products are innovative and practical. The founder and chief technical director of Lighting Science, Fred Maxik said:" Definity Digital does not replace the light source, it’s just a new way to use lighting". " The benefits that Definity Digital series of products can provide consumers are far more than they want to obtain from LED lighting, such as energy saving and environmental protection. Our lamps can radically improve people’s lifestyle, by providing physical, emotional and environmental support to maximize work efficiency and make your body operates more natural."

Definity Digital series of products include Good Night, Awake & Alert, My Nature Grow and My Nature Coastal. Each kind of product has its unique performance, they can be used as LED decorative lighting or LED table lamps.

Among Definity Digital series of products, the technology that Good Night and Awake & Alert lamp adopt was firstly developed to help astronauts to manage their circadian rhythms, refresh themselves, and avoid being lack of sleep in space. My Nature Grow lamp can instill growth power for edible plants to grow under the worst and darkest environment, and then help the researchers who do research in the U.S. South Pole Station to solve their food problems. These technical breakthroughs have inspired Lighting Science and many former NASA scientists. They believe human can use the power of light to make life easier, healthier and more effective.

The research director of Lighting Science, Rob Soler explanation that:" After seeing the remarkable effect on astronauts, how to solve the sleep problem that troubles 500000 to 700000 Americans is our priority consideration," "We know that the traditional bulbs and other LED bulbs can produce inhibit melatonin blue light, so, when you are going to go to bed, actually your body do not want to sleep. Good Night bulb is a solution to support the body's natural sleep process. Not like some prescription drugs, it won’t create any side-effects, such as drowsiness and dependency syndrome." 

Home lighting market outbreaks and LED panel light will no longer snubs

With the accelerating development of LED industry, the traditional lighting companies began to focus on the development of LED in recent years. Emerging LED companies also actively make a layout to seize market. However, relative to the heat production of LED companies, the public still concerns about the technical drawbacks of LED.

LED has the obvious advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection. However, the glare question is still a headache of LED production companies. How to solve the problem of glare and build a comfortable lighting environment for consumers is always the key point for LED companies to research and develop. By contrast, LED panel light has obvious advantages in this context. As a relative new type of light, LED panel light has began to replace the common grille lamp, ad has been widely used in high-grade hotels, offices, viewing balcony and corridor, etc. LED panel light uses LED strips as lighting source, plus a LGP or diffuser plate, can effectively disperse the light point-blank, make the light downy not dazzling. Besides, it has uniform illumination and high brightness. Compare to other kinds of lights, LED panel light has obvious advantages and the current application range has been expanded.

Take the LED table lamp for example, currently almost all LED table lamps on the market are adopted the use of LED flat light. Because the LED table lamp has a very high requirement to protect eyes, and LED panel light just can meet this need, so it is been widely used.

With the enlargement of the LED application range, indoor home lighting is the focus of many lighting companies. According to statistics, in 2012, the market penetration of LED panel light in building lighting is as high as 56%, but also due to the mature market, its growth has been slowed. Benefiting from the government’s policy to create the market demand, LED outdoor lighting makes the application of LED panel light grows slow. So the penetration of LED panel light in industrial lighting applications is only about 6%, while its market penetration has reached to 15% in commercial lighting.

House is one of the largest global application markets, LED panel light was firstly used as bulb to enter into residential lighting market and replace traditional incandescent lamps. But due to consumers’ sensitivity for the price is high, so the penetration of LED panel light in residential lighting market is only about 13% in 2012, it still has a vast space to be promoted.

With the improvement of public spending power, many people are willing to choose the LED lighting lamps, and now the main consumers who purchase house is the younger generation, their recognitions of the LED are high, and the future home lighting market should be the focus of lighting companies’ competition. 

China’s brilliant lighting products will be appeared in Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair

On October 27 to 30, the 15th Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair will be held in Hong Kong convention center. The national high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD. will show several of new products in this lighting event.

In this Hong Kong autumn lighting Fair, HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC CO., LTD. will continue to inherit the concept of quality first and innovation, a series of products with independent research and development will be showed one by one in this fair, among them, the rotating tube, track lights and other new products will bring you more ideas and solutions.

HIPOWER OPTOELECTRONIC mainly involves in four major lightings in this Hong Kong lighting fair, one is for the road lighting, such as the LED street light, LED tunnel light, solar street light; The second is landscape lighting, such as LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lighting; The third is for indoor commercial lighting, such as grille lamp, absorb dome light, flat light, etc. The fourth is for workshop lighting applications, such as LED high bay light.

Hong Kong international autumn lighting Fair is sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council. Since 1999, it has been successfully hosted for 14 times, the 15th Fair will be held in 2013. The exhibition venue - Hong Kong, as an international economic center, financial center, trade center, logistics center, its active production and distribution activities, not only attracted a huge group from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland enterprises to join this exhibition, but also attracted buyers from all over the world. And the superior geographical position and developed transportation are shortening the distance between Hong Kong and the world. The complete infrastructure and perfect supporting services have solved the problems about enterprise and audiences’s live and eat. A large number of buyers and exhibitors, and constant innovation of high trading volume make the exhibition have a prominent reputation in the industry. The Hong Kong international autumn lighting Fair has become Asia's largest industry exhibition, ranking the second in the world.

In 2013, the exhibition has made more reasonable arrangements for product zone, so as to highlight the main business areas of lighting industry, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends, meet buyers changing needs. They are set up to ten categories of products zone, specific as follows: advertising lamps and lanterns lighting, commercial lighting, home lighting, LED and environmental protection lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting accessories and spare parts, intelligent lighting and lighting solutions, inspection and verification services, trade services and publications, lamp assemble gallery. These zones can let exhibitors contact with the target buyer faster and easier, and then obtain the biggest benefit. 

Philips cooperates with the Dubai government and provides LED lighting

As an enterprise with a history of more than 120 years, Philips has incomparable professional knowledge and rich application experience in lighting. For hotel lighting market, the overall hotel lighting solutions provided by Philips, through a full range of light sources, professional and decorative lamps and the perfect match of control system, can easily meet the internal and external lighting application requirements of six major functional areas: lobby, public spaces, guest room, restaurant, fitness area and the hotel façade, etc. Make each area performs its own functions. Internal lighting can soften the space’s contour line, let a space become more comfortable; while external lighting can express material sense of texture and the constitution of the facade, thus highlights the hotel's architectural style, and then create a unique business card for hotel.

In addition, Philips is the only led light supplier who integrates the advantages of whole industry chain. Philips can offer end-to-end service for hotel owners, include leading control system, innovative technologies and products, customized design, advanced energy saving scheme (EMC), and all-round customer service. Provide professional security to meet the customer’s requirements from quality, performance, return on investment, and competitive. Philips strives to become a ideal lighting partner for customers to build the brand image.

Philips has struck a deal with Dubai and Dubai Construction Company, Philips will supply LED lighting for Dubai’s 262 buildings. Such as LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lighting. Dubai city director-general HussainNasserLootah has signed a memorandum with the CEO of Philips lighting Eric Rondolat, in order to transform all the buildings from traditional lighting to intelligent LED lighting in three years. Every year, the project will reduce the city’s 62 million tons of carbon emissions. It helps to reduce more than 50% of lighting energy consumption a year, about 10.5 GWh each year.

Dubai’s city director-general Lootah said: "Dubai government promise to reduce 20% of the energy consumption in the next three years through the adoption of innovative solutions. So we choose the LED lighting, it can be more energy efficient, and help us to protect the environment for our future generations to benefit. We are glad to cooperate with Philips, they not only share our vision, but also provide a solution, in order to meet the city’s growing demand."

The CEO of Philips lighting Rondolat said: "Philips is very proud to cooperate with Dubai city government, we will work together to shape a healthier, more sustainable future city." 

GE lighting launches economical LED lights

Recently, the well-known LED light supplier and manufacturer, GE lighting has launched a new economical LED product for consumer market-- LED Snowcone A19. The product will be listed in most of the Asian countries in September, and will be sold in South Korea in October. The LED light is designed for household lighting, there are two specifications: 7 w and 10 w, their illumination effects are respectively equivalent to the traditional 40 and 60 watts incandescent lamp. With the continuous development of China's energy-saving lighting industry, incandescent bulbs will be phased out in the end, and the demand of the LED market will continue to rise. GE lighting launched this brand of new energy-efficient LED lights, not only conforms to the trend of the development of lighting industry, but also brings high quality alternative products for consumers.

The best choice for household lighting

GE lighting’s new LED Snowcone A19, as the ideal substitute of incandescent lamp, it is the perfect choice to build a comfortable and energy saving lighting environment. It is one of the energy saving lamps and can be used in LED indoor lighting. The LED light has no glare, and equipped with a standard E27 lamp holder, can directly replace the incandescent bulb. In addition, the LED lamp can be chose from 2700 k, 3000 k and 6500 k color temperature, to create different lighting environment.

Except the household environment, LED Snowcone A19 also can be used in hotels, restaurants and retail stores and other application occasions.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, long service life and high efficiency

In response to China's energy conservation and emission reduction policy, GE lighting is preparing to launch more energy-saving products, and LED Snowcone A19 is one of the important products. LED Snowcone A19 has the similar lighting effect with traditional 40 and 60 watts incandescent lamps, but save 80% of the energy. By compared with 1000 hours service life of incandescent lamp, the LED lamp wins a lot because of its 15000 hours life. In addition, the product is environmental protection, so it won't produce ultraviolet or infrared radiation.

The general manager of the Asia-Pacific product management of GE lighting, Luo yongyi said: "as LED Snowcone A19 entered into a broader consumer market, the competition of LED market will be affected. Nowadays, consumers can choose LED illuminant to light up their homes directly, and that is both economical and efficient. GE’s LED Snowcone A19 advantage mainly is that it can maintain similar lighting effect with traditional incandescent lamp while replacing it. All in all, the new LED light, not only enriched GE’s existing LED products combination, but also embodies GE lighting’s commitment that we will lead the changes of LED lighting, and provide energy-saving and efficient solutions to meet today’s lighting demands." 

GE lighting launches multi-functional LED lighting to capture the mass market

Driven by the innovation, GE lighting has developed some LED products that can meet the consumer’s demand and the application of general market. GE lighting and its major wholesalers have introduced a new LED product line, so as to provide a wide range of high quality and practical LED lighting solution with the most preferential price, and then promote the mainstream applications.

In the next four months, GE lighting plans to introduce six new LED bulbs with different LED diodes. These latest lighting solutions include: 2 low-cost, 40 w and 60 w LED bulb succedaneums which can provide the same warmth downy white light with a dimming function. A wireless adjustable indoor LED flood light, it has a great convenience for those consumers who don't want to wiring, because it does not need to connect the socket to dimmer switch. The rest is three kinds of GE’s reveal LED bulbs which are applied to 40 w and 60 w substitutes and flood light. These three kinds of bulbs which combine two most innovative lighting technologies, GE’s reveal and LED, not only can save energy, but also can provide the same clean and beautiful light as GE lighting’s reveal branded products, in order to highlight vivid colors and patterns.

The general manager of North American consumers lighting, John Strainic said: "we has a long history in providing customers with a variety of lighting choices, now we have launched a highly efficient energy-saving LED lighting products. GE lighting will continue to develop new technology, and provide consumers with practical lighting choice." "In GE, we are committed to provide high quality products, these products are researched and developed base on advanced technology and strict inspection standard, to lead the momentum of development and meet the modern consumers’ demand." The innovation general manager of GE lighting, Tom Boyle explains that: "we are in a family integration era, the smart devices are in constant development and extension, and we want to build a LED lighting upgrade experience for the consumer which belong to their own."

Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, these new series of LED products can save up to 80% of the energy, make contributions to GE lighting’s existing series. GE lighting has released residential and commercial lighting products, from the first high quality Energy Star A19 model LED bulb to LED lightings that used in construction, so as to provide retail, commercial and industrial applications. 

China's LED lighting market is still in short supply

With the falling prices of LED lighting products, the company's sales have appeared in the explosive growth. The chairman of KINGSUN OPTOELECTRONIC CO. LTD. Li Xuliang said that at present, the company is full load production for 24 hours, but still can't satisfy the customer demand, so we need to outsource some production links.

Since the beginning of this year, traditional enterprises strengthen the transformation of the LED lighting. After May, the industry appeared a significant turning point, and the industry entrepreneurs and experts have never expected this phenomenon. Everyone thought the industry transition will appear in 2014, but now there are many very obvious signs have showed that the LED lighting market is in short supply.

This phenomenon has two main reasons behind it. One reason relates to the launch of indoor lighting market, the second is the domestic LED lighting enterprises especially the upstream was manufacture inadequate. Since last year, because of the lower profit, a glut on the market, domestic manufacturers generally manufacture inadequate, equipments basically didn't run 100%, and the market supply and demand kept balanced. This year, the demand of market increases suddenly, but it needs a process for the equipment to completely start production. The capacity temporarily couldn't keep up with, so the market appeared in short supply situation.

The Vice President of China’s lighting appliances association, Wang Haibo also agreed with the point. On the one hand, recently, the market situation is bad, the industrial chain are basically manufacturing according to sale, dare not to have inventory. For example, the time for chip manufacturers to start manufacture generally less than 50%. On the other hand, the cost performance of LED lighting products makes it has the basic conditions of the marketing sales, the average consumers also accept the price. After all, its price is not much higher than energy-saving lamps.

The promoted cost performance of LED lighting products is the important reason for the rapid growth of the market. With the falling price of LED lighting products, they have been widely used in all fields. From the point of the domestic market, previously LED lighting products are mainly used in engineering, such as hotels, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. Such as LED display screen and LED decorative lighting. But, now more and more family consumers use LED lighting products, such as LED table lamp and LED fancy lamp. From the foreign market, the demand of LED lighting products also has maintained growth, and the growth had been very obvious since last year. 

Practical and decorative LED lighting

LED lighting is a new kind of lighting product, it is one kind of lamp which based on LED (light emitting diode) light source. LED lights have been widely used as large advertising light boxes, road lights, stage lighting, etc. Now LED lighting has entered into our home life, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, makes it will fully replace the energy saving lamps in the next few decades.

The LED lamp is acted the role of both practicability and decorative.

The bedroom is like public construction, LED indoor lighting plays the role of practicability and decorative. We can get a best effect if we handle well the relationship between practicability and decorative.

The practicability of LED lighting can assure indoor illume use, ensure eye of consumed sanitation, protect eyes and eyesight, smooth color without having unusual psychology or physiology reaction. Lamps and lanterns is firm, its circuit is safe and the switch is flexible. And in a sense, the decorative of lamps and lanterns is its practicability; otherwise, decorative problem is impossible. For instance, if we use lamps and lanterns to decorate a bedroom, we can relax our body and mind while we enjoying it, this kind of lighting effect is actually acting the role of real value of decorative.

One of LED lighting’s decorative character is the ornamental value, the material of lamps and lanterns is beautiful, chic modeling and brilliant color. The second one is coordination, arrange the lamp form passes elaborate design, coordinated with room decoration, and furniture furnishings form a complete set of design. The consistency between modeling of lamps material and the modeling material of furniture can reflect master's artistic conception. The third is outstanding individual character, change illuminant color according to people's need to create some kind of atmosphere, like enthusiastic, composed, comfortable, quiet, peaceful, and so on. Highlight the master’s particularity of the requirement to the lamps and reveals different personalities. Nowadays, LED decorative lighting has been widely used in every field, we can find its appearance everywhere.

On the premise that assures lighting, people can have a artistic enjoyment, this is the lamp’s unity between practicability and decorative. Specific to each lamp, some lamps have lay particular stress on illumination; some have lay particular stress on at adornment while others get have both. When we make the choices, we should combine the characteristics of different people, different uses and interior decoration require comprehensive consideration. 

Latest version Android4.3 platform will native support Bluetooth Smart Ready

 Google released the latest version of Android operating system Android4.3 - Jelly Bean on July 24. Android 4.3 can support for Bluetooth Smart Ready technology. Google also launched new Nexus 7 tablets and Nexus 4 Smart phones which are the first equipment to run the upgrade version of operating system. The appearance of Android 4.3 makes Android Smartphone or tablets become Bluetooth Smart Ready device which equip with dual mode of Bluetooth chip, and then connected to other Bluetooth Smart devices, reduce the energy consumption when calculating the data transmission. Developers can make full use of advantage of new system with this upgrade version, grasp huge market opportunity of the new generation of Bluetooth Smart application.

The chief marketing officer of Bluetooth SIG, Suke Jawanda said: "this year we have seen hundreds of Bluetooth products, including the digital equipments like family automatic lock, pedometer, shoes, medical equipment, fitness sensors, football, or even a flower pot, these products all adopt the Bluetooth Smart ultra-low power technology. Now this is just a beginning, we are looking forward to combining the latest version of Android platform and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology together to create innovation."

After the launch of Android 4.3, Bluetooth Smart developers can more easily to let the equipments connect with Android applications, can also use the new Android application program interface to read the data collected by other Bluetooth Smart application equipments, for example, we can collect data from fitness monitor and medical equipment through the operation of the application on Bluetooth Smart Ready products such as Smart phone, tablets and audio equipments. In the future, as long as consumers upgrade to Android4.3 operating system, combining with the Android applications which relate to Bluetooth Smart sensor devices, Smart phones and computer products will play a more powerful function.

The developer program director of Bluetooth SIG, Steve Hegenderfer said: "when it announced to consolidate Bluetooth Smart Ready in the Google developers conference, the atmosphere of excitement is exciting, which made me believe that there are many Android applications which fit consumers are under development. Our developer platform includes the tutorials for Android and other operating system, BBS, quick start guide and compiler, hoping to help developers promote Bluetooth innovation products to the market faster." Bluetooth SIG will also open to register to download Bluetooth Application Accelerator of Android, apple and Microsoft systems, it includes the application program and the corresponding instruction generation source, the documents and profiles of main functions.

IKEA will only sell LED lighting products in 2016

LED lighting is a new kind of lighting product, it is one kind of lamp which based on LED (light emitting diode) light source. LED lights have been widely used as large advertising light boxes, road lights, stage lighting, etc. Now LED lighting has entered into our home life, the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, makes it will fully replace the energy saving lamps in the next few decades.

The world's largest furniture retailer IKEA plans to replace all lighting products with LED lights in 2016, to show support for the LED lighting revolution.

IKEA said, in order to let millions of people live a more sustainable home life and save their electricity bills, the LED lightings they sell will be a lower price on the market. IKEA will start the activity from herself, all the lighting in the shop will be replaced with LED lights, or other more energy-saving lamps and lanterns.

The chief officer of sustainable development of IKEA group, Steve Howard said: "the LED is a lighting revolution. As the numbers on family electricity bills rising rapidly, the global energy consumption increasing continuously, the positive effects that a small LED bulbs brings is unprecedented. It is more energy saving than traditional incandescent lamp, and has brought so many new possibilities for household adornment. Based on a strong faith that all of us should have the ability to live a more sustainable home life, we will ensure the prices of LED bulbs that IKEA selling will be lower than the market’s general prices." LED lighting will be widely used in the fields of LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, and so on.

IKEA said that, in theory, a LED bulb’s life can reach 20 years or so, and LED bulbs consume energy 85% less than incandescent bulbs. At present, only the LED bulb that produced by PHILIPS can reach this level of service life, but its $20 to 60 price has made numerous consumers cannot afford to buy.

For now, it is not clear that IKEA will make what kind of price positioning about LED bulbs, but even IKEA sells LED lighting products with the best price to consumers, I'm afraid it will make many consumers can't accept it, either. But it is worth mentioning that as early as 2010, IKEA announced the company plans to full halt to the sale of incandescent bulbs in its North American retail store since 2011, it also laid the groundwork for the LED lighting products to be replaced.

The development prospect of LED lighting market

The continuous development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, especially in the next five years, the prospect of backlit field market is considerable, and more and more common lighting areas show strong growth momentum in the prediction of lamps and lanterns.

By comparing with the equal function traditional lamps, the whole cycle cost of LED energy-saving lamp, LED spot lights, LED tube are significantly lower than the traditional lighting. LED lighting has obvious competitive advantage. Though the total life cycle cost of the LED straight lamp is equal to traditional lighting, it is expected to have more obvious cost advantage and achieve a replace using promotion at last.

In the field of outdoor lighting, the cost of LED street light and LED tunnel light are lower than the traditional lighting, their cost gap is about 30%, the competitive advantage of LED street light and LED tunnel light has been revealed. According to the development trend of cheaper LED lighting lamps and higher performance, the whole life cycle of comprehensive cost of most LED lamps and lanterns will be significantly lower than the traditional, and become the mainstream of lighting source in 2013.

As a rising star in the field of lighting, the prospect of LED lamp is very good, the government’s relevant departments are also vigorously promote the development of LED industry. In 2009, the Chinese government had launched a semiconductor lighting project. The first stage of the plan is to promote LED lights in 21 developed cities, the second stage is to installed 2 million LED tubes in 50 cities, and achieve the goal to saving 1 billion degrees of electricity.

China’s LED lighting application market has began to form, with the Chinese government’s support policy and tax benefit, the domestic LED lighting application market will have a rapid growth in two years. With the improvement of product performance and decreased manufacturing cost of semiconductor lighting, and the perfect relevant application environment, LED lighting applications will maintain a high growth during 2011 and 2015. A good industry environment is also good for the development of LED lighting. Such as standards, product certification, testing, engineering design, demonstration and related policy.

According to the data of lamps and lanterns, its share in the lighting market will increase to around 30% in 2015, and it will become one of the most competitive mainstream lighting sources. LED will be the future of lighting, includes LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting, LED decorative lighting, and so on.

 LG electronics debuts curved OLED TV in China


On September 13, 2013, LG electronics launched the curved OLED TV in Beijing. And it’s the first time for LG to formally debuts new products in the Chinese market and uncovered this future TV’s veil to Chinese consumers. As the world's first OLED TV which adopts curved design, LG curved OLED TV had already gotten great response in South Korea, the United States and Europe. LG curved OLED TV is a TV that beyond the current display technology, as the first curved OLED TV of China and the world, this product will give consumers bringing unparalleled, transcendental and free from vulgarity viewing experience.

With the constant development of modern science and technology, as the center of home entertainment, television has always been an indispensable part of people's life, but also is a brand highland that technology manufacturers vying for. And the improvement of traditional TV will finally has an end, LG electronics’ curved OLED TV opens a new door for the whole industry, and brings TV into new era. Comparing with the traditional LED technology, OLED technology can emit light directly without backlight. LG curved OLED TV which is created on the basis of OLED technology, not only has super high contrast and super wide viewing angle, but also has surface, ultra-thin shape. These features have shocked the entire technology industry. At the same time, LG electronics’ original WRGB four color technology makes it beyond the scope of human eyes identification for the TV. The super wide color gamut makes imaging more lifelike. With about 4.3 mm thickness of ultra-thin fuselage, curved surface screen and transparent base, LG curved OLED TV looks like a future window floating in the air.

As the world's first manufacturers to achieve production of curved OLED TV, LG electronics not only shows the excellent technology R&D ability, but also shows an industry leader’s responsibility to rapid the development of science and technology. This curved OLED TV creates the ergonomic design of curved surface screen, and achieves 4.3 mm slim body at the same time. It shows the powerful advantages of OLED technology incisively and vividly. At the meantime, LG electronics builds the surface screen is not aim to show off technology, but fully considerate human eyes to watch comfortably, the screen is consistent with the distance between each point and the human eyes, thus reducing the image deformation, and bring more perfect presence.

LG Corporation’s businesses include mobile phone manufactures, CCTV products, audio equipments and other digital equipments. We believe that LG will bring more and more innovative products to us.

The market penetration of LED lamps and lanterns will reach 16.8% in 2015

The good prospect for the development of LED lighting industry enables people to have confidence in the LED lighting market. Under the condition of the energy shortage in the 21st century and national government support to promote energy conservation and environmental protection policies, many enterprises continuously increase investment and support in the LED lighting market. At first, it was widely used in LED outdoor lighting such as road lighting, landscape lighting and so on. With the rapid development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, the application of LED lighting lamps and lanterns had promoted to be used in the field with huge potential, such as LED indoor lighting (the ordinary household lighting), commercial lighting, etc.

Now LED lamps and lanterns are being widely applied to civil lighting areas. Although LED lighting is mainly given priority to road lights and commercial lighting in the market, LED panel lights and LED tube, with the functions of dimming and color modulation, have attracted the people’s attention. The price is still an obstacle for LED lamps. As the main factors to stop the promotion of LED lighting, the high prices have kept this new type of energy saving and environmental protection lamps and lanterns outside the civilian market. According to the insider’s introduction, LDE lighting lamps and lanterns are used sapphire substrate as a chip substrate and must use gold to create electric conduction; all of these advantages make it no doubt to become a "noble" lamps and lanterns.

The market penetration of LED lighting market is expected to reach 16.8% in 2015. A report also noted that under the government's stimulus policy, the application permeability of LED in the fields of household lighting and street lighting will be improved, such as mainland China's 12th five-year plan, and Taiwan’s LED subsidy policy, these policy benefits also include commercial lighting. LED bulb and LED fluorescent tube are growing year by year in Japanese market, the main reason is that since the earthquake in March 2011 after, the Japanese government launched the subsidy policy and increased energy saving consciousness. At the same time, many new LED suppliers are going to join the business war, and soon began to produce. With the calculation of 500 x500 micron chip size, the overall supply of LED lighting grew 41% in 2011, but by contrast, the demand only grew 10%, thus furnishing the oversupply of 2011. Anyway, the competition is good for consumers to buy high quality LED lamps with lower price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with Synaptics Corporation’s 3D touch technology

Synaptics Corporation is a leading developer in man-machine interface solution, its science and technology design center network has spread all over the world. Synaptics can provide world-class global engineering technical support and industry leading design tool, to help partners quickly and efficiently implement transformative man-machine interface solutions. Recently, Synaptics announced that Samsung has chosen the industry's leading high-performance embedded capacitive touch solution, ClearPad ®, as user interface control components of Galaxy Note 3. The solution especially choose Synaptics’s, 3D-touch ™ technology.

As we all know, Samsung is good at mobile phone manufactures and its products are always brilliant. Synaptics closely cooperate with Samsung. Based on Synaptics’s 3D-touch technology, Samsung has developed the function of Air View, and has been used in Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released in March of this year. ClearPad display integration solutions add multiple user interface control methods, such as the functions of "near", "Air Gesture" and "air lines". The high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and exclusive advanced algorithm of ClearPad series ensure the users still can get a perfect multi-touch experience under the condition of the humid environment or wearing gloves. ClearPad also supports the identification of stylus and fingers touch at the same time, and then meet the consumer’s demand for a variety of precision input selection.

Galaxy Note 3 is equipped with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED HD display screen and 3200mAh lithium battery, so you don’t have to worry the phone will power off quickly. However, you’d better bring a portable power bank when you go out for a trip. With "Air View" function which is based on Synaptics Corporation’s 3D touch technology, Galaxy Note 3 will bring the unique interface experience to the user. The users just need to suspend their fingers above the screen in a certain distance, they can preview email, S Planner, photo and video content without opening a document. This feature even can magnify the preview web pages or view the stored number in quick dialing page.

The senior vice President and general manager of Intelligent display department, Kevin Barber said: "Our support for Samsung products covers the tablet, entry-level smartphone and its flagship smartphone, we will let every consumer can share Synaptics Corporation’s latest development results." "Synaptics will continue to provide the industry's leading solutions, and integrated into a variety of innovative technologies, such as our 3D touch technology." 

The scale of lighting industry will grow to 500 billion Yuan in 2015 

From the 18th Guangzhou International lighting fair, we know that the entire lighting industry scale of China is close to 300 billion Yuan last year. This year it will grow to 300 billion to 400 billion Yuan, and it is expected to increase to 500 billion Yuan by 2015, the future LED production and market demand will be higher.

After suffering a short winter last year, the growth of the market has made LED recovery this year. In the first half of this year, according to organizers, most LED enterprises operating in good condition, many companies look good on the LED market, and they have made expansion plan. Despite the good market prospects, the problem of excess production capacity still exists. Industry experts said that the threshold of LED lighting industry is low, and the government also provides high subsidies and preferential tax policy. All of these factors make a large number of enterprises enter into LED lighting industry, and then resulting in low-end products severe overcapacity.

A number of small and medium enterprises and small workshops have a large "damage" to the market.

LED excess capacity is mainly due to too many companies. China has more than 7000 registered LED companies, plus some not registered small workshops and other working groups, it is countless for those engaged in LED lighting industry enterprise. The existence of many small and medium enterprises and small workshops make low-end products serious excess capacity, which can lead to a vicious price competition. It is known that in just two years, the prices of LED lighting products had experienced a "roller coaster", the market price from the original 180 Yuan has low to 20 ~ 30 Yuan. At the same time, there are a lot of low-cost low-quality products sell for 10 ~ 15 Yuan on the market (such as cheap LED tube and LED bulb). A CEO of well-known enterprise said anxiously, now the price of LED lighting is lower, but the quality is worse, the LED enterprise does not agree with the value of it at all. He believes that only when the companies and consumers agree with the value of LED, they can accept the price naturally; we cannot blindly rely on low prices to win the market.

Future market leaves to the enterprises that have brand and independent innovation ability.

It is known that 80% of China's industrial lighting will be replaced by LED products in the next eight years (such as LED tunnel light and LED high bay light), the replace period for lighting products have come. At the same time, there are about 30% ~ 70% of small and medium LED enterprises will be eliminated by the market. Guangzhou international lighting fair is to guide the industry to the healthy and sustainable development. LED is a revolution of light source technology, the future of the market must belong to those enterprises with brand, scale, channel and innovational products.

Electronic products are entering into the era of intelligent interconnection

IFA is one of the world's largest international audio and consumer electronics exhibition. In this exhibition, it was found that with the popularity of mobile Internet and smart technology mature, intelligent interconnection has become today's consumer electronics product development trend. With intelligent interconnection technology, people can use a Smartphone or tablet to manage TV, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other electrical appliances product. For example, when the food in the refrigerator is going to be expired, the user's mobile phone will receive a prompt information, even can suggest recipes by based on the foods in refrigerator, and send the shopping list to user's phone.

Scrutinize this exhibition, different areas have their own characteristics. In the field of computer and mobile communications, integration is a major characteristic. Laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, watches, many products have been difficult to clearly define its classification, "multi-use" is no longer strange. The innovation of CCTV products and audio equipment makes them more and more intelligent to meet consumer’s need. Samsung launched "Galaxy Gear" smart watch on this exhibition. Users can use Bluetooth technology to read text messages from the watch screen when paired phones receive texts, and also can use voice recognition software to enter information or make a call. Meanwhile, as many people do the laptop wholesale business, consumers are easier to buy the cheaper and functional laptops.

In the field of television, high-definition and light is a major bright spot. 4k high-definition television has become one of the key words of the international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin this year. 4k is refers to reach the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixel display technology standard, whose total pixel exists has reached 4 times higher than full HD standard, and therefore is also called the ultra-high resolution. 4k TV picture is more exquisite, the color is more real. Samsung, Haier, Hisense, SONY, Panasonic and other companies have launched their own 4k TV. In addition, the use of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) technology makes the TV does not need background for the light, and improve our image in expressive achieve slim at the same time.

In the field of white household appliances, energy saving and environmental protection is a big trend. A most headache of previous large household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning, is the huge noise and high energy consumption when they are running. How to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection is the focus of each big white home appliance enterprise’s technology R&D. Haier Corporation launched Intelius 600 washing machine in this exhibition, only need just 4.9 liters of water each 1 kg washing. It only costs 98 kilowatt hours a year and its energy saving effect is very good.

During this exhibition, Chinese manufacturers’ exhibition stand also attracted many viewers to watch. It is reported that there are 450 enterprises from China in the exhibition, including the large enterprises like Lenovo, Haier, Hisense, Huawei, and other lots of medium-sized enterprises in the field of a specific product. As the technical level gradually improves, the frequency of China's household appliance products increasingly improved in the International market, and the household appliance products will get the approbation of the foreign customers. 

 Elation Professional Corporation issued 28000 lumens LED flash


Recently, the Elation Professional Corporation issued Protron LED flash, this is a super powerful LED flash, and it is contained in traditional PAR light box. The relevant personage of Elation Professional Corporation said, the lamp is used 576 white 6500k LED diodes and provided 28000 lumen output, its unparalleled impact and frequency shiny effect is impressive.

Based on its strong flash effect, Protron LED Strobe flash will be divided into four "zone", in order to create a beautiful effect. A solid die-cast aluminum box makes LED diode can have a full light output, and can be used as project-light lamp or viewers light. Its protection grade reaches IP65 rating, can withstand wind or rain and other adverse conditions, this characteristic makes it ideal to be used as LED outdoor lighting or LED indoor lighting.

No matter light stage and concerts, night club, building, scenic areas or any types of entertainment or architectural elements, this multi-function device not only can provide light output, but also provide compelling light field", Elation Corporation officials said: "These features and durable PAR light box makes Protron LED Strobe lamps naturally replace the flood light and traditional PAR lamps, it provides far more than just a simple flash effect."

While using as PAR light or project-light lamp, Protron LED Strobe flash can become a white 120 ° open surface lamps, because of its long service life and efficient LED (maximum power of 150 w), it does not need any maintenance and it’s economical to operate. In addition, the lamps also has passed the CE and the Americas cETLus certification. It can be installed in any type of venues, very safe and no need to worry about.

Because of the emergence of Protron LED Strobe flash, Elation Corporation provides a multifunctional lamp which provides much more than a flash light effect. The sales director of Elation Professional Corporation, Eric Loader said:"One of the major industry trends is to develop a versatile and can satisfy a variety of purposes, and to provide users with more valuable lamps. Protron LED Strobe flash just is such a product, because it not only provides high output, but also replaces PAR lamps to use in indoor and outdoor, and provides more features at the same time." The world needs these high quality and functional LED lightings to add color to bright the dark or life. We hope that the LED lighting industry can provide more innovational products to us.

The rapid development of China’s unknown LCD manufacturers makes Samsung under pressure

According to the Reuters’ reported on September 18, Chinese flat-panel display manufacturers, once were considered as the second-class participants of global LCD market, now makes the industry’s great manufacturers such as Samsung and LG display envy. When South Korea giants were busily developing a new generation of organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV, little-known Chinese companies have started selling another display, it is clearer than the standard LCD, cheaper than OLED, which is Ultra HD (UHD) display.

Data research firm IHS said UHD market barely exist before 2012, only about 33000 UHD TVs were sold among the total sales of 200 million LCD TVs. But ever since then, UHD TV shipments soared about 20 times, and it thanks to China. People all like to assemble UHD display screen with mouse and keyboard to play games. Chinese consumers who want bright and clear images, but can't afford to buy the OLED screen manufactured by LG and Samsung are considering buying UHD.

In the long run, OLED has huge potential, high resolution, enough thin screen, can also bend, all these advantages make it has strong competitiveness. But if consider from the price, we still have some difficulties to let OLED enter the Chinese market. In China, 55 inch UHD model sells about $1800.But by contrast, the sales price of the same size of OLED TV that Samsung electronics sales is about $10000. Including Samsung’s CCTV products, its price is always higher than other ordinary brands.

By comparing to the growing threat of South Korea display manufacturers, Chinese UHD manufacturers are enjoying the most lucrative profit margins in the industry. By the second quarter of this year, Beijing Oriental technology had achieved 8.9% operating profit margins, and China star photoelectric technology (CSOT), an agency of China's largest TV maker, TCL Company, also reported a 9.6% profit margin. By contrast, Japan's panel pioneer enterprise, Sharp only faint the profit margin of 0.5%. And the world's first LCD maker LG display also released the profit margin of 5.6%.

As South Korea beyond the panel pioneer Japan before, at the beginning of the 21st century, China's market develops rapidly. Securities investment analyst Nam Dae jong said that China is doing very well, so far this year, their momentum probably will last for at least about one year, they have discovered the potential of this market, as well as larger rivals. Nam said, "Samsung and LG made a strategic error decision that they ignore the UHD potential market, and focus on mobile phone manufactures and notebook research, so they will need quite a long time to catch up". 

China’s LED general lighting demand will amount to billions dollars

LED lighting is the main application area in the future. The global LED lighting industry is in the rapid development stage. According to LEDinside’s estimate that by 2015, China’s LED general lighting demand will up to $10 billion. To 2020, it will amount to $22 billion.

Key policy guides explicitly to support energy-saving lighting

LED lighting gradually replaces traditional lighting is the trend of the times. Lighting in China which accounts for about 13% of the electricity consumption, the popularity of LED lighting is a great significance for our country to implement green energy saving policy. In recent years, China has issued a series of related policies to increase the promotion of LED energy saving lamp. Chinese government clearly put forward that the LED lighting industrial production was grown by an average of about 30%, it will reach 450 billion CHY in 2015 (including 180 billion CHY in LED lighting application products).

Technical performance has made remarkable progress; innovative applications are on a large scale promotion

In recent years, China constantly improves the luminous efficiency of LED device, blue-ray device technology levels has been increased to 120 lm/W, red light device is 70 lm/W, and green light device is 140 lm/W, these devices has reached the international advanced level. Silicon substrate technology makes a breakthrough and reaches to 120 lm/W. China's independent innovation Metal Organic sources have achieved large-scale supply which account for more than 60% of domestic demand. In the epitaxial chip link of the highest technical content, the biggest equipment investment and the most competitive patent, China’s independent innovation of the sapphire substrate can meet more than 50% of the market demands.

In recent years, China’s LED self-dependent innovation products apply to a number of major projects, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic stadium lighting, the 2009 Shanghai world expo venue lighting and lighting transformation of the Great Hall of the People in 2011, has entered the high technical requirements of medium/large size LED display screen backlight and other fields.

The trend of intelligent development is obvious

First, market demands have speeded up the technological progress, and the costs of production have fallen dramatically. Now all countries are promoting the use of LED lighting in the field of automotive, street, corridor and so on. We can find LED street light everywhere when we go outside. With an annual rate of 30% drop in production costs, it has greatly accelerated the process for LED lamps to replace traditional lamps.

Second, the global LED industry accelerates the shift to emerging market countries and regions. With the market’s continuous development and increasing LED companies, the global LED industry transfers a new trend. In order to save cost, many developed countries move their factories to developing countries. The competition in LED lighting market will be as fierce as the mobile phone market. 

Samsung will launch another smart watch next year

On September 17, Samsung has showed the Galaxy Gear smart watch in Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), lead ahead of the Apple Corporation in this kind of product’s competition. But, according to a report by South Korea Digital Times that Samsung is still accelerating the speed to improve the product, and plans to launch another version of the smart watch in early 2014.

Quoted from an anonymous industry officials, Samsung’s new version of the smart watch will have GPS function, with better battery life, and also will be able to synchronize with other Android devices. When Samsung released the first Galaxy Gear smart watch on September 4th, industry analysts have criticized this product because of its only one day battery life. In addition, Galaxy Gear does not have GPS function, and only can be used with Galaxy Note 3; this factor also makes analysts have little confidence in its selling.

Online Forbes magazine writer Larry Magid said, from his early trial Galaxy Gear's experience, the limited battery life is one of the largest deficiencies about this kind of equipment. He said: "the users have to remember charging every day, and must remember to take the portable power bank during the trip." If Galaxy Gear can equip with the large capacity lithium batteries, then its standby time can be longer, and problem can be solved in the meantime.  

Samsung is known by quickly responding to the changing market and catering to consumer’s tastes, so the industry pointed out that the Galaxy Gear brought the overall impression that it is not only Samsung’s one commercial effort, but also an attempt in this field. Despite it has some shortcomings, when the Galaxy Gear comes to market in October this year in the United States, it will sell for $299, which means that this product may be the main aim to appeal to early adopters.

Samsung is committed to improving the Galaxy Gear’s battery life, but no matter for the Galaxy Gear or other smart watch products, the real potential may come from the applications and services which can run on these devices. Galaxy Gear can run some software applications like eBay, Pocket, RunKeeper, Path and Line. Samsung’s self-developed communication service AppsChatOn will also be landed on the new platform. Besides, if Galaxy Gear can be used with audio equipment, then it can meet more people’s different tastes.

Industry insiders said, if Samsung can continue to collect a series of attractive services for the next version of smart watch, plus the necessary hardware improvements, then the new product can have more chance to get the welcome of mainstream consumers, not just for early adopters. 

The intelligent LED lighting technology and its application

As a new generation of light source, LED has a series of characteristics, such as low voltage, low power consumption, small volume, fast response, no pollution, high reliability and long life. Because it produces no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, there is no heat and thermal radiation, and can reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, so it is considered to be the true sense of green lighting light source with environmental protection and energy saving. Since 1990s, United States, European Union, South Korea, Taiwan, China and other countries or regions have launched semiconductor lighting plan to promote the LED lighting technology’s research and development. At the same time, the world’s famous lighting light source manufacturers also joined the plan actively. They vigorously develop the LED lighting market by cooperating with semiconductor device manufacturers. With the impetus of numerous forces, LED lighting technology and the industry has made rapid progress, gradually goes into people’s daily life.

In recent years, the concept of green LED lighting has attracted people’s attention. There are various types and distinctive products emerged on the market. Intelligent lighting also gradually draws people’s attention; especially the development of Internet of Things technology makes intelligent lighting become more and more important. Intelligent lighting is not only refers to the intelligent light and reduce energy consumption, but also includes sensing, communication, Internet of the Things and other modern technologies. Intelligent green LED lighting technology can be used in general lighting, landscape lighting and LED display screen.

LED has the very good controllability, which can develop the intelligent LED lighting technology. Intelligent LED lighting technology can real-time monitoring and tracking LED with external sensor and controls circuit. Automatically adjust LED lighting’s shade and colors to achieve the goal of LED’s intelligent control. On the intelligent control software, it has complete control protocol (TCP) and control method, perfect man-machine El, self error diagnosis and prompts: on the hardware, with several means of communication. Such as wireless, electric power carrier, visible light and infrared light.

As the growth and popularity of LED lighting in the next few years, LED’s efficiency will reduce the consumption of energy for the earth and lighting costs, also opened up many new LED lighting development opportunities; those are not possible for common lamps. LED lighting will completely combined intelligent microcontrollers and sensors to ensure that we use energy intelligently. One of the key technologies of intelligent green LED lighting is the continuous innovation and development of integrated circuit chip design technology. Shanghai microelectronics research Institute of Peking University, makes a deep research in the field of intelligent green LED lighting. For different application occasions, they research and develop a series of special IC and system solutions, covering LED landscape lighting, small and medium-sized power LED panel lights, high power LED flood lights and the development of intelligent control network software and hardware. They are trying best to make contributions for the development of intelligent green LED technology.

Nokia: What else can we do after selling mobile phone business?

Although Microsoft has spent $7.2 billion in buying Nokia mobile phone business and a series of patent portfolio, but the dying old cell phone company will continue to focus on their maps and network technology. For this series of changes, Nokia's current chairman and interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa, takes optimistic attitude toward this, and said: "this is the starting point of Nokia's next 150 stories."

150 years ago, the enterprise from Finland made a fortune with their own paper manufacture, shoemaking, production of tires and other business, and finally got into the mobile phone manufactures field that made her famous. In a recent media interview, Siilasmaa expressed a view on the topic about specialized equipment and services department acquired by Microsoft, and the influences on 32000 employees. "After leaving the mobile devices and services fields, Nokia will become very different, but it is still a powerful company, and have a healthy financial performance. Nokia still has three mainstay businesses, includes Nokia Solutions and Networks, Here map and Advanced Technologies. Besides, each of them is the leader in the field of technological innovation." Siilasmaa said.

In short, after stripping the mobile phone business, Nokia will continue to focus on the business development of network, Here map and Advanced Technology. Among them, the Nokia solutions and network company is mainly responsible for the sales of communications equipment, R&D of mobile broadband; Here map belong to one of Nokia's long-term plans, the service has become the default map provider of Microsoft Windows Phone, and Nokia hopes the service can further offensive to the vehicle-mounted navigation field; Advanced Technology development actually is equivalent to Nokia’s future products R&D department.

In the past, Nokia has established a set of fairly strong mobile and data patents portfolio, Nokia hopes to be able to take more profit from this in the future."Previously, we have successfully established a whole set of patent and technology authorization process, our company plans to take use of this advantage to increase revenue and profit." Siilasmaa said.

In fact, in the current deal between Microsoft and Nokia, Microsoft has cost $2.17 billion to buy Nokia's patent portfolio. Currently, the main work of Siilasmaa is to reshape the Nokia with no mobile phone business, and find a new CEO for the company. After losing the Smartphone business, Nokia Here map technology is perhaps the only link between her and consumers. At the same time, Nokia’s pride brand: Lumia and Asha are now owned by Microsoft. We all love the large capacity lithium batteries Lumia Smartphone, but now the company cannot ensure that Microsoft will continue to add Nokia’s genes on these two brands. Microsoft’s surface makes users can operate the PC without mouse and keyboard, we hope Microsoft can launch a series of innovative Smart-phones. 

Philips: by 2015, the market share of global LED lighting will increase to 45% 

In September, LED industry enters into busy season. Due to affected by TV backlight adjustment and off-season factors, Taiwan chip and packaging industry performed weak in July and August. But the accelerated start of LED lighting and peak season will keep the industry maintain prosperity.

According to the recent research, many brand companies like Philips, Cree and Everlight Electronics had launched cheaper LED products. LED lighting has entered into a stage of rapidly increasing permeability, international companies generally expecting LED lighting’s permeability will reach more than 45% in 2015.

September will be the launch date of consumer electronics products. Except the high-profile apple products, consumer electronics show IFA will be held in Berlin on September 6-11. Samsung will launch GalaxyNote3, new tablet and GalaxyGear smart watch, Sony also will launch the new 5 inch Honami mobile phones and the first lens module on the same day. 

Recently, the greater China's vice President and general manager of lighting solution department, Chandra Vaidyanathan said “the future world needs to go toward the three directions of more lighting, more efficient lighting and digital lighting. The development of LED and control technology can reduce energy consumption to 20%. In 2015, LED lighting will own a 45% share of the global lighting market. Especially in China, with the government’s strong promotion, this proportion will be bigger." Though there are many LED lighting products appear in the market, such as LED indoor lighting and LED decorative lighting, many new innovative products will be invented in the future.

In order to meet the Chinese market opportunity, Chandra, Philips lighting is continuously invest in China to build a "end-to-end" customer value chain that takes the customer as the center, from market research, products design and develop, manufacturing to marketing. And accelerate the steps of strategic transformation from lighting products parts manufacturer to integrate lighting solution provider, create a closer local market business model. "These are in order to achieve the goal that LED business accounted for 45% of overall volume in 2015." Chandra said.

At present, the OLED is a hotspot of current market, its brightness is higher than LED, the thickness is thinner and maybe it will replace LED display screen in the future. But the China r&d director and institute director of Philips, klaasVegter thinks OLED is still in the early development stage, there are more development spaces for it, but the LED enters into “full age” is the development trend of today's lighting.

Qualcomm launches a low-power Wi-Fi platform for home appliances and electronics products 

Qualcomm has announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Atheros launches new chip series, this is part of low-power Wi-Fi solutions series, can be formed into various kinds of devices. Just like many computer products have the function of WIFI, QCA4002 and QCA4004 network platform insert IP stack and complete network services into the chip, assist customers with minimal development inputs or cost, and add Wi-Fi to many products. The platform is equipped with a single chip processor and memory, without using other microprocessor (MCU), avoid to increase the product’s cost, complexity and power consumption. By using QCA4004, customers can not only use the platform for Wi-Fi connection, but also write their own applications on Atheros’s platform.

The applications of QCA4002/4004 platform include home appliances (such as washing machines, air conditions and water heater, etc.), digital equipments, and sensors that used for household lighting, safety and automation system. Haier is the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances and consumer electronics products, has used QCA4004 on the washer, dryer and air condition equipments.

Haier and Qualcomm Atheros will show two networked appliances that based on QCA4004 platform on IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin 2013. Haier will display washer and dryer machines on the IFA. And Qualcomm Atheros will display the air condition equipment in Hotel Concorde Berlin. Senior vice President of Qualcomm Atheros, Dr Zheng Jiansheng said that: " Qualcomm’s vision about “Internet of things near me” is to provide low-power energy saving connection functions, as a foundation for its development. Qualcomm Atheros is trying to make standard Wi-Fi can be used in audio and video equipments or other office equipments. QCA4002 and QCA4004 platform have reduced the power consumption without microprocessors. By using simple configuration and interoperability to improve the usage and simplify operation, Qualcomm Atheros has become the pioneer of industry."

QCA4002 and QCA4004 have the Green TX function, it can make equipment reduce the transmission power up to 1/2 under the condition of the adjacent equipment or other access points. With less than 1 mw power consumption sleep pattern, the dynamic power adjustment function can achieve more efficient communication function and extend battery life. Low-power sleep mode is run by the awaken management procedures inside the motherboard, equip platform with self awaken and sleep management function, further reduce the sleep mode power. In addition, the speed for platform to awake from pause is four times quicker than any other similar products. QCA4002 chip has already started for mass production, QCA4004 chip is also in the sample stage and has provided the test platform. 

Household lighting collocation and daily maintenance 

Lamps are the good helper to build sweet household atmosphere, they are the eyes of the household, you should be very careful when you choosing lamps. We should unified collocation by considering the integral style and area of the room. Due to every family’s culture levels, hobbies and different economic strength, there are different choices for people to choose suitable household accessories and lighting accessories. The lightings have various kinds of styles and different colors. When you decide to choose household lighting, you should not only consider household style or lamps shape and price, but also handle the relationship between the lamps and their use. For example, you can use LED decorative lighting if you want to create a colorful interior zone.

The main function of bedroom is to rest, but not a single sleep area. On the choice of lamp model and color selection, you should mainly care about how to create a quiet and warmth atmosphere. You’d better use indirect or diffuse lighting and choose light-warm color. You can use wall lamp or table lamp to replace the interior overhead light. In addition, you can also install the footlights under the bed in order to avoid strong light stimulation during the night. There are so many LED indoor lightings for you to choose in the market, the only thing you need to do is to select the suitable one.

The lighting in kitchen and bathroom requires high brightness, but these two places are the most easily for you to ignore. You should install kitchen lighting in the location that can avoid steam and smoke. It’s easy to wash and corrosion resistant if you use appropriate glass or enamel lamp shade. You’d better use energy saving lamp in the bathroom to avoid the water vapor condenses on the lamps and then extend the service life.

Daily maintenance of lamps

To maintain the bright and clean lighting source, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy, you need to follow these three points in daily maintenance: first, clean the lighting lamps regularly. It is easy to make the dust accumulation in tubes and then affect the output efficiency if you do not clean for a long time. We suggest you to clean them once at least 3 months. Secondly, change the old incandescent lamps regularly. When the service lives of the fluorescent tubes and incandescent lamps reached 80%, the output beam can be reduced to about 85%. Therefore, you should change the old lamps after it has used for a long time.

Touch is the future of computer 

Julie Larson, chairman of the Windows product R&D department, said the computer keyboard and mouse operation will be simpler in the future once she joined an interview, touch will be a part of the PC’s total user experience. "Due to cost considerations, PC manufacturers now offer PC products mostly traditional without touch, but I believe the touch will become a very important measure of PC in the future." She said: "we have seen the development trend and potential of the touch screen PC is very strong, I can't imagine how bad it would be if we do not have touch screen PC. Once you experience, it is difficult for you to use the traditional PC with no touch"

Truly, now we have accepted the phone and tablet touch operation, so that we would subconsciously use hands to click the computer screen after we had just finished using the cell phone. After clicked the screen, you suddenly realized that you are just using ordinary notebook. So we can only have a helpless smile, and then took up the acquainted mouse. As Julie said, now the cost of the touch screen is very high, PC manufacturers will not give up the current greater market instead of pursuing perfect experience. But it conflicts with the user’s need, the user always like to pursue a better experience and higher cost performance. As for now, though Microsoft had launched Windows 8 computer product with better user experience, most of users do not have better experience equipment.

Due to the price fails to meet consumer expectations, many users start to solve the problem of touch by themselves, technicians began to DIY their computers, transform their own computers with a touch screen. With the use of audio and video equipment, they could have the better use experience. Another part of the users try to find all kinds of auxiliary peripherals, such as touch mouse, touchpad with gestures, but it still has a certain distance to the perfect touch experience, cannot better experience the charm of Windows 8. Later, some manufacturers began to launch more perfect touch solutions, the digital equipment like Windows 8 stylus recently appeared on the market. Some users had gotten the firsthand experience and wrote a lot of feelings. Its use experience is the same as official propaganda, and the touch operation is perfect that can be able to reach the level of finger operation, even may be better in more sophisticated operation.

Believe as Julie said, touch will be an important criteria to measure PC in the future.

Create a romantic house with LED lighting 

In recent years, LED lighting transcended the traditional style of square and circular, with the posture of curve to show concise and beautiful line with dynamic, and gradually become the daring of household accessories to create a romantic atmosphere.

As the rising of people’s living standard, people’s concept of environmental protection and energy saving strengthen constantly. When consumers choose lamps and lanterns, they not only consider the appearance, energy saving and use fixed number of year have become a important choose factor. It seems that 90% of consumers only choose beautiful lamps without considering the stability of light source and energy saving degree. But now more and more consumers would like to consider energy saving as a important reference index when they choose lamps. Energy-saving lamps are more and more popular with consumers. It also reflects the improvement of consumer’s culture and it accords with the trend of environmental protection and energy saving. As we all know, LED’s performance is outstanding, the most important is it can save energy and more bright.

LED lighting is very small, usually less than 2 square mm, but it can emit bright lights and won't heat up. It can save as much as 85% of energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. If there are 1 million people change a light bulb for led lightings in the house, we can offset in carbon dioxide emissions by 6700 cars, also is equal to plant 17 million trees in a year. In addition, the service lives of them up to 20000 hours, as other things change every time in life, the lamps will always be the same. Now, almost any kinds of lamps that designer imagine or draw can become a reality. Put the LED in the plastic pipe and bend plastic pipe into ring, make the light source locate in the middle position, mimic fireflies fluttering illuminated image, make the whole light turns on like dancing fireflies. Meeting the youngster’s need of romantic feelings, and realize the life pursuit of low carbon environmental protection.

Mention about LED lighting, if you think of high-tech, the blue light and slow turn on reaction, then it is necessary for you to change your mind. Because now the LED lamps change color richness which is limited by the traditional lamps, use digital control light emitting chip to produce a variety of colors. No matter table lighting or concentrated lighting, LED lights are practical and reliable, and can be used for various occasions. For example, you can use LED decorative lighting to decorate your house like a magic place, or use different LED indoor lightings to light up the whole house. All in all, you can have so many ways to create a romantic house with LED lightings.

McAfee inserts biological identification into cloud storage 

In 2011, Intel acquired MacAfee with $7.68 billion. After that, Intel takes some steps to apply this security company's assets to the chip level. The combined product is DeepSafe. A security layer in the Intel chips allows McAfee malware protection software to identify and block some security threats, or analyze potential hidden behavior of malicious software. This application would improve the safety index of computer products.

Intel is introducing new ideas to ensure the safety of the public cloud. Intel will provide a service that the users would be allowed to access online files after face recognition and voice recognition. Intel's McAfee will add a product called "LiveSafe". This product provides 1 GB online storage and it can be accessed through biological identification. LiveSafe has a web-based management console, it can identify the users by face recognition, speech recognition, or entering the PIN number. In addition, LiveSafe includes anti-virus and other security features. McAfee compared the service to  the online storage in the cloud, and users can store sensitive information there. You can access the service with tablets, smart phones and PC. The identification schemes of all sorts of digital equipments are different.

The functions of biological Identification and identity protection bundled together can add an extra layer of protection to Intel’s chip. Audio and video equipments are crucial to PC. A PC needs to configure a network camera and an Intel processor to use voice and face recognition. Biological identification is not all effective in Mac computers, mobile devices and the PC with AMD’s x86 processors. But the users can access the files after entering right PIN number without biological identification. LiveSafe will also compatible with Android and apple's iOS operating system in the future. The price of the software is $19.99 for 12 months if you install it in new PC. After that, the users need to pay $79.99 a year. For current users, the software for 12 months subscription fee is $79.99. 

McAfee’s vice president of global consumer business department Gary Davis said that security files stored in the McAfee data center. We need to make sure that we put the files in absolute safety place. McAfee software, like “Total Protection”, has a function to store files in local storage’s safe place. LiveSafe will not synchronize the security files that created in local storage. Intel said it will use the McAfee's assets to integrate security functions into chip level, so that their products are different from competitors' products. Some functions will be embedded into the atom chip to protect the security of smart phones and tablets.

The collocation design of coffee shop lighting 

In the hotel, people prefer to stay in the coffee shop. When interior designers design the coffee shop, they like to highlight exotic amorous feelings, with romantic warmth and comfortable. In the process of achieve a better light environment, there are many details need to be considered. A good coffee shop environment can not only attract guests in the hotel, but also become the preferred location for individual traveler to check in.

The coffee shop is indispensable in the region of the five-star hotel, and is not included in the western restaurant.  Although the guests can drink coffee in the western restaurant, the taste of coffee in the coffee shop is mellow taste and the feeling is completely different. In the west, the status of coffee is like Chinese tea, a drink with national blood. So, it is necessary to provide a drinking place.

Coffee shop needs a relaxed, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. It needs to cooperate with the dimming system. According to the area, coffee shop can be divided into three parts, and the need of light and shade degree is different. Due to the coffee shop interior room is made up of various materials, such as desktop material, the materials on the surface of chair and floor. Under the condition of same illumination, the reflectance on all sorts of material surface is different, and its brightness changes different, too. Besides, the brightness of the surface will affect the whole space’s light environment effect. If the reflectance on the surface is low, then the intensity of illumination should be higher. And it is opposite if the reflectance on the surface is high. At the same time, it is important to note the different intensities of illumination between smallpox, metope, desktop and floor. Or the visual will feel drab. Desktop illumination, with candles or energy saving lamps, can completely meet the lighting requirements. Using candles can create a hazy, quiet atmosphere, make the environment has more daydream space.

Interior designer will selected suitable artistic adornment for space carefully, such as sculpture, relief, tapestry, water curtain, etc. Although the interior light environment will be darker, we usually use LED indoor lighting to bright the art decorations. Some manufacturers have begun to research professional use lighting source. There are so many lighting lamps for works of art to choose. We can use color temperature about 3000 k halogen lamp to irradiate relief and hanging decoration of tapestry. Water curtain has a high flexibility, we used underwater lamp, collocation of LED decorative lightings to build subtle effect of light color changing. It is important to pay attention to the concealment of the light source that we only can see the light without seeing the lamps.

The new mobile experience from Toshiba's new products

 With the development of science and technology, computers have become an indispensable entertainment office assistant in people's life. As the first laptop computer maker in the world, Toshiba Computer Company devotes herself to the r&d and manufacturing of computer products, adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the core advantage, improve product quality continuously, satisfy the user's final demand. Toshiba Computer Company has led the rapid development of the computer industry.

Innovative concept, Toshiba computers launch new products in 2013. In July, Toshiba computers launched all new computer products, included mixed Ultrabook, ultimate game laptop, high-end tablets. Among those digital equipments, PortegeZ15t - A is a product that combines the new concept of fashion technology. The new plug type fission structure design, makes it can be easily to switch between tablet and Ultrabook by pulling and plugging. 11.6 -inch IPS wide Angle 1080p full hd touch screen, with exclusive electromagnetic pressure pen and capacitance pen, users can do handwritten operation anytime and anywhere. Besides, its screen positive can withstand 100 kg pressure, drop without damage from 76cm high and the solid design of keyboard to resist 30 cc liquid splashes. Those advantages make businessmen have nothing to worry about during the long journey.

Toshiba AT10PE is currently the most advanced tablet product, it has a 10.1 inch, 2560 x1600 resolution and IPS wide Angle screen. Its 300 ppi high precision can present as fine as magazine pictures. The latest Tegra4 quad-core processor and 2 GB operation memory, ensure that each program can run smoothly. The use of High-end audio and video equipment, like Harman/Kardon, makes users can enjoy perfect video games on a tablet. Toshiba AT10PE tablets also have perfect intelligent handwritten office function, it is equipped with a TruPen intelligent handwritten pen. Using 1024 grade pressure design, handwriting is closer to written in real effect, cooperate with software can achieve more practical function.

Considering consumers’ expect of light touch of notebook, Toshiba launches U40t-A touch Ultrabook, and M40 - A/M50 - A thin and light notebook to give users more choose space. With the design concept of continuous innovation, Toshiba computers promote the progress and development of the industry, the laptops have established a model of high-quality and high-performance products. At the same time, Toshiba brings more and more frivolous, fashion, high performance and excellent products to Chinese consumers. And it improves the quality of our life and change the user experience better. In the future, Toshiba computers will continue to commit to the development and application of new technology, service the users better and bring more excellent products for consumers.

The output value of LED lighting market will increase in 2013

As the lowest retail price of LED lighting has declined to 10 dollars, the lighting industry is optimistic and predicts that the output value of LED lighting market will increase quickly next year, and the related supply chain vendors will have the chance to get profit.

The Asian marketing director of Philips Lumileds Lighting Company Zhou Xuejun pointed out that as the price of the LED bulbs decline gradually and the support of government, LED lighting market scale is possible to expand quickly next year. Due to the declining price of LED lamps, the support of government’s policy and the concept of green energy, LED lighting industry can grow strongly next year. Among these reasons, the low retail price of LED lamp affects the growth of LED lighting market most directly. Including general led indoor lighting, led outdoor lighting and energy saving lamps, and the output value of these lightings are possible to improve.

Zhou Xuejun further pointed out that, in addition to the retail price of LED lighting that replaced the 40w incandescent lamp has reach a sweet price. The price of those replace 60w incandescent lamp is more likely to be declined to an acceptable price next year. Besides, because of the high amount of light, it is more proper to play the role of main indoor lighting. So its shipments and market penetration rate make the industry more willing to look forward.

However, though the declined price is good for LED lamps to expand the market, it also shrinks the profit of related supply chain industry. So how to get more orders to extend revenue has become a focus to breakthrough. Zhou Xuejun said, take LED lighting for example, you must launch various kinds of matching product in different application markets to meet consumer’s need. By the strategy of meager profit but high turnover, expand the market and then make the high profit.

In order to master the opportunities of different application market, the characteristics of LED lighting products should be change, too. General indoor alternative LED bulbs mainly emphasized on the affordable price, the outdoor led lighting needs the high reliability and high lumens per watt. In order to meet the need of those application markets, manufacturers should divide the product positioning further to get business opportunities. 

The traditional PC market will recover in 2014

Though the traditional PC market seems weak when it face with the attack of the mobile Internet products, and people even say that traditional PC will disappear with the passage of time. But that is not the truth. According to IDC and Intel’s survey, although the tablet and Smartphone are doing well, 97 percent of the American families think PC is still their primary computing devices. More than 41% of the families want to update their PC in a year, 54% of the parents and children in these families have the demand to buy a new computer next year. So, these data shows that computer products are still people’s favorite.

American consumers usually spend an average of 43 hours in using all kinds of computer devices, such as Smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops and 2 in 1 equipment. Besides, the desktops and laptops are the main equipment. IDC reports that among the American consumers, 73% of them will choose to give up doing exercise before give up using the computer, 71% of consumers will give up chocolates, 65% of consumers will choose to give up caffeine, 58% of consumers will choose to give up the cable first and 33% of them will choose to give up their car. Digital equipments are very popular with many people like a magic power.

In American family, the time users spend on PC almost more than 4 years. Users spend average of 13 minutes a day in waiting for PC to perform basic functions, such as loading Web pages and startup or shutdown computer, and it is equal to spend 3 days each year to wait. According to the data of IDC, the main reason for American consumers to buy the traditional PC is that product innovation and the adoption of innovative technology, approachable price, and rapid upgrade generation. If their old computer device has a failure, it will seriously affect their work.

In fact, this situation also exists in China, the user’s demand for traditional PC can’t be replaced by mobile Internet devices. Such as word, excel and other office applications. Touching operation is still cannot replace the keyboard and mouse operation. In addition, in many big games, the tablets and Smartphone cannot bring the same awesome impact experience from PC. Even though you use the audio and video equipment, you can’t get the same experience, either.

However, the effects of mobile Internet products to the traditional PC can’t be denied. In fact, the influence factors include the weak economy. And in the case of strong PC performance, product update cycle will be extended obviously. But the step of Intel to launch new products does not slow down, and these factors affect the purchasing power in a certain circumstances. 

 Amazon plans to update the Kindle tablet product line

According to the report from foreign media, Amazon is planning to overhaul and update its Kindle tablet products line in 2013. At present, Kindle is regarded as one of the most powerful competitor with Apple. Though Samsung beyond Kindle and became the second largest shipments in the world last year, according to a survey, Amazon’s kindle tablet is still the most attractive computer product to consumers after iPad. Nowadays, we only can say that the Samsung tablet is ordinary, and the biggest bright spot of products is no bright spot. Due to the competitors of Amazon exit from the competition at a crucial moment, there is almost no obstacle for Amazon along the way. Market participants point out that Amazon Corporation will launch new tablet products in the next few months, and it makes Amazon become the focus of attention once again.

The insiders show that Amazon plans to launch at least three new upgrade versions of the Kindle Fire tablet before this year's holiday shopping season. Like other upgrade digital equipments, the first kind of new product will replace the old 7 inch screen Kindle Fire. The old 7 inch screen Kindle Fire used to be an entry-level tablet of Amazon, and now its price is $159. The size of the new products will not change, but it will use the new display panels which can achieve the resolution of 1280 * 800. And such a high resolution screen had been equipped on the Kindle Fire HD. The existing Kindle Fire tablet are using IPS screen, and its resolution is 1024*600.

Amazon also plans to launch new version of the Kindle Fire HD, in consideration of the resolution of new Kindle Fire had been improved, the resolution of the new Kindle Fire HD will increase to 1920 * 1200. According to the insider’s news, the new Kindle Fire HD will still use 7 inch screen. Another upgrade product that will be launched this year is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, and the product will use 8.9 inch screen, its display resolution is 1920*1200, but the screen resolution will be increased to 2560*1600 after being upgraded. Thus, the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD will win the iPad which is equipped with 9.7 -inch Retina display screen. With the use of audio and video equipments, Kindle can create better user experience. The insiders also say that the new products are lighter than the previous generation products and have a more streamlined appearance. 


The use of LED illuminant in movie industry and stage lighting

With the advantages of energy-saving, long service life and colorful lights, it is possible for LED to replace traditional lighting used in stage lighting to a certain extent in the future. After holding the opening ceremony of the international event, such as Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian games and Shenzhen University Games, the effect of LED stage lighting had been practiced again and again. With the use of LED lighting, the 2012 Spring Festival gala created a large performing light show. And the unique charming of LED lighting had showed to the public completely.

According to the relevant practitioners, LED illuminant is better than traditional illuminant in color respect. At present, while using LED lighting in stage, people like to combine the LED tube with primary color of red, green and blue to mix to form white light illumination model. Comparing LED lighting with traditional lighting, the luminous efficiency of LED tube is twice higher than incandescent lamp. With the characteristics of small size and low temperature, Light-emitting diodes use the more efficient light path design to create higher lamp flux utilization. So that the same luminous flux, incandescent lamp is several times greater than the power of LED lighting. So, the small power LED lighting can meet the requirements of stage light intensity.

Somebody ever said that the optical design inside LED is called first design, spotlight cup design is the second design, the combination of spotlight cup design is the third. The common LED lighting uses a dedicated spotlight cup and the LED light-emitting diodes installed in all over transparent spotlight cup. A light more than one hundred watts of the LED lamps is equal to the brightness of several hundred watts of tungsten filament incandescent lamps. A lot of LED lighting can produce bright light to meet the need of stage and saving energy.

The luminous efficiency of LED lighting is higher than incandescent bulbs, and colored efficiency is much higher. Therefore, the lighting designers find that LED lighting for stage to use to produce the required colored light can give full play to the strengths of LED. With the constant development of LED industry and breakthrough technology, the luminous efficiency of LED lighting is improving continually and the prices are lower. We can see more and more beautiful lighting effect with LED display screen and LED decorative lights.

The arrival of LED lighting era

As the development of society, LED lighting will definitely be a trend in the future. The phenomenon of rising hot money investment and emerging LED enterprises show that LED lighting has been recognized by many enterprises. The great support of local government has also accelerated the steps of enterprises to get into LED lighting era. Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and the European Union have formulated the policy to phase out incandescent lamps and encourage the promotion of LED lighting into homes. It also makes the Chinese government realize to promote the use of LED lighting. The use of LED lighting is one of the effective ways to save energy, protect environment and live a low carbon life. But LED lighting has not been accepted by the users, such as business men and residents. At the same time, the high price and the different qualities of LED lighting make it hard to sell. Therefore, the promotion of LED lighting is a tough battle that you have to fight if you want to eat the cake.

The ban of using incandescent lamps has create a huge market for LED lighting, but how to promote LED lighting will be a difficult challenge for LED enterprises to face. The promotion of LED lighting needs a slow cognitive process, in this process, enterprises need to seize the opportunity and make a strategy to promote the arrival of LED lighting era. The LED enterprises have to combine online and offline resources to implement network marketing strategies, so that they can promote their own LED products, like energy saving lamp, LED stage lighting, and LED indoor lighting, etc. At the same time, they need to hold the terminal channels that first contact with the users. Through the cooperation with more terminal channels, and then sell the products to all residents, make price promotion and know the public demands the first time. Thus the enterprises can promote LED lighting and their own products at the same time. Secondly, according to the strategy of educating consumers, you can guide the consumers to identify the quality of the products and know about functions and features. Let the consumers buy practical and functional products, meanwhile, the enterprises can achieve word-of-mouth marketing result. All in all, to complete the LED lighting promotion job is a matter of whether can achieve LED lighting era and it involves in all facets of enterprise, such as technology hardware, product strategy, channel strategy and after-sales service.

The skill to select LED lighting driver chip

LED lighting lamps have obtained a rapid development in recent years, the LED as green and clean light source has been widely recognized. With the functions of long service life, energy and electricity saving and low using cost, LED lighting lamps have been widely used in the family and industry. We can find LED outdoor lighting and LED decorative lights everywhere, and these LED lighting lamps are making the dark night brighter. Nowadays, many factories have used LED industrial lighting to saving energy and lower the cost to meet more profit. LED lighting lamp is making our life colorful and it is playing a more and more important role in the world.

The technology of LED light source is getting mature, the luminous lumens per watt grows rapidly so that the price of LED lighting is decreased every years. The huge market and stable growing demands of green LED lamps make it possible to be a super tsunami in electronics market. With the great functions of high energy saving, long life and environmental protection, LED lamps have been acknowledged widely. In the field of LED lighting, it’s crucial to choose the right LED driver IC to achieve the effect of energy saving and long life. The advantages of LED lighting cannot be reflected without a match driver IC.

The driver chip nominal input voltage of LED lamps should be in the range of dc 8v to 40v to meet the needs of widely use. The capacity to withstand voltage should be more than 45V. When the input is ac 12v or 24v, simple bridge rectifier output voltage will fluctuate with the grid voltage. The output dc voltage will be on the high side if the grid voltage is high. If the driver IC do not in the range of wide input voltage, it will be easy to breakdown when the grid voltage rising and then burn the LED light source.

The output current of driver chip must remain constant, then LED can keep lighting up all the time without flicking. The same driver chip used in the same condition should be kept the output current size as consistent as possible, so that can ensure the lamps effective and orderly when it begins to be produced in automatic production lines. For the driver chip that have a certain extent discrete in output current should be chosen before the product get into manufacture. To adjust the current resistance on PCB board, and makes the constant current driver of LED lamps to keep the same brightness for those from same LED light sources. In a word, the green LED lighting is urging the LED driver chip into innovational design. The LED lighting lamps depend on driver chip and need a large number of LED light source driver IC.

 The rising share of LED home lighting market


As the LED industry competitive increasingly, eventually shows is not only the product competition, but also increases the competition of niche market.  LED indoor lighting, as one of the important niche market, some people think this field will become the mainstream in the future, while others disagree .According to professional industry insider’s prediction, household lighting will become one of the fastest growing niche market of LED lighting in the next few years. LED home lighting is a huge market and its prospect is great. There is no doubt that many companies invest in it, and it has attracted dealers’ attentions so that they are willing to engage in selling LED lighting. LED home lighting maybe will be the terminal dealers’ commercial blue ocean.

In recent years, home lighting enterprises had increased the investment in LED research. While launching traditional new products, home lighting enterprises introduce a lot of LED products at the same time. Such as LED stage lighting, LED street lighting, LED display screen, LED floor lighting, etc. And these actions had accelerated the steps of LED lighting.

We have known that many dealers don’t know how to choose the LED home lighting brand and do not know which price of LED home lighting products are easy to sell? The survey finds that many terminal merchants would like the good design brands and those who launch new products faster when they choose the LED lighting brand. Meanwhile, terminal merchants prefer the brands with good quality and moderate price.

Nowadays, selling LED lighting has been a trend. Middle grade LED home lighting selling good, while the high grade and the low grade selling bad. The customers have concern on it. Now there are many terminal merchants engage in retail channels and distribution channels, and the middle grade brands is more suitable for consumers. According to the news from dealers, consumers prefer the energy saving lighting. It is hard to accept if the price is higher than 40% of the traditional energy-saving lamps. So, the middle grade LED lighting get a stable market and always sells good.

Although people think LED household lighting is good and also develops fast and steady, LED light manufacturers need to improve the quality of products to increase the share of market, because good quality is the key to succeed. If every enterprise and dealer just to cater to the market and bring a large number of immature and unqualified products to the market, it will damage the image of LED lighting brands and get the opposite effect eventually.


The advantages of metal furniture

With the development of economy, more and more people's income has increased. There are more and more people moving into the new house, and bought new furniture. Nowadays all kinds of furniture showed up in the market, so how to choose appropriate furniture is the problem of the buyer. Furniture can be divided into wooden furniture and metal furniture .It also can be divided into the kitchen furniture and living room furniture. This article is mainly recommending the advantages of metal furniture. Mention about metal furniture, people will immediately think of the cold hard "iron man". The raw materials of metal furniture is iron, and this kind of cold-rolled steel sheet, physical properties determine the steel furniture is hard and cold .Therefore ,the metal furniture is unpopular because of its texture , and this kind of characteristic is the opposite to people’s loving sense of warmth . Maybe most of them would like China wooden furniture .In fact, the original cold hard "iron man", is being entered into our life with various of different posture.

The first advantage of metal furniture is green and environment. The raw materials of metal furniture is cold rolled steel, smelting and rolling from the mineral resources. With the "green revolution" and "zero" energy consumption to promote the production technology of the iron and steel industry , metal materials will not make any social resources waste or unfriendly influent on ecological environment .It is a resources products which is reusable and sustainable development .

The second advantage is fire prevention, moisture proof and magnetic prevention .Fire prevention is mainly manifested in metal furniture can withstand the fire text that results to minimize the loss. Moisture is most suited to the characteristics of the south region. In the southern parts of China, as long as the temperature is between 12 ~ 14 , relative humidity above 60%, then it will be a paradise for mold to grow and a hotbed to rust. Precious paper documents, photos, instrument, expensive drugs, as well as a variety of film disk are likely to be affected by damp.  But, moisture resistant of metal furniture can solve this problem.

The another advantage of metal furniture is diversity function and save place. Because of the cold rolled sheet strength is good  ,it can meet the functional requirements of many aspects after bending process of metal furniture .The advantages such as multi drawer ,multi doors ,moving ,simple and direct use can be showed up in different products .In addition ,various of furniture have the function of folding ,and it is not only easy to use ,but also can save a space .


 The fashionable dress etiquette of female white collar workers

Shoes accessories ,Garment accessories ,women Skirt

 The female white collar workers are the spokesmen of fashion, they are treated as the fashion pioneer a lot of times. As the arrival of summer, more and more colorful and bright summer clothes have appeared in clothing market as the temperature rising. Fashionable and elegant high waist skirt, bright and elegant leisure wear , comfortable and fashionable shoes accessories, these things are attracting the public.But how to choose their own clothes from so many charming clothes which made by different garment accessories is the problem of them .

Selecting simple styles is the necessary condition of all-match shirt . Its match space will be smaller if you select the complex styles .White is the foundation of shirt and it’s the best choice of women who are in the workplace. It can create different feelings by matching with different color of clothes. Compact texture fabric is the key to highlight the superior feeling, create more space for the shirt .The broad design of collar and cuffs can make matching clothes more elegant. You would better select slim fit styles ,so that you can choose inside or outside wear freely .Choosing a white shirt and elegant women skirt can highlight your graceful figure perfectly and deduce full romantic flavor .

Wearing suit is not the special right for men, it’s also charming for women to wear suit .The British style of the classic small suit can make you like a gentleman , Seven minutes of sleeve jacket can highlight women capable .Fashionable styles of suits , little suits which will not lack of women’s cute are the female white collar’s must-have . Not only can reflect the female's capable ,but also can match a sweet and handsome queen temperament .

Dress is known as the queen style in various styles of clothing style ,and it’s also the change constantly ,most species ,and most popular style .Elegant skirt and dress can add attractive temperament to women .In the summer ,fashionable white collar workers truly can add young severely with the step of fashion during this hot and passionate season .But you should make a range to keep organized in the end ,after all ,elegant and noble are the most appropriate choice of temperament for fashionable female white collar workers .Plain dress is always the classic choice of fashionable beauties .Women like the simple style most ,just like they work capable and admirable .The key point of wearing this kind of dress is that it will make you look noble ,a carefully selected accessories and delicate makeup can make you outstanding enough .

2014 China (Beijing) International Construction Equipment Exhibition

China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation jointly hosted the second session of the China (Beijing) International Exhibition on Construction Four New China (Beijing) International construction equipment, building materials, machinery and construction tools Exhibition will be held in March 2014 4-6, at Beijing national Convention Center once again.

China State Construction Engineering four new Expo is the only China Construction Industry Association hosted and fully supported by the industry technology products exhibition. Exposition in one fell swoop integrates multiple projects related exhibition construction field, through the authority associations and professional group exhibition company strong cooperation, convergence of many construction units, distribution groups, the construction division, construction and technical personnel and other stakeholders, to build a building and construction industry stop sourcing and marketing platform. Last building four new exhibition gathered 412 famous enterprises, brought together more than 31,100 domestic and overseas distributors agents, purchasing and management personnel, construction and decoration engineering units, architects, designers, and real estate development institutions and other professional audiences , and achieved fruitful branding effect, become the northern region's largest and most trade exchanges effect construction industry event. During the exhibition, China Construction Industry Association also held a "promote the use of advanced and applicable technologies construction and architecture engineering and technical experts committee work experience exchange", more than 600 units of large buildings from around the country level and above the total workers who attended the meeting and visit the exhibition.

2014 China International construction equipment, building materials, machinery and construction tools Construction Exhibition 2014 will be an important theme of Four New Expo exhibition. The exhibition will not only set construction equipment and tools, building materials and machinery industry the latest technology, products, solutions, but also through the strong support of China Construction Industry Association, to carry out extensive activities in the same period, brought together a number of groups and the majority of sales agents construction management, procurement, distribution and technical professionals, engineering and technical equipment in the field of architectural effects and industry's most influential trade promotion platform.


    - China Construction Industry Association sponsored comprehensive support, and build construction field's top show!

    - Extensive industry concurrent activities, many professionals broad participation

    - A collection of multi-audience organizational resources, comprehensive promotion, to achieve high-quality show results

    - Spring March organized annual industry showcase and promote the best time

    - Years of construction industry experience and resources accumulated group exhibition, a comprehensive exhibition services

Exhibits Category:

Construction equipment and tools:

Glass, glass products, materials, products, molding, molding machine, molding machinery, electrical equipment, hoists, separation, separation machine, steel, high-altitude, aerial, aerial vehicles, engineering machinery, Floor, welding, welding equipment, drying, baking dry equipment, concrete, concrete machinery, machinery, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, processing machinery, processing equipment, kitchen equipment suppliers, testing instruments, testing instruments, building materials. 

 Garment industry must increase innovation

The overall operation of garment industry is relatively stable, the growth rate in a reasonable range, industrial restructuring gradual manner. Under force in policy guidance and market mechanisms, a considerable number of enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, efforts to achieve quality and efficiency of development.

For a long time we are judged on economic development often is to see "growth", or if from this point to interpret two quarters after the garment industry sentiment index, may continue to produce the "pessimistic" conclusion. However, another perspective, you can see a lot of development of the industry highlights.

Through the second quarter performance and key indicators Garment Accessories trend comprehensive analysis, we can draw three conclusions: First, second quarter, the growth rate of garment industry as a whole is slowing, has the "cold" feeling, but warning light shows, 10 indicators have four lights in the blue light district, four in the green zone, indicating that the garment industry overall still stable development, garment industry development and growth of the Chinese economy as a whole in a "reasonable range." Also be noted that in the first quarter rose garment industry are "potential decline in short-term rebound in growth." Secondly, the relationship between industrial elements "tend coordination", that industrial development is the "reasonable interval" element data tends to be "reasonable structure." Again, the adjustment of industrial structure "started." Changes in the data from the second quarter, only to see the industry affected by the impact of international and domestic markets, but also to see the new government intensify reform, promote structural adjustment measures on the positive impact of the garment industry, and the market down forcing mechanisms are also increasingly play a role. China's garment industry is the high degree of market-oriented industries and it’s a considerable number of companies have consciously accelerated the adjustment and upgrading of the pace.

At present, the garment industry to speed up transformation and upgrading, we must pay attention in the past few years, products (ladies Skirt, webbing, Men T Shirts), channels, brands and industrial policy, based on further breakthroughs from the following aspects.

The first is the application of new technologies, clothing industry is new technology, new materials, new energy, new breakthroughs and increase circulation and other aspects of the application. Followed by the industry business model innovation, from a certain sense, the tradition of China's garment industry competitive advantage and growth momentum is still there, but we want to actively cultivate new advantages and new impetus, in addition to new technologies discussed above, is that the new business model. Such as channel construction, a number of competitive enterprises have evolved into pure shopping channel shopping arts center, industrial chain from a pure product of the process evolved into a "logistics, information flow and financial flow one" industry platform. In addition, China's economy facing a transition in the background, many entrepreneurs call this exactly garment enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, it needs a good environment for development. Governments at all levels of the traditional garment industry competitive industries should actively take effective measures to promote the healthy development of the garment industry.

China's hardware sanitary products development momentum

China Hardware sanitary products in China's domestic market is currently still occupy absolute market position, although new types of sanitary products continue to appear, but like ceramic sanitary products such as sanitary products or kitchen equipment suppliers after all it is only a small amount, to the market occupy the mainstream position among still need to take some times. Therefore, bathroom and General Hardware products giant is not only the domestic market, but also domestic sanitary enterprises a weathervane.

China's current hardware sanitary products are still in a rapid growth which, in exports also growing at a steady number. Although foreign sanitary enterprises had so many past masters, but the foreign labor force is much higher than China, so foreigners are also very interested in China's cheap products, they believed they have been used to the products of their own country and feel the product under a foreign country can produce a different kind of mood.

In the domestic, bathroom hardware products manufacturer is still the main private companies, it doesn’t like the Wooden Furniture manufacturers, but these companies are generally small on the scale, because the private sector is difficult to obtain the strong support of the local government. In fact, the current domestic sanitary market chaos is also inseparable from this important reason, although the pace of development of private enterprises will be faster than the state-owned enterprises, but the extent of regulation of private enterprise is not high. The overall development of state-owned enterprises will be slower, but generally these are the products produced compare with the protection of nature. Therefore sanitary industry still needs to appear before a superjumbo market structure can be positioned out, so melee situation will only make the brightest hero aimlessly fighting each other down.

Because of the limited strength of private enterprises resulting in some of its corporate management do not good enough, so the private enterprise is able to develop healthy and effective sanitary industry has also become a hot topic. All this is still the most critical thing, bathroom hardware companies must not only meet this traditional design ideas, bathroom hardware products should be a strong upgrade, step out of the original circle, will combine metal and ceramics the development of a new kind of have some special features of bathroom products.

Hardware sanitary products sold in Europe and this place is very optimistic, but overall the price is not high, so there's a great deal of room for improvement. So for the export of sanitary products, can contribute to a high-end direction, so that it can reflect the image of the noble Chinese sanitary products, and cannot just rely on traditional low image to cater to foreigners, this will only make China sanitary ware brand becomes worthless degrees. 

Children's furniture has different styles and different colors on the market, some advocate logs environmental protection, some claiming colored beneficial child, but Experts suggest that parents should first clarify the concept before purchase.

The environmental performance of children's furniture is the parents first consideration, some owners will think solid wood furniture are more environmentally friendly, but in fact, the consumer should be focus on the content of harmful substances based on appropriate furniture materials. National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director introduced, if not natural Wooden Furniture manufacturers, solid wood furniture panels are also used adhesives, formaldehyde emission problems also exist. In addition, solid wood furniture and Metal Furniture usually will be painted like the kitchen equipment manufacturers, you need to concern whether the excessive heavy metal content of the paint. Class veneer plywood furniture surface using a hot press paper or wood veneer or glued together, which is affixed to the surface of the color of the wood grain color on paper materials, although no heavy metals, but much of this furniture material as plywood, you need to pay attention to whether its formaldehyde emission standards.

Some salesmen said that furniture colors more brilliant, the more heavy metals contained in it, causing some parents abandon colorful children's furniture. An expert introduced the class if it is plywood veneer furniture, veneer furniture color is itself, there is no argument containing heavy metals, while for solid painting wood furniture, regardless of the brush is colorless or colored, as long as the paint, which will contain heavy metals, but it has nothing to do with the depth of color. The manufacturers should have the test report for the heavy metal in paints so that consumers can pay attention to check at time of purchase.

Experts said that due to the current children's furniture are in line with national standards, each brand will try to make their own standards higher, and a special children's furniture is designed for children of all ages, such as beds, tables equilateral corners have been processed, etc., with user-friendly design. And parents often gives the furniture more things would be better when buying furniture together around children, let the children choose their favorite furniture, respect the child's choice.

Environmental protection and safety is a key consideration. In order to avoid the child bump injuries, the best choice for handling relatively smooth corners of the furniture, or furniture corners to put collision angle. On the environment, the State has not established a separate children's furniture for the specific standards. However, if the content of harmful substances furniture standards generally has tested report, and in the instructions for use would indicate. Therefore, parents of children in the choice of furniture, it is best to buy brand products, and according to the characteristics of furniture, view the test reports and furniture businesses use to understand the performance of furniture. And later in the choice of furniture, it is best to be ventilated, and maintain good ventilation. 

Plant lighting become the developing trends

With the ever-expanding field of LED lighting, LED lighting in the area of plant has occupied a place. Although the application of the scale in conjunction with ordinary commercial lighting or home lighting in the same breath, but the LED plant lighting as a special application area, because of their superiority has been gradually recognized by the market, the market demand is also growing. LED including LED Panel Light, LED down Light, LED PAR Light, LED Bay Light, LED Tunnel Light etc.

From 2010, Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation use a large container transformed into a "plant factory", and the LED light source for crop photosynthesis. So far, LED lighting applications in plants gradually began. In fact, many overseas companies have started to layout plants LED lighting market, so the competition is carried out quietly. Following the establishment of plants Philips LED lighting factory, other enterprises also have some action in this area.

In contrast, LED lighting in the area of plant indeed very advantageous, because it is a low heat characteristics of cold light, small size, compact structure, and Plants can brachytherapy and improve space utilization, but also improve plant resistance to pests and diseases. Lighting plants including plant growth lights and aquarium lights, with the production technology matures, LED gradually applied to the agricultural production, fruit and vegetable cultivation, floriculture and other crop fields. Although this field is a new opportunity to LED lighting, but in China is still in its infancy.

According to Engineering LED Industry Institute (GLII) statistics, in 2011 China LED plant lighting output of about 300 million RMB, of which more than 90% of exports, as in June 2012, China has a certain scale LED plant lighting business about 40, most of them concentrated in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This scale relative to the entire LED industry is simply insignificant. In fact, LED plant lighting in the domestic market promote difficulties, a very important reason is the overall price of your LED.

According to reporters in the market survey found that compared to normal LED lamps, plant lighting price is relatively expensive. An 18W ordinary LED lamp sold if the price is 80RMB, then the same size plant lighting the lamp to sell at least 240 RMB or more. In addition, technical problems also contributed to the development of LED Grow Lights in our slower important factor.

Because China's large population base and wide acreage, if the LED can fully penetrate into the plant lighting field, this will be a very large consumer market. If achieve the field of LED lighting applications in the plant, its energy-saving effect will be enormous. 

 2013 China (Shenzhen) Fashion Accessories Fair

2013 China (Shenzhen) Fashion Accessories Fair aim to create a highly effective accessories trade exhibition, gathering the Scarves, hats, necklaces, belts, socks, bags, glasses, and other clothing accessories exhibitors from all over the world and the show will exhibit the latest fashion products of 2013/2014. It held in conjunction with the "2013 OEM Shenzhen International Apparel Fair"

Organizer accumulate thousands of Garment Accessories enterprise, professional merchants and agent resources, this exhibition is expected more than 38,000 audience, including foreign visitors accounted for 1/4 and 3,0000 square meters of exhibition area. Brand clothing styles from the homogeneity regularly update to evolved rapidly changing creative personality, and the update become more fast. This change expanded from downstream brand to the garment accessories and material manufacturers. The garment accessories must pander to the requirement of brand clothing, and through the terminal fashion to influence brand clothing, otherwise, brand clothing through the creativity to enhance the value –added products.

Guangdong province is the largest textile and apparel production and sale base in china, gathering a number of textile and garment manufacturers, Shenzhen’s women apparel has a leading position in the industry, it become the leading trend of the times, a significant symbol of fashion, and it is one of the china’s largest branded apparel design, manufacturer and processing base. In 2011, Shenzhen apparel industry production value of more than RMB 1800 billion, with more than 3000 brands and more than 3,200 enterprises.


December 16, 2013, on Monday, the exhibition layout, eight o'clock to 10:00 pm

December 17, 2013, Tuesday, exhibition opening, live events, receptions, 9 am to 8 pm

December 18, 2013, Wednesday, exhibition opening, 9 am to 5 pm

December 19, 2013, Thursday, exhibition opening, dismantling, 9 am to 5 pm

Main activities

The Exhibition will show the professional designer’s charm, gathering a large number of fashion design, fiber development, fabric designs, pattern design institutions and their works, through this exhibition allow visitors to see how designers through their own idea to design products. Meanwhile, some theme party will be held during that period, the exhibitor will depth involved and highlighting the industry interaction, it will also present you with colorful art, design, and product concept.

Scope of Exhibits

Scarves and shawls

Hosiery products

Fashion Belt, wholesale webbing

Fashion headwear, gloves products, Work Glove

Casual & fashion handbags products

Accessories products

Stylish footwear

Optical products

Fashion jewelry, watches

Other Fashion Accessories products

Advantages of metal furniture

Metal tubes, plates or sticks and other materials for the main structure, wood, all kinds of plywood, glass, stone and other manufactured furniture, as well as a completely made ​​of metal material, collectively referred to as Metal Furniture.

Commonly known as " Steel and wood furniture " from a professional understanding of the concept should be of metal furniture. Steel and Wooden Furniture manufacturers is only a kind of metal furniture. Metal furniture and Living Room Chair can be a good way to create a different atmosphere in different rooms of the family, but also make the home more diverse and richer modern style. The following is the advantages of metal furniture:

1.    Greens environmental protection

Metal furniture raw materials are cold-rolled steel, mineral resources from the smelting, rolling. With the rise of steel industry "green revolution" and the production process promotion "zero energy", from the selection of metallic materials to the production process and eliminated after use, do not give society a waste of resources and unfriendly effect on the ecological environment. This is the reusable and sustainable development of resource products. Some manufacturer using the ten-station cleaning phosphate process, can effectively guarantee the coating and the surface of the solid, and its coating materials commonly used eco-friendly powder coating, high utilization, work process scattered powder can be recycled, and there is no problem of excessive formaldehyde.

2.    Fireproof, Moisture-proof, antimagnetic

Fireproof mainly reflect in metal furniture can withstand the test of fire, so to minimize the extent of the loss. Moisture-proof’s characteristics are most suitable for the southern region. China's vast southern region, as long as the Celsius temperature 12 ~ 14 , relative humidity of 60% or more, is a paradise for mold growth and hotbed of corrosion. Besides, precious paper documents, photographs, instruments, expensive drugs, and various volumes are likely to get wet. Moisture-proof metal furniture can solve people's troubles. The manufacturer remind you magnetic properties is particularly important in the computer age, with trade secrets, statistics, personal data disks, tapes of historic significance files, images, or the classic CD and other precious objects, fear by a sudden strong magnetic interference, the magnetic properties of metal furniture can be a good solution to this problem.

3.    Functional diversity, space saving

As good strength cold-rolled sheet, metal furniture processed through bending process can meet the functional requirements of many aspects, multi-drawer, multi-door, moving, simple, etc. in different products can do. In addition, many varieties of metal furniture with folding function, not only convenient to use, but also save space. 

 2013 The Guizhou Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 3rd Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition sponsored by the Guizhou Daily Newspaper Group, Guizhou Metropolis Daily JO, Guiyang Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guizhou landscape verve advertising companies, was held on 29-31 March 2013 in Guiyang International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The overall objective of this decoration materials exhibition is to develop 20,000 square meters of exhibition area, 1,000 booths and nearly 50,000 audiences. And such an overall objective, the indicators are in 2012 on the basis of Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition made ​​substantial growth.

Well-known brands together to create the largest exhibition

Just two months time has attracted nearly hundreds of home improvement business registration, booth sign has more than 2/3. Registration companies, occupying more than half of customers, many old customers from the previous 1, 2 booth expanded into 4, 6 booths, and even up to nine booths. All this fully explain Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition positive effects are being recognized by more and more customers. The exhibition very strong team, will also enhance the quality of exhibitors will be more extensive product range. Either from the product category, product style, or from the product style, form, there will be a very significant improvement.

Media strategic alliance will promote various means

Up to now, Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition has been with more than 100 national trade and professional website reached a cooperation; in the province has not only with more than 20 strong network media to reach an amicable and cooperative relations, it is the means of Guizhou Metropolis strong media influence, Guizhou build home improvement building materials exhibition cluster effect. Meanwhile, the "big market", "interactive home", "Guizhou decoration" and other fortification brand magazine will also boost this session of the exhibition, to the general need to install a house; building owners choose to bring a home improvement storm.

Customer service team offer viewers the full expansion

Currently, Guizhou Decoration Materials Exhibition customer service team successfully completed the expansion, and has focused years after the professional audience invitations. On the one hand, a collection of 2012-2013 has been submitted to the real estate information, and has been linked to the relevant person in charge and the third being implemented in Guizhou home improvement building materials have visited the exhibition site. On the other hand, were home improvement building materials distribution center in Guiyang City, Guiyang, slum upgrading and Exhibition area of the implant publicity, needs to have the intention of the public decoration, detail scale exhibition, exhibitors businesses, exhibition activities.

 Display range

Kitchen equipmentKitchen equipment manufacturers, Kitchen cabinets and appliances, all types of countertop materials, sink, water purification equipment, etc. Other; flooring materials: wood flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring, tiles and other materials for covering earth materials; bath: the whole bathroom, sanitary ware, shower, bath, basin, toilet and other bathroom accessory products; household series: built-in wardrobes, cloakroom, Shoe Racks, bookcase, Artificial Stone, wardrobe sliding doors, partitions sliding door;

Scientific use of all kinds of kitchen utensils

The kitchen is one of the most intimate corners of our family, because there are full of love cooking out of mind. All kinds of kitchenware, the role of different, you should use scientifically. Otherwise, not only useless but be harmful.

First, avoid the iron pan to cook green beans. Because of mung bean contains tannin, in the case of iron under high temperature conditions may produce a black iron tannins, making black bean soup, a special smell, not only affect appetite, taste, and harmful.

Second, avoid stainless steel or iron pot boil herbal medicine. Because herbal medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, in particular under heating, stainless steel or iron with a variety of chemical reactions take place, or the failure of the drug, and even some toxicity (complex is large).

Three, avoid aluminum pots filled dishes. Because of its poor corrosion resistance, the case of weak base, weak acid, salt and other substances in a chemical reaction will occur and produce particular compound, so the food, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc. should not be mounted in an aluminum container overnight. Eggs should not be there in the aluminum pan, stirring encounter because the egg white encountered aluminum will become hoar and egg yolk becomes green. Leftovers, soup, should not be left in an aluminum container overnight.

Fourth, avoid cooking by use the Black cypress or the smell of timber. Black cypress contains odors and toxic substances, and cooking with it not only pollutes the dish, and can easily cause vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pain. Therefore, Folk preferred wood cutting board is made ​​ginkgo trees, honey locust, birch and willow, etc.

Five, avoid use painting or carving engrave engraving of bamboo chopsticks. The paint on the painted chopsticks not only contains lead, benzene and other chemicals, its harmful to health, and the odor when heated, affecting appetite. Carved chopsticks seem beautiful, its filth, not easy to clean and bacteria, it may easy to cause disease.

Six, avoid all kinds of color porcelain filled condiments. Condiments preferably filled with glassware costumes. Color porcelain contains lead, benzene and other carcinogens. With the aging and decay porcelain color, pattern pigment within the "radon" of food, pollution, harmful.

Along with changes in the environment, low-carbon economy will bring a revolution in kitchen furniture, China Wooden Furniture, Living Room Chair, Shoe Racks and Metal Furniture. Green kitchen is not just a product, but also a grasp of future trends, environmental philosophy, advocating all kinds of commercial kitchen use more environmentally friendly, healthy, efficiency and safety standards in line with green kitchen equipment. Enterprises attach importance to the long-term development of green kitchen equipment suppliers, adhere to the "use technology to create green value" corporate philosophy, ongoing research and innovation, dedicated for users to create economic and ecological sustainability of win-win situation for many heating-related industries on a green, healthy, energy-efficient window of the future. 

Factors influencing LED lamp life

Many factors influence the LED lamp life, except the most common poor heat dissipation, according to the experience of the application of LED death or LED light failure, the cause of discoloration due to the chemicals in the manufacturing process.

LED packaging factory after tests found some of the LED like LED PAR Light, LED Panel Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Bay Light, LED down Light, LED Tunnel Light can easily affect the normal function of the chemical, the client is best to establish a comprehensive chemical testing and evaluation systems are not compatible. With proper precautions, design and testing, the impact can be minimized or until eliminated. The adverse effects of chemical incompatibilities most obvious is blue, dark blue light white LED, rarely observed in red or green LED.

Designers should take full account of minimizing the impact of chemical substances between (mainly a LED optical lens Molding gum and in electronic assembly and lamps used in various chemicals), mix together because these items may damage LED light output efficiency, or even cause permanent failure LED occurring phenomena (such as dead lights, color, dark, light, etc.). Because the chemical incompatibilities and high temperatures cause the LED package LED failure result is the same: the flux decay, color temperature drift.

LED which chemicals can be used together, what type of potting? Can Glue? Glue on the LED has any effect?

Potting adverse effects on the LED:

In most cases, these silicone encapsulant penetrate into the interstices molecule volatiles does not damage the polysiloxane functionality itself. In such a case, if the removal of the discoloration of the LED light above the sealing cover, and continue the aging, so that diffusion of gases inside the LED and evaporate, and it is possible to restore the original state, which is why a lot of not test in a sealed environment of the LED of similar little or no discoloration.

However, as a lighting designer to note is that there are a considerable number of VOCs (volatile is not just a color, mostly volatile colorless gas) that can damage plastic packaging, causing it to swell and crack, making LED cannot afford, because the swelling and cracking of the plastic packaging inside the package will be snapped gold wire, causing flickering, dead lights and other undesirable phenomena.

Chemicals Selection Considerations:

The materials used in the selected fixtures, particularly when used in potting need to be considered, bonding glue, thermal paste, flux and residual chemicals, the LED will be exposed to any chemical should be carefully considered, even the circuit board, with the Operating temperature will release the possible damage to the LED has a gas.

 China International Auto Parts Expo

The Seventh China International Auto Parts Expo is organized by the Ministry of Commerce of China National Automotive Parts Exhibition, a comprehensive display of the overall level of China's auto industry, and it plays an important role in strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. At present, China International Auto Parts Expo has a wide influence in the world, and it has become an internationally renowned auto parts exhibition.

Time and place

Time: September 13-15, 2013

Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Library)

Address: No.6 North Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Exhibition Profile

China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) is held in accordance with the internationalization, specialization, market-oriented principles of China's only state-level International Auto Parts Expo. Since 2007, every year a session, has been successfully held the sixth, more than 130 countries worldwide and regions, more than 8,000 high-quality automotive parts suppliers, more than 200,000 motor vehicles and parts buyers participants. The quality and scale of the exhibition has been get the support of the global automotive industry and widely welcomed.

CIAPE for the global automobile market and customer service market, set display Chinese and international automotive industry as a whole, trends, new products, new technologies, new materials, new technology releases and achievements, establish a brand image, introduction of advanced technologies, equipment, key parts, advanced management and overseas intelligence, expand imports, increase exports, development of new markets, domestic and foreign investment and cooperation, research and development, production and interaction, foreign exchange and many other functions in one, for the Chinese and international auto parts industry to provide a full range of display, trade, exchanges and cooperation platform.

Held in conjunction with International Auto Parts CIAPE Development summit Forum, the export country policies and regulations career talk, professional seminars and other activities, such as discuss the global automotive industry hot topics, developments and trends. Thus, the colorful activities will provide a wide field, deep-seated value-added services for exhibitors and buyers.


Auto parts: engine systems, chassis systems, body systems, electrical and electronic systems, etc.;

Advanced manufacturing equipment and key technologies;

New energy vehicles and related system components;

Vehicle, motor, electric control, battery, Power Cable;

Automotive repair and maintenance equipment and supplies:

Maintenance testing diagnostic equipment, Work Glove, cleaning and maintenance equipment and lubricants, film, cleaning agents;

Car modification products and services:

Modified cars, special equipment, wheels, stereo, satellite navigation, interior and exterior trim parts, etc.

Automotive materials, general components, General Hardware;

Associate with the automotive industry-related certification, quality, financial, insurance, media, clubs etc.

 Pay attention to buy children's furniture

How to choose the right furniture for children are the problems faced by many parents. Children’s furniture should not only safe and comfortable and accord with room size, but also take into account the child's preferences.

Select furniture, the order has exquisite. It is not the same for us to select the kitchen equipment suppliers, Experts suggest that parents should choose those ergonomically designed furniture for children, the furniture sized should match with the child's height, age and body, and this will let the children feel comfortable when in use, it’s good for their healthy development. Buy children's furniture is very particular about the order; general should first select children's chairs, and then choose the right size according to the chair of the table. Metal Furniture is a good choice. The right seat height, when the child is sitting on top of the seat should be flush with the knees and the feet can touch the ground, the legs 90 degrees. When select the table, the high tables and abdomen should be flush.

According to the report, if you encounter child table can adjust the desktop, you need to pay attention to the degree of its regulation is scientific and reasonable. Because the child often need to pick up items at the top of the table when writing, so if you lie on the move on the table, the child's back development adversely. The inside of the body of the child table tilted back more beneficial development. The official also suggested that children over the age of 3 Select Bedding, we should take into account their growth is faster, the size should leave room dimensions.

Children's room needs to meet the child play, learn and rest. If smaller children's room, you can choose some modular Wooden Furniture manufacturers, such as the above is possible for children to bed rest, below were designed to bookshelves and desk, a children's learning space, while at the children's beds ladder combination storage cabinets into, you can place clothing, this multi-purpose products for the room to save a lot of space.

Children have different needs at every stage of growth, and if they are replaced each time a set of furniture, it is not realistic for most families. Parents must pay attention to the product “growth” when selecting furniture, both for pre-school children who preferred to use, but also suitable for use in school and continue to use. For example: You can add the bed elevated leg of the crib, when the children over 3 years old, they can be turned into a high bed cot can also be equipped with the slides for their home games, the kids grow up to six or seven time, but also in bed with a desk.

The 21st China (Shenzhen) International Gift and Home Product Fair

China and Asia's largest gift and home product Fair will be held in the gold purchasing season on April and October each year. The Fair has been successfully held two decades, the organizers together with 3500 first-class brand from all over the world to jointly presenting the largest gifts, toys and household goods exhibition. This is a truly national trade activity, and the active participants will meet here twice a year at this industry's best exchange buying season to establish cooperation and define market trends. China is becoming the world's third largest economy, as the years focused on the domestic market of professional trade shows, Shenzhen Gift Home Show also for overseas suppliers to provide the best opportunity to develop the Chinese market.

Show Features:

● Professional buyers: each show received 130,000 overseas professional buyers

●Government Support: with more than 50 associations and government support.

●Best time: the same period with Hong Kong and Guangzhou Gift trade show, which is the best sourcing opportunity.

●Brand Show: 20 years of brand development, through the Global Association of Exhibition Industry UFI certification authority, is a high-quality professional exhibition.

Show Description:

Twenty-first China (Shenzhen) International Gifts Home Exhibition (Shenzhen Fall Gift Show) will be held in Hall 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, nine hall to accommodate nearly 6,300 international standard booths, with a total area of ​​nearly 120,000 square meters, more than 3,800 exhibitors. And currently, it is the leading exhibition and most influential brand in the gift industry.

Since 2000, this Commodities Fair continuous expanding the exhibits range, the development of household products like gangbusters, including household goods, home textiles, home decoration, tableware, Kitchen Furniture and other team has grown, new brand launches, and is known as the “China gifts home page an Exhibition "," gift industry TOP100”, remarkable influence and innovation spirit leading the industry witnessed gifts industry’s important direction for common development. 2013 Fall Gift Show will fully demonstrate the culmination of industry gifts home and abroad, whether you are Chinese rookie, or the creative star, 120,000 square meters of space at home and abroad grand top original brands are comparable to the same stage to greet this Golden Purchasing season.


●ceramics, tableware, crystal and glassware

●Household goods, textile products, kitchen supplies, home decorations

●Electronic and electrical appliances, toys

●Packaging and paper products

●Sports and leisure travel goods, leather bags

●Stationery and stationery, collectibles

●gifts, handicrafts, Cosmetic Bottles, promotional gifts advertising category

●Jewelry and fashion jewelry, watches Smoking and cigarette lighters, beauty care products

●Household items, small appliances, Shoe Racks, metal utensils, cutlery, household hardware tools, home furnishings, kitchenware, plastic products; health care and personal care products, cleaning utensils, bath and personal care products, interior products, iron and outdoor products, furniture, lighting, children's products, pet appliances, and Christmas crafts.

 Children’s wear should pay more attention to accessories

Apparel product quality problems are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

First is fade. Apparel products bleaching due to use improper dye and floating color is not clean in the dyeing process, mainly unqualified items are washing, rubbing, perspiration, light fastness.

Second is pilling. Since the factory cut corners like adding a large number Fluff, reducing the density knit, large area sweater pilling occur in a short term after sales.

Three is the poor strength. Typically consumer complaints the holes, cracks and other problems are very common, mainly due to (in addition to human external influence) is caused by improper handling of weaving and fabric brittle. Second, some light, thin, soft, floating products, enterprises blind pursuit of beautiful, easy to ignore the powerful forces crack.

The average consumer only concerned with clothing styles, fabrics feel, price, workmanship, simply does not know the garment also hidden "invisible killer." The market's "No Requirement" is also indirectly lead the clothing companies and shopping malls ignore the environmental and safety problems. Part of the small businesses use PH value, formaldehyde, biodegradable aromatic amines by the naked eye cannot distinguish the characteristics shoddy, one-sided pursuit of economic efficiency. Experts said that these indicators failed, will cause skin or respiratory disease, severe can cause cancer.

Experts warned that consumers in the purchase of clothing must not only concern about the appearance, but also check whether the specification can be carefully identified. Standardized identification signs shall contain the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, product number, type and size, the use of raw materials, components and content, washing methods, conditions of use and storage precautions, product standard number, product quality levels, security category, product quality inspection certificate and other information. In addition, parents buy clothes for the infants and children should pay more attention to some quality problems, such as structural design is reasonable. Because design unreasonable is the biggest quality problems of children's clothing, children's clothing used on the elastic rope, stretched easy to hit child's face and eyes; Kids cap rope, hem rope, fixed waistband, nepotism, straps and other parts over length limit, the formation of long lasso in children during activities surrounding objects easily hooked accidental injury, or may be reined in child's neck, causing a strangulation hazard to children.

Check if the Kid’s wear Accessories Rally meets the requirements. Children's clothing or girls sandals is often with a variety of buttons, Shoes Accessories, rivets, Garment Accessories, and other small parts, small accessories, if binding force does not meet the requirements, in the course it is easy to fall off. If these decorative pieces sewn fastness requirements are not up to the required tension, children's curiosity because of the small objects, they will tear, chew these small accessories, shedding after swallowing, it may cause the child to choke.

 Tips for buying furniture

Purchase of furniture relates to the quality of life of the entire family, good furniture not only looks decent, but also has a certain use, facing the good and bad products on the market, here to tell you some recipe.

Whether the furniture materials is reasonable

Different furniture, the surface material is a difference. Such as tables, Living Room Chair, cabinet legs, Kitchen Furniture and asked to use hardwood, relatively strong, able to load, and the internal materials you can use other instead; wardrobe leg thickness requirement of 2.5 cm thick on the clumsy, easy to bend thin deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets do not use fiberboard, because the water will expand and damage the fiberboard; dining table should be washable, if found wood insect eyes, out at the end, indicating that drying is not complete. After checking the surface, but also open the doors, look inside the drawers and check the material inside there is no rot, you can use a fingernail pinch a pinch, pinch into a decayed material inside it shows. Open the door and smell, if you feel glare and tears, that indicating high levels of formaldehyde adhesives, it’s harmful to humans.

Structural soundness of furniture

Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, Shoe Racks, stools, hangers, etc. in the selection can drag a drag on the concrete floor, if the sound is crisp, it indicate the quality is good; if the voice crack with crackling noise, indicating that combines mortise is not tight, the structure is not strong. Besides, select a sofa, you can sit on it, get a move on if creaking sound, a shake to shake, is a nail live, will not take long. Square table, tables, chairs and other leg should have four triangular clamps to fixed effect, when you pick and choose,  take a look at the tables and chairs upside down, pack cloth chairs can hand touch.

Veneer furniture patchwork tight or not

Paste wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-paint paper, should pay attention to whether the paste was smooth or not, with or without drum kits, blistering, loose patchwork phenomenon. Check to see when the light directed, otherwise it doesn’t show. Ash wood veneer furniture easier to damage, generally only two years. Wood veneer, planning veneer is better than the rotary-cut one. Identification of both methods is to look at the wood patterns, sliced ​​veneer lumber straight and dense texture, peeling the veneer pattern and sparse song. Particleboard veneer furniture, the ground to be Edge, Edge board will not absorb moisture, swell and damage. General veneer furniture corner place easy tilt to pick and choose what you can hand to pull the corners, pull it up if one, indicating a problem with the glue.

Green home improvement must pay attention to several aspects

Decoration should be simple not complicated. Indoor air pollution is a variety of contaminants from accumulating in the air, if the decoration design is too complicated, decoration completion of indoor pollution may up and down in the national standards, then after place the furniture and other decorative items, the decoration in harmful gases will cause indoor pollution exceeded. Therefore, in the home improvement design should be simple not complicated, and strive simple and elegant interior decoration, do not create too much furniture in the room, at the same time try to diversify decoration materials and furniture, such as wood, stone, Coat Racks, glass or wrought iron, etc.

Decoration materials should be carefully selected. The root causes decoration pollution resulting is the use of various decoration materials containing harmful substances; therefore, selecting decoration materials is a prerequisite of the decoration pollution prevention. Decoration materials must be to buy at those who have a good professional reputation of large building materials market.

The selection of the Artificial Stone must be careful. In general, red and green stone radioactive substances exceeding the possibility of relatively large. In addition, some dark-brown, purple-brown granite containing excess probability of radioactive material is often relatively high. Because formaldehyde will emit irritating gas, therefore, for those who have a strong pungent taste of the plate, furniture best shunned, must not lose the greater because of freeloaders. As plywood is most likely contain excessive formaldehyde, the best choice when buying a brand odor.

If the Floor, but also list include full purchase flooring species, meanwhile, try to ask the seller for the purchased product formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the written materials indicators, quality assurance books and other instruments with legal effect. Optional accessories also must be pay attention to the environmental protection. Many consumers choose in the main building materials environmentally friendly materials, while the materials did not carefully selected, the results will also cause indoor pollution. Interior decoration of the main contaminants - benzene, mainly from the renovation process of the solvent, the solvent selection is not good, it is easy to cause these BTEX volatilization cause air pollution.

Invite the authority to conduct a comprehensive "examination." After the renovation, invite the authority test the formaldehyde and radioactive substances and other harmful substances in the indoor environment is the most effective way to understand whether there is an excess of harmful substances, but also effectively prevent the decoration pollution of the premise. If it is found indoor pollution exceeded, please do not panic, you can take some effective measures to avoid contamination decoration. 

 2013 spring and summer apparel fabric trends

2013 spring and summer China Textile City Garment fabric will show different trends, the majority of the fabric marketing sales flat, new fabrics to find markets from a breakthrough to improve its market share, as many textile fabrics business on the agenda of the event.

2013 China Textile City, the spring and summer apparel fabrics will continue to dominate the market with a new creative design to advocate green and expand the export market, the apparel fabrics will still designed to focus on the natural environment, fashion fabrics will focus more on color and creative design, creative arty fabric pattern in the women remained outstanding.

China Textile City in spring and summer apparel fabric trends in Snake Spring Festival kicked off after the market opened, the main condition can be moved to look into the following aspects:

At 2013 spring pre-sales trend analysis and forecasting, knitted fabrics design will focus on natural environment in spring and summer this year. This spring and summer Men T Shirts knit fabric products emphasize on natural comfort, functionality and ecology both, from yarn, morphological, fabric structure to finished will lead to the fabric development, but also makes this spring and summer popular ladies Skirt and Garment Accessories knitted fabric becomes more diversified.

Spring and summer T-shirt fabric selection mainly in the following categories: mercerized cotton due to comfortable, breathable, soft, wrinkle resistant, and this advantage is still the main material of upscale business and leisure brands; Fine Cotton products due to soft and comfortable, fabric style stickers combined mass, a more appropriate young casual brand; half jersey cotton canvas cotton back primaries, stark-sided rounds, plus bamboo cotton rib knit and small spots. Lightweight cotton yarn and knitted unexpected lightness plane formation, Cotton products because of its functionality, such as moisture wicking, anti-UV, anti-bacterial and other performance sports brand to become the first choice; consumer recycled material in the pursuit of environmental protection, low-carbon environment to become the darling of the clothing brand at home and abroad, many sports brands have begun large-scale application of such materials. Meanwhile, it can be seen through the investigation of multi component fiber fabric because of its performance in the T-Shirt complementary market share is slowly expanding. China Textile City in 2013 spring and summer knitted T-shirt fabric in 118D matt FDY, 100DDTY after class rotary screen printing paste dot sequin, sprinkle gold and silver and new-style flower-shaped dominate the market. Knitted printed on both sides with 118DFDY bomb T-shirt fabric, 118DFDY knitted printed lycra T-shirt fabric will occupy the majority of marketing share.

High quality hardware tools market demand continues to grow

Worldwide market demand for high-quality hardware tools will continue to grow. According to reports, the world's growing demand for hardware tools market, including Europe, North America especially in Eastern European countries increased stability; Asian markets rebounded slightly, the market has great potential, significant growth markets in Latin America, particularly Mexico.

In the past year, high-quality synthesis tool has been growth slowly in demand, mainly because the hardware tools longevity increased, and then there is the user request for the entire manufacturing process, replacing many simple hardware tools. Experts predicted that in the future users will more emphasis on the research and development of the hardware tools, not only in materials and surface coating technology, but also the tool products and production processes. The expert said, focusing on production practices that will help increase high-quality integrated tool factory in which they are familiar with the area of ​​market competitiveness.

Technology updates. The application of high-quality synthesis tool increasingly popular, in Europe, high-speed processing of high-quality synthesis tool market share is growing. The dynamic manufacturers, the market in high-tech fields will be a lot of large companies’ powerful combination

In recent years, China's hardware industry in terms of size and quality of enterprises have made great progress, there has been a group to occupy a certain market share and brand influence of leading enterprises. Most SMEs weaker hardware products may decline or even extinction. In addition, General Hardware products overall growth in exports, mainly hardware appliances full bloom, not only power tools, Work Glove, hand tools, construction hardware products of these traditional categories of export products increased very high, and before the export share of small Kitchen Furniture and bathroom products export growth is also very obvious.

For industry research report: With China's integration into the global economic environment as well as to accelerate the process of the rapid rise of economic power, China has become the world's most dynamic economic regions. Chinese economic facilities were perfect, industrial development has been relatively mature and low labor costs, has become the world's manufacturing center of the comparative advantages of hardware, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics.

The next few years hardware industry will be a high-speed shock period and this high-speed shocks the direct consequence of the current hardware kitchen brands to expand the trend of polarization camp. The next few years is expected to really be able to survive in the market is absolutely no hardware business so much than now. However, this high-speed hardware industry will bring tremendous opportunities and the shock results will make the market more rational operation. 

 China HuaXia Housing and Furnishing Exposition

China HuaXia Housing and Furnishing Exposition is a collection of home design, home improvement materials, furniture and other soft loading entire procurement chain as one of the home improvement sales procurement service platform. HuaXia expo will be held for the majority of home building and renovation industry enterprises to develop the terminal market, expand the brand influence and opened up new market channels for the city residents to provide one-stop procurement services of high quality renovation.

Currently, the Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce approved organized SAIC trademark registration, China HuaXia Expo has formally established brand, and quickly expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, it has become the home building renovation market to achieve the layout of the scale brand exhibition.

With the Home Expo brand quality comprehensive upgrade, "China HuaXia Furnishing and Housing (Shanghai)" Since the beginning of 2012 fourth year of implementation of the new layout for home decoration industry chain more brands to provide a broader cooperation space. 2013 Chinese New Year home decoration first sourcing event - The Eighth Shanghai Home Expo(2013 Shanghai Spring Fair) will be held on March 8, 2013 -10 at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, 30,000 square meters exhibition area, Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center exhibition hall gathered the required purchases home decoration home improvement, furniture, sanitary ware, ceramics, flooring, doors and windows (windows renovation renderings), home appliances, home textiles, integrated building materials and other products, Shanghai is home renovations make public procurement more saving time, effort, worry and money.


Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center a total construction area of ​​240,000 square meters, compose of the east and west wings, and is connected to the air corridor, East Hall into three groups six 30-storey Siamese-style large-scale integrated buildings, including 30,000 square meters exhibition and conference venues, 40,000 m2 four-star hotels and office buildings, apartment buildings and apartments. West Hall is a standard three large exhibition space.


 Office, Office Furniture, Glass, procurement, restaurant, dining furniture, kitchen, Kitchen Furniture, kitchen facilities, cabinets, lighting, flooring, children's, children's furniture, flooring, pipe, scale, outdoor, outdoor furniture, appliances, home, household goods, furniture, home, home improvement, home design, building materials, construction, architectural, architectural glass, water purification, water purification facilities, paint, living room, Living Room Chair, stairs, doors, wood flooring, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, wallpaper , software, sofas, Shanghai, solid wood flooring, interior doors, collection, gutters, steel, steel windows, ceramics, paints, sanitary, sanitary ceramics, bedroom, bedroom furniture, metal, rubber, rubber flooring, sales, paint, paint, kitchens, staircases, terminals, decor, decoration, decorative glass, decorative hardware, decoration etc.

 Electronics Global Sourcing Fair

Electronics Global Sourcing Fair will be held on June 26-28, 2013 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall for the industry to showcase their latest consumer electronics products.

The Fair has more than 700 booths and most of the exhibitors are from mainland China's outstanding electronics companies, while those from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries, exhibitors will also showcase its very competitive and innovative electronic products. Many buyers have been pre-registered and plan to attend the exhibition, which includes international brands Flextronics, Epson, Intel, Canon, etc., but also from Coles Group, Target, e-Bay, Li & Fung and other international procurement offices retailer or representative; and plan to attend the show is well-known brands including ZTE, BYD (002594, stock it), Gree air-conditioning, Shanghai bell, Scud and electronics, but also on behalf of the domestic variety of sources such as China Mobile, cool dynamic digital, Lotus, Yiwu Small Commodity City (600,415, stock it), Orchid Pavilion potential and so on.

The Brand Zone which is set for the Brand Exhibitors will become a major feature of this exhibition. Here not only blend with an array of electronic boutique, but more display and presentation the Enterprise strength. Global Sources vice president of domestic development said: "This exhibition of more than 90% of exhibitors have their own brand, we see that China's electronics companies have been gradually emerging from the shackles of relying solely on the low-end manufacturing, and vigorously to the industrial chain extending upstream development. They rely on product design and brand marketing services, relying on the charming brand to grasp the ends of the value chain development and marketing and this is the value of the most lucrative areas. The general manager of Shenzhen Smart Fish culture Communication Co., said: “Global sourcing Fair Electronics & Components to build a platform where we can communicate with many counterparts to discuss innovative product development and design to enhance the company's brand building, while buyers with the well-known approached to further expand marketing channels.” Another highlight of this exhibition is the Apple accessories exhibition area, the exhibition is the largest scale has been expected to have more than 100 exhibitors 230 booths, the total number of booths nearly one-third.

Exhibits: automotive, computer peripherals, Professional Audio, power supplies, electronic products, positioning systems, home, parts, tablet computers, PCBA, global positioning systems, digital, digital electronics, communications, wireless, Power Cable, mobile, mobile phones, video, entertainment, entertainment equipment, the source device, terminal and so on.

 The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition

The 44th Wuhan Home Improvement Building Materials Exhibition will be held on 28-30 June 2013, is the largest home improvement building materials exhibition in summer. On the home improvement industry laws, the owners have chosen decoration will generally avoid the December-February period, the first, because the cold and rainy winter is not conducive decoration; second is always busy the end of the year, unmotivated nor energy into decoration. After the Spring Festival this special holiday, opened the first show just to meet the real needs of their owners, in fact, the real benefit for the day.

The 44th building exhibition area expected to 30,000 square meters, the default nearly 2,000 booths, the exhibits cover the Floor, doors and windows, sanitary ware, tiles, kitchen equipment, Kitchen Furniture, home series, Artificial Stone, rattan sofa, textile fabric, plants flowers, home appliances, handicrafts, lighting and other 25 type door thousand varieties, will attract hundreds of home improvement companies, home, building brand exhibitors participating merchants.

Exhibition Profile

2012,Wuhan Building Exhibition layout 13 capital cities, the annual exhibition area of over 1 million square meters of strength among the first private exhibition business. Including Wuhan, Nanchang, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Nanning, Guiyang, Chongqing and other places show up more than 20 games and nearly 10 games home improvement building materials, automotive supplies, fashion shopping festival and other exhibitions are the industry leaders. In 2013, it still continue in the existing grid refinement soaring exhibition projects, but also will bring a new marketing model exhibition industry, this is the "cloud Exhibition", that allows brand communication, investment exchanges, shopping and spending process in an open platform, all trade visitors only need to be used instead of through the exhibition to learn the location of each exhibitor products, relying the port information platform built to easily know the show information and the opinions of others. "Cloud Exhibition" will bring a group exhibition and the exhibitor's seamless docking, also contributed to the improvement of services, the industry and the audience through word of mouth spread between to achieve brand awareness and precision marketing results. This will not only greatly omitted viewer’s choice and consider the long-term psychological game too, and let the audience is more concerned about the "brand" “quality” and “service” to get feedback directly.

Exhibition Features

After more than ten years of development, with the government's strong support, the home improvement show effective integration of the industry, venues, media, operators and other resources, it has become a home industry showcase corporate brand image, enhance brand value, to discuss cooperation in trade, integration the trade advantages of resources, to seek industry prosperity and development of the professional platform, its exhibition scale, number of exhibitors, trade visitors, turnover and industry influence in the industry's premier, "an exhibition created an enterprise" myth effect renowned industry. 2011, Shangge Decoration Exhibition expanding market in Guizhou, and combine the original resources.

 China Consumer Electronic fair (Shenzhen)

With the development of the electronics industry, electronic products keep to lower prices and the product line is constantly enriched. It allows us to buy more large scope, so that we can better individuality, but that brings us to how to choose the best electronic products.

Consumer Electronics step into intelligent cloud era in 2013, consumer electronics intelligence as the industry trends, whether it is domestic or foreign brands are focusing the development of intelligent products. 3G global coverage of the world quickly into the mobile Internet era, smart terminal development of mobile Internet is becoming a powerful force. Among them, the smart TV, smart phones, tablet PCs, ultra books, e-readers and other types of intelligent terminals become favored by consumers.

Innovation is the mission of the consumer electronics industry. Traditional thinking has become stagnant industry value constraints, Apple bring disruptive product experience tells us that we are now already entered into an era of value creation rely on the wisdom, "the decision by the creative product differentiation, the creation of high value-added contribution far more than the contribution to the quality of products.”From the design, program to cost, tablet PCs, smart phones, super book, Professional Audio and other innovative consumer electronic devices all in the effort of the industry chain has taken the pace of innovation.

Chinese consumer electronics market makes the Chinese market not only become one of the starting place, but also will become the new technologies, new products and the birthplace of touchstone. With the acceleration of urbanization, China's consumer electronics market is still maintained strong growth momentum. Local market nurturing national brand manufacturers and international giants will launch a new round of competition, the rapid development of China's market share opportunities, and to the world.

China Consumer Electronic Fair (CCEF) is the global consumer electronics giant sports arena. Shenzhen is China's mobile Internet industry Product Center, include smart phones, tablet PCs, PCBA, mobile applications, Power Cable, mobile services, etc., on the whole China and the global consumer electronics industry has played the role of radiation. If Beijing occupy the high-end chain of decision-making, leading the development of the whole industry chain, then the realization of the value of Shenzhen is the industry side, is the "value-Star." Shenzhen concentrated 75% Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, 60% of mobile phone R & D providers and 90% of the national mobile phone underwriters, the matching rate of mobile phone production parts reached 99%. In the mobile applications, tencent cooperation with major operators of mobile Internet services early in the 2G era. Today the company accelerates its pace of development of the mobile Internet business, actively migrating existing mature Internet services to mobile terminals, mobile commerce, mobile games, mobile payment and other fields has obvious advantages.

 Occupational Uniform Expo

It is reported that Occupational Uniform Expo will uphold the exhibition purposes "shaping the industry Weathervane • build world brand", tightly around the "service industry" as its core, comprehensive integration of industry resources, innovative vocational elements to promote "clothing manufacturing power" to "apparel manufacturing power". Powerful shaping industry brands, Shanghai International Garment Fair as a platform to leading the occupational clothing (custom clothing) industry faster and better development. Currently China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Britain and other well-known at home and abroad are encouraged to register for professional apparel brand exhibitors. In the overall economic downturn, the exhibitors of Occupational Uniform Expo enthusiasm far more than the organizers of the pre-conceived, display area has seen a doubling of the expansion, some companies may need to audit to get the booth.

As China's first occupation uniform exhibition- Shanghai International Occupation Uniform Fair is the only brand from enterprise units to exhibitor mainstay, set branding, image display, new product launches, channel development and industry information exchange and commerce cooperation in the field of professional apparel international fairs. For Chinese enterprises to the world, foreign brands to enter the Chinese market, build a modern publicity windows and trading platform.

This Exposition based on the international financial and commercial center - Shanghai, on June 5- 7,2013 in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center grand opening, 25,000 square meters of exhibition space, expected to have 100,000 professional visitors, except in the textile and apparel industry design , distributors, agents, franchisees, but also covers the banking, securities, insurance, telecommunications, machinery, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, tobacco, real estate, hotel restaurant, college institutes and government administration, government procurement centers , procurement intermediary business and service industries.


Specialization: current occupational clothing exhibition located in the professional exhibition, retail sales declined by "three main an auxiliary" to create professional occupations Garment Fair: First, high-end brands of agents joined investment and trade negotiations, brand display, and commercial department butt-based; Second, docking with the international and domestic designer brands dominated; Third is to help develop the Chinese market-oriented international brands; four based on the international platform for buyers to purchase supplement.

Internationalization: the current occupational clothing exhibition invited foreign professional media, government, business networks as well as national representative office, chambers of commerce and other provinces, committed to the "Shanghai International Garment Fair occupation" into industry developments and trends vane, is the international brands to enter the Chinese market.


Business suits: career suits, suits, trousers, shirts, Men T Shirts etc.

Industry-specific uniforms: government agencies and administrative law enforcement departments IDF uniforms and clothes and uniforms, gowns, sportswear and tourist hotels, logistics, transportation, utilities, medical and beauty, security and other industries uniforms, ladies Skirt;

Functional clothing: anti-oil stain and water repellent clothing, cold, fire retardant, anti-corrosion, anti-static, clean clothes, webbing manufacturers, antibacterial clothing, anti-electromagnetic wave, wear clothes, and other functional clothing;

What are the factors affecting the quality of LED

LED lamps use widely in the worldwide.LED semiconductor light emitting diode, is a new generation of solid cold light ,apply to household, shopping center, bank and all kinds of public places .LED has different species, such as LED PAR Light, LED Down Light, LED Panel Light, LED Bay Light, LED Fluorescent Light, LED Tunnel Light and Indoor LED etc.

Most of the lighting designers think all LED products are the same quality. However, many LED manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, but the Asian manufacturers supply the low-cost. Surprisingly, only a small part of these manufacturers can produce the high-quality LED. For only used as a simple indication to the application of low-quality LED is sufficient to meet the requirements. But in many requirements of consistency, reliability, solid-state instructions or lighting field must be of high quality, especially in harsh environments, such as highways, military / aerospace, and industrial applications.

What factors distinguish the level of quality of LED? In fact, choose the high quality LED must from the beginning of the chip, until assembly is complete there are many factors need to be considered. Excellent LED manufacturer can be manufactured not only the quality of the chip, but also having the ability of classification of its packaging according to the type of the color, the brightness, the voltage drop and Perspective of the LED. High quality LED vendors to provide customers with products of consistent operating characteristics, and lower-quality LED suppliers can only provide LED similar to the "mixed".

In addition to the discrete assembly and supply of LED, LED has a very important impact on its performance, brightness and color indicators. Due to the ambient temperature, current, circuit structure, voltage spikes, and environmental factors can affect the performance of LED indicators, proper circuit design and assembly is critical to protect the LED and the guaranteed performance. LED manufacturers also use a variety of techniques and different materials to design the circuit configuration and assembly, in most cases, LED assembly by experience level difference caused by differences in the overall performance and reliability with an application.

Not every application needs high-quality LED assembly technology. If the assembly of the LED does not meet the requirements of harsh environments, the application does not necessarily appear larger security risk, or, if the final product is not very high maintenance costs, using the worse assembly technique may be more appropriate.

 2013 Ecobuild China

Organized in London in March of each year, Ecobuild is the world's largest green building exhibition. The Ecobuild exhibition organizer UBM held Ecobuild China and related forums successfully with Shanghai Green Building Council and Shanghai Academy of Building Research in Shanghai New International Expo Center in April 2012. The exhibition join with the 20th China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) attracted more than 15,383 professional visitors and buyers from 18 countries and regions, solid step on the road towards green building event provide professional, green building enterprises in the field of international exchange and display platform.

Following the successful cooperation in 2012, Ecobuild China the world’s energy-saving environmental protection and ecological construction China Fair will once again be combined with the twenty-first China International Building and Decoration Fair (Expo Build China) from April 1 to 3, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The strong combination of two foreign Building Materials Exhibition, Ecobuild China mainly to new green building materials, energy efficient equipment and renewable energy products, further demonstrate the "local conditions" of new products, new technology, to achieve the perfect fusion of international cooperation and local resources, 2013 latest green building materials industry information for the construction sector, contractors, designers, manufacturers, distributors and procurement unit.


1.    Building energy efficiency area

Energy-saving windows and doors, curtain wall: wooden doors, aluminum windows and doors, glass, steel doors and windows, glass walls, smart energy-saving windows and doors, energy-saving glass, sunshade, blinds, canopy shade, power and control system, membrane structure, solar water heaters, solar building integrated photovoltaic solar intelligence solutions, intelligent building systems, contract energy management, heat pump air-conditioning equipment and technology, fresh air system, air purification equipment, heating technology and equipment, LED Panel Light.

2.    Renewable, environmentally friendly materials

Environmentally friendly wooden Residential, light wooden house, water house, wooden structure, landscape, flooring and sheet, PVC wood-plastic, PE wood plastic, eco-wood, anti-corrosion retardant wood, carbonized wood, wooden structure, special coatings, wood structure prefabricated wall, wooden structure building exterior insulation and finish systems, bamboo decorative materials, bamboo Floor, bamboo house, bamboo and plastic materials, Artificial Stone.

3.    New building materials area

Wall insulation system, insulation supporting materials, decoration of interior wall insulation, wall insulation decorative plates, new building decoration fireproof materials, roofing materials and systems, waterproofing materials, chemical building materials, construction and decoration green paint.

Concurrent event

2013 the road of green building practices International Forum

Combined with international forums and professional exhibitions, same period the road of green building practices International Forum supported by "the UK Building Research Institute, the Royal Institution of Chartered Institute of Building, Green Building Council for the Promotion of Shanghai, Shanghai Architectural Institute of Science and Technology and other authoritative bodies, the first forum attracted more than 500 the construction industry veteran to participate. The 2013 Forum will focus on the advantages and applications of BIM in green building design, the hot topic of the 2012 London Olympic green construction, energy use in the building and share, share the latest scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad Green Building and Energy Conservation, trends and success stories.

 2013 International Building & Construction Trade Fair

The 18th China International Building & Construction Trade Fair will be held on May 28 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. As the theme of "green materials, environmental protection and energy saving”, the show will bring the new ideas, new trends, new technologies, new products, new demand as well as the urban and rural construction industry abundant market vitality at 25 million square meters of exhibition make the perfect interpretation.

According to China Construction Fair organizers of Shanghai World Exhibition Co., Ltd., the 18th Construction Fair adhering to and carry forward the 17th exhibition of "honest and trustworthy, the effectiveness of re-development" philosophy, a comprehensive display of the building and sanitary ceramics, bathroom products class faucet, sanitary ware, shower room, bathroom, computer steam room, sauna, surfing, massage, solarium, swimming pool, sports and leisure, mirror and Work Glove etc., as well as kitchen and bathroom complete sets of furniture, equipment and ancillary supplies, heating heat transfer equipment, boilers, water heaters, ventilation equipment and systems, air conditioning, water supply and sewage treatment technology and equipment and pumps, valves, hoses, fittings, accessories, tools, Artificial Stone, doors, windows, roof technology and processing equipment, Floor and paving, paint, wood and processing technology, architectural design and environmental planning, intelligent management system in the promotion of energy-saving green buildings, building a low-carbon economy, health and environmental protection to create a living environment building materials design, equipment, products, the application of the whole industry chain innovation.

It is reported that, in order to better serve exhibitors and visitors, created for them to learn more about market demand, to master the industry and product development, in the eve of the opening of the exhibition, the organizers will deliver million tickets and invitations timely to the Chinese and foreign customers, well-produced "Exhibitor List” passed to exhibitions around the world, to expand and enhance the exhibitor's international reputation; organize relevant industry associations and organizations, provide services for oversea trader; will also organize a number of seminars and academic exchanges, in addition will invite industry experts to introduce new technologies, new processes, new materials, dissemination of new ideas, and the promotion of new products to enhance the exchange of Chinese and foreign people in the industry.

18th Construction Fair will have gathered thousands of manufacturers, professional merchants of the first-line brand build, real estate, architecture, hotels, restaurants, home improvement, urban construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, hospitals, leisure, aviation and other industries at the show, face-to-face contact, point-to-point discuss, it will raise a new upsurge of the procurement, cooperation and communication.

 Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair (Spring) 2013

2013 Shanghai Textile & Apparel Trade Fair was held from April 14-19, 2013 in Shanghai Mart exhibition hall. More than 24countries over 1000 exhibitors were participated in the exhibition.

Show Background: Shanghai International Textile and Apparel Fair since 2004 has been successfully held the 9th exhibition, exhibitors and buyers scale increased year by year, the size of the 2012 exhibition increase over 30%, and attract Japanese and Korean companies to exhibit. Besides, domestic full participation in the mainstream department store, this fair become the industry's most influential fashion textile and apparel trade show. Slowdown in global economic growth and weak demand in the international market, the appreciation of the RMB rising labor costs, OEM companies pay more attention to domestic market demand. How to maintain exports, expand the domestic become a common issue in front of the OEM business.

In 2013, China's textile and garment industry is facing with many challenges and opportunities. From the international market, the increasing complexity of international relations, the RMB appreciation, rising labor costs has put pressure on foreign trade, from the domestic market, as China has gradually entered the ranks of the medium, the domestic market is in a stage of rapid development, the brand has brought a wholly unprecedented opportunities for development at home and abroad. Facing with the new situation and new challenges, the global textile and garment industry accelerate to the pace of market development and industrial upgrading, brand enterprises from domestic brands to international brands, and actively develop branded channels, to seize the huge Chinese market; export enterprises from the "Made in China to Chinese wisdom made”, to solid market share at home and abroad and enhance the added value of products; fabric companies from fashion trends to leading fashion", market segments keep innovation, and the fashion is from the fabric. 2013 (Spring) Shanghai textile and garment exhibition will also actively adjust the planning and layout of the exhibition according to market dynamics, 100 domestic and international brands, 200 Sino-Japanese fabric companies, 100ODM/OEM enterprises, brands, foreign trade, fabric comprehensive showing at the top of the stage of the WTO.


Fabric: linen | cotton | silk | chemical fiber woven woolen knitting | coated fabrics | Flocking fabric | functional fabric composite fabric |Lace embroidery | stretch fabric | textile fabrics | printed cloth | hot stamping | Nanotechnology | textile testing;

Cloth accessories: Garment Accessories | buttons | zippers | Trademarks | reflective material | embroidery | lace | Embroidery | lining | shoulder pads | tag | webbing manufacturers | Hanger transfer materials | printed label barcode | cable | Velcro | sewing thread | embroidery thread | fashion belts;

Yarn: circular knitting | flat knitting | knitting | Woven | hosiery | Fancy | metallic | wool yarn | natural fiber | synthetic fibers;

Home textiles: bed linen | curtains | sofa | upholstery | tassels | lace | carpet | cloth | feather products and accessories;

Others: Apparel Software / CAD / CAM | Laser Engraving | Cutting Equipment | ladies Skirt | Textile and Apparel (City) commercial real estate; 

 2013 Beijing International LED Exposition

In order to better promote technological innovation and healthy development of China's LED lighting industry, organized by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Beijing Trade-Link Exhibition Co., Ltd., the "2013 9th Beijing International LED Lighting Exhibition (LED LIGHTING CHINA 2013)"will be held on May 9-11,2013 at China International Exhibition Center.LED LIGHTING CHINA 2013 theme of "Creative green future" will interpret the development of the future of the LED lighting industry in a global view.

LED lighting products of its superior energy-saving advantages and environmental characteristics, to replace the traditional lighting (mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide, fluorescent, etc.) will be a good solution to traditional light sources generally faced with high power consumption, heat large, low luminous efficiency and high damage, contain mercury, sodium vapor and metal halide and other toxic substances, will be the most effective lighting energy-saving and environmentally friendly means. Traditional lighting market, LED lighting substitution effect will also greatly stimulate the demand for LED lighting market, LED lighting industry in China will usher in unprecedented opportunities for policy, technology upgrade space beyond expectation, a huge market potential, a broad prospects for development.

The exhibition will be held over the same period, the "2013 Beijing International OLED Exhibition"," 2013 Beijing International commercial display technology products exhibition”, it is trying to build the LED industry event of the year. In order to better highlight the diversity of this exhibition, during the exhibition will also make arrangements for the "2013 China LED Industry Development Summit Forum", and many high-level procurement docking Fair "and other activities, to expedite the implementation of the LED industry of China and the global innovation and development to provide a good platform. Now is our kind invitation for home and abroad LED enterprises to actively participate in the activities of this exhibition, and jointly the industry development plan.

Scope of Exhibits:

1, LED lighting exhibition: LED street lamps, LED garden lights, LED Panel Light, LED landscape lights, LED stage lights, LED Tunnel Light, LED decorative lights, LED traffic lights, LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED miner's lamp, LED Bay Light, LED interior lighting, LED special lighting, etc.;

2, LED display exhibition: LED display components, signage; LED advertising signs, luminous characters, modules, and so on.

3, LED chips, packaging, equipment exhibition: LED chips, light emitting diodes, high-power devices, epitaxial wafers, epitaxial wafers and substrates; LED packaging and supporting materials; LED control system and IC; LED manufacturing equipment and testing instruments; LED purification and dust removal equipment.

 2013 Eco-Home Expo (Shanghai)

The consumption patterns of fast, efficient, money-saving has become more and more household consumer demand, the development of the domestic industry to meet consumer demand for direction, to meet consumer demand at home first of all to a deeper understanding of consumers, only face-to-face exchanges that can get the first-hand information. 2013 Green Home Expo (August 9-11, 2013, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center) - is a two-way docking perfect platform for consumers and exhibitors, a "whole home • one-stop shopping" for the idea of the whole-hearted services.

According to a market survey, in urban households, the overall home ownership rate of 6.8%, a figure far below the average of 72% of the developed countries in Europe. In the next five years, China will have 29 million sets of the overall home market capacity, an average of 5.8 million units per year. I believed that China's overall home market "blowout" phenomenon will appear in the next 3-5 years, such a huge market capacity also makes the overall home in droves. It is reported that the Green Home Expo 2013 Shanghai "whole home, one-stop shopping" will become a major part of the exhibition.

The so-called whole home is the one-stop home services collectively. Compared to Westerners from time to time to make some changes on home, the Chinese people more recognition seeks to step concept of decoration, save time, worry, effort, money is the most important and basic requirement for them. Buy a house and decoration involves all aspects of home inspection, initial installation, decoration design, hardcover, select furniture, ornaments, etc., these things is too cumbersome for advocating simplicity and efficiency of urban office workers, in order to achieve fast, efficient and saving purposes, a lot of owners hope to have an effective platform can get home improvement purchases one-stop. In order to meet consumer demand for decoration owners, home improvement companies began to provide the overall design for the renovation of the owners, buy home building materials, decoration services such as select, consumers gradually formed a "whole home" concept. With the overall home services are more and more accepted by consumers, “how to truly achieve the overall home one-stop service”, which is the home industry need to solve the problem.

Scope of Exhibits: sanitary ware, tiles, floor tiles, shower room, shower faucets, bathroom hardware accessories, overall kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, sinks, water purification facilities, kitchen hardware, Kitchen Furniture, household appliances, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, doors and windows, stairs, ceiling, metal fittings, radiators, floor heating system, Metal Furniture, wallpaper, paint and coatings; solid wood furniture, panel furniture, the sofa soft bed, children's furniture, the whole wardrobe, Wooden Furniture manufacturers, home textile, home accessories, lighting, curtain cloth, etc.


The 14th International Expo for Textile Fabric & Accessories Hangzhou China will be held from 24-26 June, 2013 in the Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition center.

China International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Fair have entered a mature stage in the situation of the good economic operation of the textile industry and it becomes a textile industry brand exhibition. Judging from the previous "fabric show”, CHITE has the largest scale, highest level, a wide range of exhibits, the most exhibitors and professional audiences in the current textile show in China. Along with the growth of China's textile industry developmentFabric show from the beginning of the founder of nearly 10,000 square meters to nearly 60,000 square meters, the audience from the thousands of people to nearly 50,000 people. In addition, Fabric Exhibition brings together the leading enterprise of China's textile industry and has attracted many foreign outstanding enterprises, it reflects the status and influence of China's textile industry in the world, and become the barometer and weather vane of China's textile market.

After work integration with the Shanghai International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo in 2001, Hangzhou International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (spring) Fair highlights the purpose of the business co-operation, the industry has won widespread praise, various hard targets increasing year by year. In 2006, for example, a total of 689 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions attended the meeting, the number of exhibitors increased by 12% over the same period last year; area increased to 30,000 square meters; 17,337 professional visitors from 55 countries and regions Login admission, which overseas professional audience of over 2,000 people. China International Textile fabrics and accessories (autumn) Expo has become an important trade platform for procurement of quality textiles.


Fabric: linen | cotton | silk | chemical fiber woven woolen knitting | coated fabrics | Flocking fabric | functional fabric composite fabric |Lace embroidery | stretch fabric | textile fabrics | printed cloth | hot stamping | Nanotechnology | textile testing;

Cloth accessories: | Men T Shirts| buttons | zippers | Trademarks | reflective material | embroidery | lace | Embroidery | women Skirt | lining | shoulder pads | tag | webbing suppliers| Hanger transfer materials | printed label barcode | cable | Velcro | sewing thread | embroidery thread | fashion belts;

Yarn: circular knitting | flat knitting | knitting | Woven | hosiery | Fancy | metallic | wool yarn | natural fiber | synthetic fibers;

Home textiles: bed linen | curtains | sofa | upholstery | tassels | lace | carpet | cloth | feather products and accessories;

Others: Apparel Software / CAD / CAM | Laser Engraving | Cutting Equipment | Textile and Apparel (City) commercial real estate;

 China Electronics Fair

2013 China Electronics Fair will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from 11-15 November 2013.

China Electronics Fair is the authoritative and comprehensive professional Electronics Show. China Electronics Fair (CEF) began in 1964, is the oldest and most authoritative electronics industry exhibition of China. China Electronics Fair leading the basis of electronic technology to promote independent innovation and grow together with China's electronics industry. China Electronics Fair annual exhibition scale of 150,000 square meters, serving the application industry such as 3C, industrial and national defense, help you develop the China market and win more business opportunities. China Electronics Fair is one of the members of Asian electronic UFI (AEECC), with the Japan Electronics Show (CEATEC JAPAN), Korea Electronics Show (KES), the Taiwan Electronics Fair (Taitronics), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HK Electronics Fair) is called Asia's Top Electronics Show. Mutual cooperation among the members greatly improves the CEF's influence in the international arena.

China Electronic Fair (CEF) is the only exhibition supported by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry. It is the most authoritative (government support), the oldest (since 1964), the most all categories (display electronics industry chain), the largest (all year 15 million square meters), the most widely used layout (Shenzhen, Xi'an, Shanghai -cooperate with each other in spring, summer and autumn), and with a high-level multi-class seminars activities. CEF is the most representative of large-scale exhibition in domestic electronics industry, 85% of the industry and the company had participated in the CEF, 80% of China's electronic components company and 65% of instrumentation, electronic equipment and electronic tools and other related industrial enterprises growth and development through CEF. 2013 China Electronic Fair will move to the next level, to help you develop a comprehensive market between domestic and foreign and win more business opportunities.

Exhibits: measurement, Professional Audio, measuring instruments, measuring instruments, test systems, sensors, circuits, power supply, power supply module, electronic materials, electronic measuring instruments, Power Cable, electronic measuring instruments, PCBA, electronic tools, electronic components, high-performance, industrial, optical, optical and electronic.

The 82nd China Electronics Fair - to promote electronic information technology upgrades, Shanghai is China's largest economic center and famous port city in the leading position in China's economic development. China's "economic growth pole and the engine" is known as the Yangtze River Delta region, the electronic information industry with its capital intensive, technology intensive has been developed as a new pillar industry of Jiangsu and Zhejiang two provinces.

 LEDth Summit

The LED of the world's most influential annual event - New Century LED Forum (formerly: LED Forum in Asia) will be held from 9-10 June 2013 at the Pazhou Complex Convention Center. According to the organizing committee, the size and specifications of the forum there will be a new breakthrough, Expand 6 screenings Technology Branch, the forum will focus on the global market in the afternoon of the 9th Global Conference of the market within 2 days, and the number of participants is expected to more than 2012. The opportunities and challenges coexist with the industry authorities, in-depth market and technical aspects of break out the plight of the global industry to seek change strategy.

A number of international the LED industry bodies, associations, experts will be invited to attend the forum, such as China Council for the Promotion of Cooperative, Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), South Korea LED Association, Japan Lighting equipment industry, University of Colorado, Dr. Song, director of the LED-FPD engineering technology research and development centers of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Li, the chairman of Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association, etc. The forum will condense senior industry research; analyze the staff's point of view; analyze current situation for the industry. The organizing committee also said that the forum topics this year will be directed at the development of LED industry heated and difficult, throughout the LED on the middle and downstream industry chain, provided the whole industry chain authoritative technical solutions.

In the past year, the global LED industry is experience a baptism, East China LED manufacturing situation become more severe. There is no doubt that Chinese manufacturing is experiencing the pain of some kind of transformation, the foreign trade market is facing a huge challenge; On the other hand, in the absence of core equipment such as MOCVD, MO source of key materials such as sapphire substrate field, Chinese companies also been actively seeking their own opportunities. In the capacity growth, intense competition, how to upgrade its technology, reduce costs, LED industry will be an important decision in the face of great change.

It is reported that the new century LED Forum will be held in conjunction with the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition).It organized by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt, hosted by LED Network. At the appointed time will gather LED top experts, as well as several thousand industry elite participate in the consultation, counsel choice and change of LED industry road. Main Exhibits: LED, LED display, LED lighting, backlight, LED PAR Light, measuring, LED Panel Light, lamps, lighting accessories, power package, the light source, control systems, modules, drivers, epitaxial wafers, LED Tunnel Light, display, display, chip, lighting, lighting control, lighting control systems, lighting, production equipment, professional lighting, professional lighting, decoration, decorative lighting, and so on.


 Guangzhou Home Expo

As the largest fair in South China, Guangzhou Home Expo would be held in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center every year in April and August.

In this season, Guangzhou Home Expo will integrate the brand display decoration design, decoration materials, furniture, appliances, soft furnishings, kitchen facilities with the home improvement purchases consumption chain. Create a home improvement supply and procurement of new mode for the first time, all processes to provide quality home improvement (home improvement design, material selection, cost-effective new products) one-stop services a day to get, easy to complete the home improvement big project. More to save time, effort and money to serve the purpose, and strive for the general public in the Pearl River Delta to build a high-specification, high-quality, high-quality brand-stop decoration procurement-commerce service platform.

With the regulation of the highlights of the benefits of the policy, rigid demand has been unable to control and the decoration season come just in time, Guangzhou Home Expo continues to “integration of resources, hold together for warmth, to reduce intermediate links, reduce marketing costs, to help the people, affordable home "for the tenet. In addition, let the home improvement industry elite game on the same stage, the exhibition heroic, co-development effort, catch up and lead the trends of the home improvement and fashion. Third Home Expo remain hosted by Guangzhou City Building Decoration Industry Association, Guangdong Province Decoration Industry Association and the Guangdong Provincial Construction Decoration Materials Industry Association, 2013 Guangzhou Home Expo will be 25-27 August 2012 held in Jin Han Pavilion, over 900 preset booth, exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters, to "home improvement feast • build win-win" as the theme, creating a decoration procurement Guangzhou Festival.

Exhibit: refrigerator, restaurant, dining room furniture, Kitchen Furniture, kitchen appliances, mattresses, flooring, TV, TV, children, children's furniture, mahogany furniture, home appliances, home, furniture, building materials, building materials exhibition, living room, living room furniture, air conditioning, doors and windows, sofa, design firms, Cosmetic Bottles, mobile phones, digital, ceramics, paint, Coat Racks, Shoe Racks, bedroom, bedroom furniture, laundry, washing machines, small appliances, wardrobe, audio, video, paint, overall home decoration


1. If you ready to participate in the show, please fill out the application form, together with the Corporate Profile fax to the organizing committee.

2. After Organizing Committee receives the application form and confirmed participation qualifications, exhibitors shall be cost to the conference's designated account within seven days.

3. The booth arrangement to the principle of first come, first pay, application vendors such as failure to require payment at the time organizers reserve the right to adjust its booth.

4. Exhibitors have no right to booth rental or transfer to a third parties, shall not be entitled to in any way non-exhibitors at the venue publicity.

5. Refer to “Exhibitor Manual” for conference reception, accommodation, exhibits checked. Application Deadline: March 31, 2013.


 China International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo

Organized by China Municipal Engineering Association and Asia Association of Building Technology Alliance, 2013 China International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo will be held from 9th to 11th May, 2013 in China Import and Export Fair Complex.

According to the Ministry of Housing and Urban: during "Twelve Five" period, total national municipal infrastructure investment is expected to around 7 trillion RMB, clearly put forward the key tasks and major projects, continue to give priority for infrastructure, accelerate the construction of transportation, water conservancy, real estate-focused moderate advance;"plan" clearly rural infrastructure by 2020 is expected to invest 3 trillion RMB; high-speed railway construction investment will remain at 7,000 RMB per year, for a total of about 3.5 trillion RMB; rail traffic over the next five years will commence the construction of more than 2500 kilometers of subway, the scale of investment of more than 1 trillion RMB; 620,000 km of new road network; new coastal ports capacity of 23 million tons.

With the advance of urbanization and modernization of the infrastructure, many cities have been started. Since the end of February, the approval rate of major construction projects significantly accelerated, part of the highway network, airports and rail transit project was approved by the centralized, batch after batch of key areas, key industries and around the housing project is being launched. End of March, the State Council executive meeting requirements should focus on the mission objectives, determined by the "12th Five-Year" plan to promote infrastructure construction. There are indications that the next five years, is still historical opportunity for development of infrastructure. This is bound to pull a strong demand for construction machinery and building materials equipment.

Exhibits: glass, glass products, materials, Artificial Stone, molding, molding machine, molding machinery, electrical equipment, cranes, separation, separator, steel, high-altitude, aerial, aerial vehicles, engineering machinery, welding, welding equipment, drying equipment, concrete, concrete machinery, machinery, processing machinery, processing equipment, detector, detection equipment, building materials, building materials, machinery, construction, electrical construction, construction, construction machinery, building templates, scaffolding, stirring, stirring station, metal materials, hoist, boring machine, air compressor, fasteners, wire drawing, wire drawing machine, cold-rolled, parts, road machinery, template, Floor, repair machines, crushing, crushing machine, lifting crane, lifting machinery, blocks, wall materials, cutting, winding, lubrication, oil, sand, mortar, lift, lift, production machinery, construction hoist, stone, stone processing, cement, cement products, crane machines, ceramic, ceramic products, paints, excavation, excavator, mining machinery, bending, repair, press, General Hardware, compaction machinery, hydraulic, hydraulic machines, vibration, fabrication, heavy machinery, brick, brick and tile production 

 Turning waste into treasure

Make the best use of turning waste into treasure is the rules of nature reincarnation and the path of sustainable development. It means things which do not want to re-use, or cannot be reused to produce materials or finished products for recycling, and then by remanufacturing become available.

Nowadays, the trends of globalized tight supply is more and more obvious, voice that conserve limited resources, protect the living environment is louder and louder. Renewable resource recycling has become a subject of research around the world. In recent years, China also attaches great importance to renewable resources, renewable resource recycling system construction speed up year by year. Childhood memories of the street still clearly, but to be different ,not only the meaning of "waste" is already in excess of metal scraps, old newspapers, a large number of electronic waste, industrial waste, but also the ways of "waste collection" has a great changes, even the Internet has also become a way to" waste collection "," waste "treatment is a combination of biotechnology, nanotechnology , information technology and other high-tech, and become a new industry.

Renewable resource industry plays an important role in the marketing space and the protection of the ecological environment. Now, more and more stories of turning waste into treasure occur. For example, March 29, 2013, Renmin University of China Primary Division, the site of the Fourth Beijing Educational Equipment Forum held in Beijing Exhibition Center on display more than 100 pieces by the Chinese People's University Preparatory School students use plastic bottles, egg cartons, cans, Packaging Carton, reel spool household waste produced, ornaments, Cosmetic Bottles, craft painting and other works, attracting a large audience and the education sector to visit. This fully shows today's education focus on environmental protection. The data show that China in the future every year at least 15 million units of home appliances, 500 million computers and tens of millions of mobile phones into disuse. These waste materials for recycling will be a small market.

“12th Five-Year Plan” clearly pointed out that improve renewable resource recycling system; promote the large-scale utilization of renewable resources. This is the first time that the renewable resource recycling work included in the national economic and social development plan, which shows the importance and urgency of this work. With the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover, the canton fair in china can appropriate to increase such topics Booth, an occasion to promote environmental awareness. 

Houjie first Furniture Cultural Festival opened on the 15th

The report shows that Houjie first Furniture Cultural Festival opened on the 15th to the 22nd, 2013 in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Hall. The theme of the festival is ‘Golden Age Home, taste Houjie’, many special programs and furniture will appear during the festival.

According to the reporter, in the exhibition, everybody can enjoy the different furniture from all over the world, such as the kitchen furniture of easy to clean, fashion living room chair, especially the traditional china wooden furniture. In addition, the majority of merchants and members of the public can enjoy the home culture feast because the concurrent event Hotel food carnival opened from the 15th,2013 to the 22th,2013.It organized a local star hotel offers traditional cuisine and buffet of different style.

Beside, ‘The domestic dance, Tesco feast’ Houjie household products fairs will also be held in the Industrial Capital of the international furniture and other stores. And then, the visitors would never come empty-handed.

This event invited town leaders and guests , organized home purchasing center bases are concentrated awarding ceremony and other activities, also by 70 meters long, 5-meter ring huge screen with advanced 3D digital home imaging technology is fully restored to show the ‘painting’, trying to give people a general visual enjoyment. Will be held that night at home to create a new living of Houjie home culture themed evenings, chapter architecture, combined with the dance form of folk art, fully show the character and charm of the Houjie home culture.

The organizer said that the world today’s trends is the gradual formation of a high degree of integration of cultural and economic, gave birth to the ‘cultural economy’, the culture gradually become an important economic pillar industries and new economic growth point. Cultural economy as the same of the exhibition, and become the commanding heights of the urban economy, the government and the enterprise look highly of it. Promote the development of cultural industry with the aid of the exhibition industry and further development of the prosperity Houjie cultural and economic, made the formation of a win-win situation for the economy and culture are complementary and mutually supporting.

The current home cultural festival sponsored by the government, enterprises and industry associations contractors. The Houjie first home culture section coordinated focus on urban culture and economic and social development of Houjie cultural industry to further promote the transformation and upgrading, to enhance urban tourism cultural brand, brand of polish of Houjie, "furniture" and raise the city's visibility and reputation has positive significance.



Internal and external pressure test hardware building competitive market

The chairman of the China National Hardware Association made a summary of the Status and Trends of the China's construction hardware industry. He saidat present, our general hardware face two challenges: firstthe developed country industrialization again,they had been transferred to China in the low-end manufacturing to other countries, to reduce domestic orders ;since 2007, Domestic labor raw materials and environmental protection comprehensive cost has increased substantially, reducing the manufacturing cost advantage and competitiveness. Only rely on Science and technology innovation, quality and efficiency improvement band cultivation, channel construction, it means promote the whole industry’ comprehensive competitive to cope with. If you want to win the marketing, you must practice the combination of boxing.

According to the customs ,the first 3 quarters of 2012,our bearing supplierbrass handles, mesh, valve, faucet, door lock, slide as the representative of the architectural general hardware products, the export of $24538000000 , the growth of 10.01% over the same period last year. This shows that the international market demand for the general hardware become better, and also reflects our architectural general hardware industry export competitiveness has a strong comparative advantage .During the same period, China's architectural hardware products imported US $9080000000, down 3.1% yoy . This not only shows that the macro-control domestic market especially the real estate regulation of import demand, building hardware products decreased,and it also reflects the domestic enterprises have made some progress in import substitution.

The chairmen pointed out that our architecture general hardware is the beneficiary of globalization. Based on the global division of labor and the industry transfer, the nearly 20 years of sustained, high-speed development , but this round of the division and industry transfer is dominated by the Multi-National Corporation. The Multi-National Corporation took control of the manufacturing industry chain, supply chain and value chain, has control of the R & D, design, brand and channels, to firmly grasp the ends of the smile curve. But the domestic enterprise is always in   the lower end of the smile curve of processing, manufacturing etc. It is influenced by the financial crisis forced the developed countries for the structure adjustment and industrialization.So,If we don’t try to change this situation, China construction general hardware industry will still be in the predicament of long-term heteronomy.

 How to walk out of predicament? It needs architecture general hardware production enterprises to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, insist both domestic and international market development strategy .Besides, to further enhance the ability of R & D design, improve the export product constantly, enhancing international competitiveness. Furthermore, pay attention to and strengthen the industrialization and information fusion, improved production methods with information technology, strengthen the channels and brand building, improve the standard level, designed to meet the good product of domestic consumer’s demand, and provide good service.